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Found 174 results

  1. Steps to reproduce bug: 1. Made a number of customizations to the Clipboard settings, changing keystroke, size of clipboard, length of time to retain past clipboards. 2. Turned on Alfred settings sync to Dropbox for this Mac only, pointing to folder in ~/Dropbox/Apps/Alfred/ 3. Go back and check the Clipboard settings and observe that they have all reverted back to the Alfred defaults. 4. Restarted Alfred, made the same customizations to the Clipboard settings, restarted Alfred and the Clipboard setting changes are not preserved and are all reverted to Alfred's default settings. No other settings appear to have this problem. 5. To resolve the problem, I pointed the Alfred sync folder back to ~/Library/Application Support/Alfred 2/ (a folder not synced by Dropbox) and all the Clipboard settings were restored and continued stay as they were set and also kept any further changes I made those settings. 6. Have not had any problems with sync feature preserving other Alfred 2 settings. Details: Mac OSX 10.9.1 Alfred 2.1.1 build 227 Dropbox v2.6.2
  2. I have Clipboard Merging turned on and am running into erratic/unpredictable behavior. Many times when selecting text, typing cmd-c, selecting additional text, typing cmd-c-c, produces merged content from the previous-previous copied text and the current selection. For example, say I've been working in Xcode and have done a bit of copy-paste coding (I know, I know) and then switch to Safari to copy an issue number and want to append the description for pasting into the commit. I select the issue number and type cmd-c (the Edit menu briefly highlights) then select the description and type cmd-c-c (receiving the notification sound), go to paste and end up with the description appended to the last item I had copied in Xcode (at least I assume it's the last one). This doesn't happen every time and I'm leery of viewing the clipboard history (observer effect) prior to cmd-c-c. I've only noticed in Safari but that may be because that's where I do most of this type of copying. Running 10.9 (though this occurred in 10.8 as well), the latest Alfred release (v2.1 (218)), and have all the checkboxes active in the Merging options with 'Separate appended item with space' selected. I'd be happy to perform anything that would help diagnose the problem... I rely on this feature and want to trust it. Thanks!
  3. I've noticed that Alfred does not see any text that I've copied/cut from Adobe Indesign CC. InDesign is passing info along to the OS clipboard, however, as I'm able to paste the text normally into other apps. InDesign is not set to be an ignored app in Alfred Preferences. Does Adobe have some funky relationship with the OS clipboard that prevents Alfred from seeing what Adobe InDesign is copying/cutting? Whether you were able to replicate it a second time by performing the same action: Yes. Many times. Daily. Include the Alfred version & build number you are using: v2.1 (218) Include your OS X version: 10.8.5
  4. There are clips I use all the time that I want to keep over and over (more than 1 month). There are clips I use all the time for a certain period of time and then I don't use anymore. Is there a way to clean the clipboard a more granular way than it is today? I could use snippets, but I do not want to spend 30 sec / snippet to define it. Why not let Alfred users favorites some of their clips. And when they want to clear their clipboard offer the option "Delete all (favorites clip included)?" What do you think? Maybe, this post is more relevant in the feature suggestions
  5. Hi! I'm running the latest Parallels (9.0.23062) and Alfred Versions (2.0.9) on 10.8 with Parallels Win-Mac clipboard sync enabled. I'm using alfred since the early beta days and I'm really happy with it, except when it comes to the clipboard history and Parallels. I'm forced to use Notepad++ and Word 2010 a lot, so the following bug is really annoying and makes alfreds clipboard history almost unusable for my day to day work. Alfred doesn't correctly remember Parallels clipboard items, when I copy multiple items (e.g. strings) in Windows. When viewing the clipboard history, only the last item copied in Windows is available. If I copy multiple things, I have to open the clipboard history after every copied item so alfred remembers all items. In addition, Alfred always displays wrong icons beside parallels clipboard items. Alfred displays either the Alfred hat logo or the icon of a random Mac application (wrong icons don't bother me, but maybe it helps tracking down the issue as it seems to me that the problem is related to Alfred not being able to tell from which application clipboard items added by Parallels come from) This bug is present regardless of the guest Windows version, I've tried XP and 8, and regardless of the Windows application used. It also didn't work with older Alfred/Parallels versions. Please fix this!
  6. Hi, I am not sure if this is the right forum for requesting for a simple (I hope) workflow. I would like to type "copyurl" and have the active tab's URL in Chrome or Safari (whichever browser is in front) be copied to clipboard. Thanks in advance.
  7. I have to use a lot of italics and underlining in my work. It would be super helpful if clipboard would have an option to copy and retain formatting as well as the plain text. Otherwise it is useless for me. Otherwise, great job. I love my Alfred. And thanks to all the amazing people making the workflows
  8. It would be handy to have an option for the "Copy to Clipboard" Workflow output to bypass Alfred's Clipboard history. Basically an internal version of the "Ignore Apps" option. It'd be nice to be able to keep clutter out of the history. In this case, I'm using an Alfred workflow as a basic text expander ( http://jdfwarrior.tumblr.com/post/40355737734/a-little-secret-in-alfred-2-youll-like ).
  9. I'm wondering if it's possible, maybe using a Workflow, to mimic LaunchBar's Paste & Remove from Clipboard History? Essentially, I can copy 5 items, and then paste them in reverse order by hitting CTRL+OPTION+CMD+V. Every time I hit that key combination, it pastes an item and deletes the item from the clipboard's history. As a web developer, this is great for adding content. Failing that, if anyone knows of a standalone clipboard app that has that functionality, I could use that instead.
  10. Hello, I am looking for a workflow that will append the selected text ( it will be plain text always in Textedit) into another archive text file. That's it. The target archive file will not likely be open usually. If I have to Select the text and then copy to clipboard first, that's fine. Ideally I would be able to just select the text then trigger the Alfred workflow with the Hotkey trigger (archive file gets opened, text appended, file gets closed) and then I will delete the selected text in my working text file (inside of workflow or manually) Tried some Automator script but I couldn't configure the code syntax correctly. From : http://chronicle.com/blogs/profhacker/scripting-101-a-very-gentle-introduction-to-applescript/44969 set theText to the clipboard set theFilePath to (“/Whatever/The Path/Actually Is”) & “Whatever the Filename is.txt” set theFileReference to open for access theFilePath withwrite permission write ” ” to theFileReference starting at eof write theText to theFileReference starting at eof close access theFileReference New to this. Thanks for any help. Ray
  11. !!! Follow this link to the newest version instead - this version supports both Safari and Chrome, and any markdown application you "throw at it". This workflow has 2 uses in iA Writer - to format text links and images (html, IMG tag). Text links To format a markdown link - In iA Writer you select the text you want to use as anchor text in the link, then you use the workflows shortcut or the Alfred command 'link' (no argument). A textbox will appear, prefilled with the URL from the frontmost Safari tab. The user can change this URL before proceeding. When you press 'Enter' the selected text in iA Writer will be formatted as a text link in markdown. Images To insert a image in iA Writer with this workflow, you do as follows: 1. First, make sure you copy the image URL from the web to the clipboard. 2. Activate Alfred and use the following command(s): the number after the tag 'IMG' is optional, and will set the width of the image you format. Dependencies - iA Writer running - IMG insert needs a pre-copied URL in the clipboard before executing the command. Download iA Writer Markdown Help 1.1
  12. As of Alfred 2.0.3: Create a hotkey trigger Select action `Pass through to workflow` Select argument `Selection in OS X` *or* `OS X Clipboard contents` Enter a text prefix When this hotkey is pressed, the prefix is ignored - it is not prepended to the OS X selection / clipboard content - only the selection / clipboard text is passed on to the next workflow step. I'm not sure these combinations were ever *meant* to work, but the UI currently allows them. I can see how these combinations are useful, though: For instance, you could use the prefix text to pass a flag to the next workflow step signal[l]ing that input was provided via hotkey (+selection/clipboard content).
  13. Here is a simple workflow to create a text file with clipboard content in the current or top most Finder window/folder: 1. using a hotkey: the text is created with the following filename pattern: Clipboard - yyymmdd(hhmmss).txt 2. you can use newf key in Alfred (see screenshot) so you can write the first part of the file name (use CTRL key to remove the date and time from the filename). The default date and time was code this way in order to always generate an unique filename. Screenshot: http://d.pr/i/A2Kv Download: http://d.pr/f/5Jp7 This workflow is more a sample on how to use Shell/Bash and AppleScript together. Credits to phyllisstein and his workflow* and David Ferguson for helping. * http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/394-fixed-create-a-new-file-in-the-finder/
  14. After updating to version 2.0.3 (187) I'm no longer able to see clipboard history. Tried restarting, disabling and reenabling history no dice. How do I get it to start working again?
  15. I have set the clipboard history persist for 3 month, unfortunately is only seems to remember the past 5 days (yes, I have been using it for more than 5 days ).
  16. I was wondering if there is a way to disable an icon in the clipboard history?
  17. Hi, I would like to see the ability to get to clipboard content easier in all scripts. Similar to the {query}, there could be a {clipboard} macro to expand the contents of the clipboard. I know there are command line functions that I can incorporate in my scripts, but that requires loading more programs. I usually have my system running at max (video editing, program editing, uploading/downloading videos all at the same time). Therefore, it actually is noticeable on my system the slow down of launch more programs (I know, I need to get more memory. Money is not easy these days!). Even better, it would be great to have {clipboard1}, {clipboard2}, ... for the different levels in the clipboard manager in Alfred. That way I can write workflows that would use the clipboard "stack" like a register stack in programming. Just load up the different contents and then launch the workflow (yes, I come from a Forth background. I have written several TILs, so that mindset is easy for me). What do you think?
  18. I do a lot of research on foreign language websites, usually in Japanese. It isn't always possible to use the Chrome translate plug-in, so I tried creating an Alfred Workflow that would: 1- Trigger on a Hotkey with the Argument "Selection in OS X" and Action "Pass through to workflow" 2- Open URL with http://translate.google.com 3- Copy to Clipboard with "Automatically past to front most app" checked. The workflow opens the Google Translate page, but doesn't paste the clipboard contents. I've also tried it with the Argument "OS X Clipboard contents", making sure that I copied the Japanese text to the clipboard first, but unfortunately that doesn't work either. What am I missing? I know the answer must be so simple I'm totally overlooking it.
  19. When setting a clipboard hotkey, I am unable to set it to "Cmd + Shift + [anything]". I have tried this with "Cmd + Shift + C" and several other combinations, but it just doesn't work. Everytime I try it, an error pops out: Unable to save 'features.clipboard.hotkey' with value '{ When trying this in the Alfred Hotkey setter, it worked just fine, however the same problem occurs in the workflow editor. I have encountered this problem (a similar one) in the previous beta releases – with the exception of no error popping out – but as in V1, this hotkey worked, I had no big reason to solve it, but now I would like to transfer everything from V1 to V2.
  20. Don't know whether it exists already, or could be a feature... Given that I have two computers, I would love to be able to create the clipboard snippets and have them be stored somewhere on the cloud (dropbox). Then, I don't need to redefine them each time I change or add a new one - and, instead, have them appear auto-magically across all my machines. Does it already exist and I simply missed it? Thanks, Simon
  21. Hi, I have a simple test workflow consisting of a Keyword box which triggers a /bin/bash Run Script box. The script inside the box is 1 line:- echo "some text" Feeding this into a Post Notification box works as expected, but when I feed it into a /usr/bin/osascript Run Script box which contains the following:- set temp to "{query}" set the clipboard to temp nothing gets written to the clipboard. Changing 'set the clipboard to "more text"' doesn't work either until I delete the first line 'set temp to "{query}"'. Is it a bug?
  22. I frequently use ^⌘V in Photoshop. But ever since I switched to Alfred 2, this hotkey combination stops working, unless I quit Alfred. Photoshop is in the ignore list. I didn't assign a 'Viewer Hotkey'. I even unchecked every option under 'Clipboard' in Alfred preferences. Still no luck. Maybe it's just a bug? But There is an option for completely disabling clipboard related features in Alfred v1. Maybe there should be one in v2, too. I never use this feature of Alfred's because neither v1 or v2 supports images. I prefer ClipMenu.
  23. Hi, attached is a workflow for Droplr app (download) "Upload" keyword and then type the name of the file you want to uploaddi Or use as a file action inside Alfred's file browser Btw, a little Droplr tip, you can hotlink any image on d.pr by appending a "+,png" at the end of the URL. Enjoy
  24. Hi When adding files to the file buffer is it possible to copy the files to the clipboard so that I can then paste them into another application? thanks ///sphardy
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