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Found 21 results

  1. I noticed that Alfred calculators (both the standard and advanced) miss a "commonly" used function, the factorial. Why isn't it there? Another missing feature is that of also having ** as operator for exponentiation (since it is common in many programming languages, given that ^ is used for bitwise xor). Spotlight, for example, has both such functions.
  2. At the moment, when you assign a key combination to a particular hotkey in Alfred, it keeps you from using the same key combination with a different hotkey. While this make sense in most scenarios, when the hotkey is assigned to a particular app - as specified in the Related Apps panel of the hotkey, and selecting the option that limits the hotkey to when the app takes focus - it seems unnecessary to restrict the user from using the same key combination with other apps that might have focus. As a result, I'd like to request this feature be added to Alfred. Without this ability, it causes users to have to come up with increasingly ridiculous key combinations that they can never remember (OK ... that I can never remember 😉). Or, to rely on another intermediary app - like the Better Touch Tool - to assign app-specific shortcuts that are attached to External Triggers in Alfred. BTT is great, but let's cut out the middleman and keep Alfred's shortcuts in Alfred!! Thanks for your consideration! PS - This request comes from a previous that can be found here:
  3. Could an optional "Paste and remove from history" hotkey be added to Alfred's Clipboard History feature? Sometimes I work with sensitive information that I want to pop off the clipboard history when pasting. Launchbar has this feature in its clipboard history and I've found it very handy. If I'm copying some sensitive information around, I just paste with ⌃⌥⌘V (my chosen hotkey) and know the information will be removed from the clipboard history as it's pasted. I'm aware items can be deleted manually from the clipboard history using fn+delete, but clearing out items manually is tedious and much easier to forget to do. In the meantime, is there possibly a workaround possible within Alfred? For example, can a workflow manipulate the clipboard history? If I could connect my ⌃⌥⌘V hotkey to a workflow that pastes and then removes the top entry of the clipboard entry, it could serve as a workaround. Apologies if this feature has already been discussed/requested. I did some searching and didn't find this specific feature request.
  4. This is a relatively minor feature request, but I'd love it if Alfred's Bookmarks search displayed each bookmark's full folder hierarchy. At the moment, it only shows the enclosing/parent folder's name in brackets. While my folder hierarchy for bookmarks is relatively simple compared to other files, there are some areas where I'd find it incredibly helpful to get more information about the location of each bookmark (particularly with research-related bookmarks). To explain what I'm looking for, consider the following example for a bookmark to this forum, which is located in a folder called Alfred. Within my bookmarks, the Alfred folder is located in another folder called Tech. As a result, I'd love for the subtext above to read: [Tech/Alfred] https://www.alfredforum.com/forum And, if the concern is that there will be too much text to read if the full folder hierarchy is included in the subtext, then it might be nice to include one or more of the following options (in Preferences→Features→Web Bookmarks): Parent Folder + URL (current): Allow users to stick with the default (one folder with URL) (Example: [Alfred] https://www.alfredforum.com/forum) Folder Hierarchy - URL: Include the full folder hierarchy without the URL (Example: Alfred/Tech) Folder Hierarchy + URL: Show everything, even though most of the URL might get cut off (Example: [Alfred/Tech] https://www.alfredforum.com/forum) As always, thanks for your consideration!
  5. Now with the inability use (the awesome) SizzlingKeys with Music in Catalina, we need the ability to have Skip Backward & Skip Forward for Music/iTunes such that a simple key combo can activate it. Here's how it was set in SizzlingKeys: Screenshot
  6. Christmas Wish for Alfred: I wish users had some control over the size of the left panel in Alfred's Preferences (not the sidebar, but the panel next to it). As shown below, I'd like to be able to drag the panel right - at times, when viewing my Workflows - as the current fixed version doesn't allow users to see much of their workflows' names. Personally, I keep a lot of resources to use as examples for building or modifying new workflows, but it's impossible to see their titles or descriptions under the current space allotment (i.e., even if I went to a less ridiculous naming convention).😀 Thanks for your consideration!
  7. Hi, I have been a user of TotalFinder by Binaryage for a long time, even longer than Alfred has been around. Due to changes on OS X it is no longer possible to run TotalFinder (unles you turn off SIPS), I'm about to update to Mojave, and this will be the end of TotalFinder for me. There is one feature I cannot live without, and I think it must be possible to make Alfred do this. This is such a great usability improvement I feel it would be a huge benefit to Alfred to implement something like this. The visor window is a Finder window that rolls up from the bottom of the screen whenever you hit the keyboard hotkey (Option + SPACE for me). It is the easiest and most convenient way to work with drag and drop I've ever found and that keyboard shortcut happens wihtout me even thinging about it. I've created a workflow that runs an apple script which very roughly aproximates it, but it is far from ideal. First off, it is very slow. Secondly, it only appears on the first display, whereas the visor windo should roll up on whichever desplay the mouse pointer is on. So, here is my feature request. Implement something along the lines of TotalFinder's Visor Window. An assignable keyboard hotkey that opens a finder window at the bottom of whichever screen the mouse pointer is on. Hitting the shortcut again while this visor is visible should make it roll back leaving the application you were working in as the frontmost app. Attached image show an activeated visor window, this is not the ne done by my apple script workflow. thanks, Dan
  8. Is there any way to search my files or emails among all my google accounts? It seems that it is currently only search within one of my acoounts in gmail or google drive. Does the google drive search only give me match in the file title or also in contents (e.g., one word in the PDF match my keyword but not in the file title)
  9. In Alfred's "File Search" preferences panel, it'd be helpful if the butler added a "Don't Show" option for Videos. He's already got an option for "music", how about videos, too? And, if that's not a possibility, how about a general exclusions panel where users can drop in anything that they might want to exclude, such as MP4s, Excel files, etc. Thanks for your consideration!
  10. It would be great if one could exclude from all search results files with a specific extension. There are files in my Documents folder that I never want to look for, e.g., compiled files such as byte code for Python classes (.pyc), Java libraries (.jar), Java compiled classes (.class), automatically generated web pages (.html files) and so on. I guess adding an option that hides files with some user-specified extension from Alfred search results should not be hard to implement (also in a second step, i.e., it is not necessary to exclude them from Alfred index, but just hide them a posteriori in the search results if specified). I think users could benefit from this, having personalized search results.
  11. I'd love to see each file's tags listed in the information provided by File Navigation's Preview Panel. Tags seem more important than most of the info that is currently listed (e.g., app the file opens in, date created, etc.). Why not list the file's tags there? At the moment, Alfred doesn't have an easy way for viewing or modifying tags, and this seems like a good first step that won't demand a complete overhaul of anything. Ideally, I'd love to see Alfred have its own file action for tags, too, which allowed users to view the file's current tags and modify them as needed (without requiring users to remember their list of tags, etc.). Relying on Finder's "get info" feature is a little clunky, as it requires leaving Alfred, etc. I have some workflows for adding or removing tags that I often use, but they're not very flexible (e.g., they don't tell me which tags are already on the file, they don't dynamically tell me which tags are in use on my system, etc.). Lastly, I'd love to see tags visually incorporated into Alfred's main search results (favorite suggestion here), but I guess that's for another day! Thanks for listening!
  12. Hey team, I understand the security design decision behind that doesn't allow perform auto-expansion in the password-type field. However, in my use cases, I do need to type in lots of passwords. So why not just open it as an option to let users to decide whether to auto-expand in password field or not? Thanks in advance!
  13. *************** Please see new thread ****************** Alfred already has the ability to search in many different contexts due to the versatility of workflows, and this is great. The downside is that the more workflows that you have, the more Alfred starts to lose part of its initial appeal as being a quick way to search everything in one place. For example, I'd like my pinboard bookmarks to always show up in my default results since they have equal importance to me as the files on my computer. This is just one example of many. Two possible features that could help: Allow workflow results to be included in the default search. Allow items be passed between workflows, to easily combine them into "meta-workflows" and reduce the total number of searches you have. I understand this is a performance risk, but I don't have the technical knowledge yet to understand exactly how to solve that. I'm grateful that a conversation has already been started in another thread about this, and I think we should continue it here and work together to find the best solution. In response to one part of that conversation, @Andrew said: And @deanishe responded: I think @deanishe is on to something important. Thank you for considering.
  14. I love to prefix and lowercase all workflows in Alfred. So for example I prefix my workflows with a: (as can be seen below) I also like to lowercase all the workflows (my personal preference). I also wish I could prefix other people's workflows according to their category. As I have over 200 workflows and it will ease searching for them greatly. The problem with this however is that when I update any one of these workflows, which name I changed, it will restore the workflow's name to what the original author had (not lowercase and without my prefix). Would it be possible to add a way to preserve the custom name the users give to the externally downloaded workflows. So if I decide to rename a workflow like so : And then the author has updated the workflow, I want to get all the changes, but keep the name I gave to the workflow. I think it should be possible as it is only the title. The bundle id will be unique to the author. I doubt many people do decide to change names of workflows when they download them but I really wish to use prefixes and keep my own names of workflows. I hope you can understand what I mean and this would be possible to do. It would save me a lot of time and would allow me to customise my collection of workflows more nicely.
  15. Hello Everyone! This is my first post here on the forums, but I hope it's my first of many. Anyway, after using the Alfred remote app for sometime, I've been impressed with the ease of use and the potential for remote control over my local network. However, it seems like the remote app only taps into just a fraction of Alfred's potential. One feature that I believe would greatly expand the use of the remote app would be the ability to pass direct user input in the form of text or file selection from iOS to a remote trigger for an Alfred workflow on the host machine. Namely, executing a remote trigger in iOS could allow for a prompt on iOS, allowing for user input to be passed back as the argument in the corresponding remote trigger on the host. The two types of input that the user should be able to pass would be simple text strings, and files. In the case of files, when setting up the remote trigger, the user should be able to specify a default folder which opens up in the same prompt window on the iOS application. On iOS, the default folder displays, and user can then navigate the file system to select a file (or several). The selected file can then be passed as an argument to the workflow triggered by the remote trigger. I believe that the utility of the text commands are obvious, but for files, this would allow one to que up media files to be opened in the user's application of choice. Streaming applications would be particularly desirable to write workflows for, as an application like Parrot or Beamer would allow the user to fetch media files from a NAS box to be cast onto the user's Chromecast/Apple TV - all done with the user on the couch, and the NAS box and host machine in different rooms. Allowing the user to explore the host file system and specify files for input would be essential. This could transform the remote app from a bit of a novelty into a invaluable tool for expanding the control one has while attached to their local network. There are other tools out there for doing these kinds of things, but the ease of use of Alfred's remote interface would could lend in making the remote app the single most intuitive and powerful solution around. Let me know what you guys think. EDIT: If having the ability to view the contents of the file system from the remote app would pose any security risks, perhaps password/Touch ID could be available as a security feature. The host would refuse to pass the file system/directory contents until some predesignated authentication token was passed from the iOS client.
  16. Hey! It would be nice if you could add syntax highlighting, line numbers and probably themes into the workflow "Run Script" window. I do believe it's not so difficult to implement. Thanks in advance.
  17. I just recently bought Alfred and the remote to go with it. First, I should say that I love the remote. It is a great idea but I've noticed two annoyances with it. First, there is a major limitation in that it can only be used if you're on the same WiFi network as your computer. It would be more useful to be able to run workflows, etc. from anywhere (e.g. using my cellular data connection to issue a command when I'm not home). Second, when I'm at home using it to control music or a movie or something, it's pretty annoying to have to wait 5-10 seconds for the remote to connect before I'm able to do anything, especially because i'm usually only doing one action each time it connects. The option to "prevent device from sleeping when the remote is connected" indirectly addresses this but leaving my display on constantly drains my phone battery very quickly. For the iPhone remote app (not sure if there's an Android version), both of these problems can be addressed by using the new option (as of Yosemite I believe) to sync app files between mobile and desktop via iCloud for a more integrated experience. This could be used to pass messages back and forth in a way that circumvents the need for a local network and the need to wait for a computer to respond before issuing a command (you could use an "update remote layout" button instead of automatically updating the remote each time it connects to a computer). I'm not sure how you would address this for an Android version of the remote though. Maybe by adding the option to use Google Drive or Dropbox or something to automatically push the messages between apps. Please and thank you, Bryan
  18. Lastpass just released their CLI. http://blog.lastpass.com/2014/10/open-sourced-lastpass-command-line.html & https://github.com/LastPass/lastpass-cli We can def get a workflow going to copy your passwords, but would love to see integration like 1pass
  19. The merging feature is fantastic, but currently it only supports tab with space or new line. For working with spreadsheets it would be tremendously helpful if there was a merge and separate with "tab". In most spreadsheet applications, on paste, this automatically inserts items into new cells - very helpful for those that has to do spreadsheet work! Hope this will make it in into a future release. Keep up the great work, thanks!
  20. There are many workflows that need configuring before being used (mainly the ones that need some type of account login/setting). However, there's no practical way of implementing that via Alfred. I find making users edit settings manually or having a separate option that'll always show in the results, for an action you typically only run once, to be non-optimal experiences. For this purpose, I have two workflows that employ a script filter, that does something like this if (settings_file_exists) show xml with text — “configure your account” arg — <some_string_to_let_the_script_know_it_is_a_configuration> {query} else show xml with text — “do your action” arg — {query} Even though this works well with DownVid, since only the configuration is needed (the else part takes no input); with PinAdd, not so much. The problem here is that since PinAdd takes {query} as the xml’s arg, if your computer is slow at the moment or you type too fast and then press return, Alfred will act immediately, without waiting for the xml to rebuild/re‐output with the updated {query}. Realistically, I only need the xml to build once, and then take the full, correct, untruncated {query} as the argument, where requested. Perhaps script filters aren’t build around this idea, but there is clearly a need for it, as currently you only get one of the worlds — either you can show different options depending on the case but you can’t really type some action to be passed through (script filters), or you can get the action perfectly but without having options (keyword input). My suggestion is then, perhaps instead of creating more options in script filters for specific cases, maybe create a separate category like “keyword filter” or “keyword conditional” or some better name. What this would do is allow you to specify some code to run as soon as you enter its name (much like script filters do), but this code would run only once, outputting some predefined xml, and would take a full argument passed through, much like the keyword input.
  21. It would be great to see some kind of filtering for the hotkey trigger for workflows. What I'm looking for is the ability to define that a hotkey should only trigger if the frontmost application is listed either in a included list, or not listed in an excluded list. For example, I'm running Parallels on my Mac, and if I have defined a workflow with a keyboard trigger that will open a certain folder, I'd like this workflow NOT to trigger if Parallels is the front most application. Or the other way, a workflow that would only trigger if Parallels was the front most application. Thanks for your excellent work! Cheers, Ted
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