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  1. Some introducing words: Sorry for my bad english. I made this as an extension for Alfred 1 about 3 years ago. It is a very complex extension, completely implemented with Applescript. So, it's way to much code for his functionality and often there are not very beautiful solutions. But I made this to learn Applescript and checkout the possibilities. I made an Workflow for Alfred 2 out of the extension, but some functions like the detailed growl notifications do not work anymore. But the main features still work. I have no plans to change anything on the workflow or in the code itself (but never say never). There will be many ways, to do it better. Feel Free to use the Idea and the code, to make a better workflow out of this. The Workflow: Quickmail offers the possibility to write emails straight from Alfred. You can define a subject, attach files, choose your Email-account, use the nicknames from address book for the recipients & much more. Besides you can use Quickmail to read new unread messages in a dialog without opening the mail app. You can also reply from this dialog. You have to make some definitions in the code, to make quickmail run. It is not very difficult (I made some comments on the relevant positions), but if it is the first time you see code, it will take some time to understand. You can do a lot of customization in the code. Quickmail supports multiple languages like english, german, french, spanish, italian. But most of them on a Google Translator level. But it is easy to correct the mistakes in the code, because all texts depending on the language are listed in a special part of the code. How to use: Attention: the examples will work with the default settings for characters, if you change them, you have to use the new ones of course. Simple Message: qm example@example.com*A subject*A message Message to predefined contact (you can define in the script code or in Adressbook (nickname) e.g. with shortcut "anna"): qm anna*A subject*A message Formating message with returns: qm example@example.com*A subject*Hi there,> this is a message>>sincerely,>your friend Add an attachment (attachment is the selected item or items in finder): qm anna*A subject*A message*# Send from a specific account, not standard-account (you can define in the script code e.g. "work"): qm anna*A subject*A message*work Send from specific account & add attachment: qm anna*A subject*A message*#*work Message without subject (quickmail generates from message or uses a predefined subject you can define in the script code): qm anna**A message Further you can use Read&Reply-Mode (This Mode shows you an unread message with the possibility of quick reply in a dialog): qm r --> quick reply messages can be formated too. Use Symbol: > Tip: It is extremly usefull to use the Alfred Large Type feature (Appearance-->Large Type) to check your text before sending. Screenshots: Download: From my Dropbox
  2. Hello, I'm not sure it is an Alfred problem, but I don't know where to find a solution. When I try to write an email to a contact thanks to Alfred, Mail app doesn't open. I have a google url shortener extansion in Chrome and normally I can send directly the link by email, but again that doesn't work anymore. So I think it is a OSX issue, is somebody know how to fix this ? Thanks a lot,
  3. Hi - I am new to Alfred & have been trying to figure out HOW to get Alfred to search both files and email documents. I often reference files/emails with a unique identifier - from spotlight I can enter this number & spotlight finds both files & emails, but alfred will only find files (using the in command). In Alfred preferences, I have removed the check from “Don’t Show Emails” but this makes no difference. Do I need to reindex (but this does not makes sense as Spotlight does find these items) Or is this feature not available? Thanks for any help
  4. Hi there! I send a lot of E-mails within specific threads, meaning I have conversations merged into single threads instead of scattered all around the place. So what I want to do is to create a workflow which enables me to type in a keyword in Alfred, and open a reply to a specific E-mail thread within my designated mail-app. Does anybody know how to do this? Thanks!
  5. Good Morning All, I am looking for a quick solution to a problem I have with Mail. On my work account I get a ton of email. I work for a Medium size eBay and amazon seller and get lots of email from Amazon, eBay and Paypal We file and keep every email we receive but its quite a pain having to right click and then find the folder to file them. Can Alfred with a keyboard shortcuts for amazon, eBay and Paypal mailboxes be setup so if I have a message I can just file it with a key command. If anyone has 5 minutes to help please can you contact me on twitter via ChrisHumphreys_ or Skype GuideMedia. Kind Regards Chris Humphreys Head of Online + R&D BestValueStockOnline.com Monpat Ltd
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