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Found 174 results

  1. The Alfred 2 Clipboard Manager stopped working for me last weekend. I keep copied textual content, but it won't appear in the manager's history. I have also removed the file ~/Library/Application Support/Alfred 2/Databases/clipboard.alfdb, restarted Alfred2, reinstalled Alfred2, but nothing seemed to work. What did I miss? EDIT: My Alfred2 build: v2.6 (374) Mac OS X build: 10.10.2
  2. Hey Alfred community, I have been DuckDuckGo'ing (and Googling) and reading posts on this forum for hours looking for an answer before posting what feels like a very noob question, but I couldn't find what I needed, so here goes... Is there a way to save the current clipboard to a variable in memory and then at the end of the workflow restore that variable to the current clipboard? I'm used to the logic of a programming languages where you would so something like this: $myVar = $CLIPBOARD; // save clipboard /* Do stuff that uses the clipboard */ $CLIPBOARD = $myVar; // restore clipboard OR.. Is there a way to swap clipboard history item #2 back to item #1 ? That might solve the problem as well. I know I can just use the clipboard history to get to the previous item and I know I could use a shell/script command to save the clipboard to a file and then bring that back. I'm just hoping there is a way to make it quick and easy and keeping the clipboard in memory is probably way faster and smarter if there is a way to do it. Thanks!
  3. There are no my clips with clipboard hotkey that i've copied after updating to yosemite 10.10.2 Only snippets show up in the list with the hotkey
  4. Hi If I load up the clipboard/snippet viewer it opens up and that's fine. At the top of the list I can open up a list of available snippets or I can click on one of the items in the list of clipboard items if I wish to. However, if I open the list of available snippets and then decide that I want to go back to the list of clipboard items instead how do I do that? I've tried all the keys I can think of to no avail and at the moment I have to press the esc key to close the pane and then toggle Alfred again. I'm sure there is another way of going back to the opening list that I have failed to find. Thanks, Q
  5. Is there a way to open an URL like this 'http://somesite.com/{clipboard}'?
  6. I just thought of this! My alfred prefs are saved in dropbox and are synced, so every workflow etc' are immediately updated! What if we could have the clipboard history saved there as well? That would mean immediate sync of clipboard and snippets!!! How cool would that be? UPDATE : just checked, and snippets are indeed synced! so just clipboard items then.
  7. OS X - v10.10.1 Alfred - v2.5.1 (308) [Powerpack] ----------------------------------------------- Opening up Clipboard Viewer is no longer showing my Clipboard History. All that appears in the Clipboard Viewer is "All Snippets" Troubleshooting Steps I've tried: Adding All Applications to "Ignore Apps" --> Then Reset Copying Strings in Different Applications (Safari, Notes, Mail etc..) Alfred 2 Preferences ➡️ Clear Application Cache Alfred 2 Preferences ➡️ Rebuild OS X Metadata Alfred 2 Preferences ➡️ Clear Knowledge Re-downloaded & Replaced Alfred Application
  8. Whenever I invoke Alfred it is now on my my laptop's monitor.. and never on my external display. I noticed this since running the last update. It renders the clipboard manager useless, because when it opens on a different monitor, if I select a clip it doesn't go to the program I was on before I invoked it (that may be a separate problem). About to submit a bug report, but wanted to check if anyone else has had this same issue or got a workaround for it.
  9. This probably exists already, but I am looking for a simple workflow that will automatically take a screenshot and copy it to the clipboard. Any help?
  10. Alfred v2 pastes to the FIRST window of an application instead of the ACTIVE window. Steps to reproduce: Open a Google Chrome window and click to put the cursor in the address field (or any other field). Open a second Google Chrome window and do the same. Attempt to paste something into the second Chrome window from Alfred's clipboard history or snippets. Alfred v2 pastes it into the first Chrome window instead of the active Chrome window. This happens every time the above situation occurs. I also tested with Firefox, and the same behavior occurs, so it doesn't seem to be a Chrome issue. I have selected "Auto Paste on return" in Alfred's Clipboard->Advanced settings. OS X 10.9 Alfred v2.1.1 (227) Edited for clarity.
  11. I tweak the Alfred -> Clipboard to persist 3 months, but when i scroll down, i can't find any record 2 month ago, it only record today record
  12. I just discovered that I could use cmd+enter as a keyboard shortcut to display Alfred clipboard. Awesome! The problem is cmd can also be used as an action modifier. So, when I type cmd+enter from Alfred's bar the clipboard panel appears. If there is a technical possibility to use the same keyboard shortcut in these two cases, you can consider this post as a feature request :-)
  13. Greetings -- I'm writing documentation and would like to paste code examples from my editor into an interactive shell running in a given Terminal tab, e.g. a tab named "Scala". How should I go about building a workflow for it in Alfred? Cheers, A+ (Alexy)
  14. I use a pattern to name my files. I added some of these patterns in my clipboard (no snippets, just added to the clipboard history) I just tried to rename a file in Finder. As I hit the clipboard viewer hotkey, the file is not selected anymore so Finder considers the file as renamed -> I can't add my clip from the clipboard. I tested adding clips from the clipboard in Forklift and worked perfectly fine. An OS X mountain lion user.
  15. I'm trying to create a workflow to transform some text into a hyperlink and automatically paste it. I've copied some text to the clipboard that contains the bits that I need to form the URL. I have a script to create the URL and I can pass it to the Copy to Clipboard Output. But it's still just the URL text. I can modify the script to hack the URL into an RTF snippet. If I push the snippet on the clipboard in the script, I can paste it as a hyperlink, so I know it works. But, if I just pass the RTF data as text to Copy to Clipboard it doesn't paste as a hyperlink (just the RTF code as text). Anybody know if I'm approaching this wrong or if there's a way to programmatically create a hyperlink and automatically paste it to the front most app?
  16. It would be nice if I could scroll beyond the last 50 items in my clipboard history. I know I can do a search for items farther back, but surely it is possible to do this without invoking search. I'd also like a way to view history by day— perhaps I want to find something I know I copied a couple of days ago and want to view everything from that date.
  17. my problem is that I need to right click on some links and copy them, I can't CMD+CC on the link to merge them, and right clicking and copying twice won't trigger the merge behaviour. is there a way that I can merge those URLs ? or maybe after copying a bunch of them I can merge my whole current Clipboard history and paste it at once ?
  18. I'm trying to make a script to help in calculating em values. I feel really dumb asking this, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to get the result copied to the clipboard, for pasting into other applications. Here's what I have so far: set query to {query} set base_em to 16 set calculated_em to query / base_em calculated_em as real get calculated_em set the clipboard to calculated_em Essentially, the workflow will be typing em {query}, then ⏎, copying the result to the keyboard. I've got everything working until the clipboard part - I'm sure I'm missing something totally obvious here, but I can't for the life of me figure out the last part, argh.
  19. I've write a simple run search on a dictionary website. The input could be one word or multiple words. In latter case, the workflow would generate multiple feedbacks about the meaning, pronunciation and other infos. I use this workflow to learn fresh words by copying the outputs to my note. My problem is: for convenience, sometimes I would copy one sentence as input while there are only a few words I really want to search. Now I use the output action "copy to clipboard" but it can only copy one item at a time. I have to run the workflows many times to finish my work, which is very time-consuming. I am wondering if there is a way to copy multiple feedbacks to the clipboard at one time. 'cause then I can pick them in the clipboard without running the same workflow again and again. Thank you.
  20. The clipboard doesn't catch any (plain) text I copy form various sources for a while and various versions. What you were doing when the issue happened - Copy (plain) text from different sources (TextEdit, Google Chrome or Sublime Text 3) Whether you were able to replicate it a second time by performing the same action - Yes, even after reboots or restarts of Alfred. Include any screenshots that might help us Include the Alfred version & build number you are using - v2.3 (264) Include your OS X version - 10.9.2
  21. I've been a huge fan of Bart Busschots' xkpasswd.net password generating web site and now I've used his Perl library to create an Alfred Workflow that generates passwords straight to the clipboard. You can find the details and the workflow over on my blog.
  22. When using the "File Selection" hotkey (e.g. Command + Option + \) to open the actions panel, Alfred copies the selected files to the clipboard. When pasting in a text editor, the selected paths' names (without their absolute path) will be pasted with a newline between each entry. When pasting into Finder, the actual files will be copied to the destination at which they were pasted. The copied files do not propagate into Alfred's clipboard history. Alfred 2 v2.2 (243) on Mac OS X 10.9.2 (13C64) Thanks to Carlos for helping find this bug
  23. Hi! I often try to display a piece of text from the Clipboard Viewer in Large Type, using its assigned hotkey (Cmd+L). It seems so natural to me, but it doesn't work. Instead, one have to copy and paste again the desired element in Alfred main window to display it in Large Type. I think it would be a nice little addition Thanks for considering!
  24. I am trying to create a workflow to send either the URL of the current page or the url on my clipboard to Chrome with "cache" prepended onto it. I've seen several workflows to open the current page in Chrome, and I created a snippet to form the final url (cache:http://....), but, when I've tried to add cache: to the URL field in several options, it just opens a blank Chrome window. Any help would be much appreciated!
  25. To Dropbox 3.0 (formerly Move to Dropbox) Overview Copy or Move a file from Finder, Path Finder or Alfred 2 file browser to Dropbox Public Folder and get the URL to the clipboard. Setup Before start using the workflow you have to configure it. The workflow will prompt you to set it when you run it for the first time or you can bring Alfred and type the keyword setup_tdb. The setup will ask for: Dropbox Public Folder location Dropbox Public ID: the number that is in every URL of your shared links The URL format: select bitly (it requires your login name and your API Key), gooli (no registration, fast alternative) or None to use the normal Dropbox URL format If you select bitly you will be prompted to enter your login name and then your API key Finally, you can choose if you want to use the shortened URL also for images or not Triggering Keyword movedb - to move a selected Finder or Path Finder file keyword copydb - to copy a selected Finder or Path Finder file keyword setup_tdb - use it to setup the workflow or to reconfigure it Hotkeys - you can set up for both copying and moving features File Action - select a file and Copy or Move within Alfred file browser What’s new Version 3.0 copy file new setup within Alfred instead of OSX dialogs updated to Alfred 2.0.3 AppleScript support Alleyoop 2 upport Download Version 3.0 Release date: 20 Apr 2013 Requires Alfred 2.0.3 (187) Supports Alleywoop 2 Download now
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