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Found 44 results

  1. I recently use a lot the function to send an image via mail. I've set up mail app to disable inline attachment like this: defaults write com.apple.mail DisableInlineAttachmentViewing -bool yes Mail preview seems right: But this is what I receive in outlook on windows: Just a shitty Icon-like Preview: The thing ist, when I add the image directly in mail via "add attachment" button. It works fine and I receive the image in outlook as a real attachment. How can I tell Alfred to do exactly the same as when I would make it in mail-app? Thanks for your help! Cheers Tommy
  2. If I select a file using file search "actions", I would like to copy or move the file to a USB. However Alfred doesn't see my USB. Is there a way to make this work?
  3. So I read how Alfred propagates a list of folders that you have visited when you use the Move or Copy feature. My question is, how or when is this list cleared? I futzed a Move and now have /Volumes in the list. Uh.. How can I clear /Volumes or is there a keyboard shortcut to delete folders from this list?? Or is there some way to clear the list (except for the default folders I first saw?
  4. Hey alfred community I just got used to some of the new alfred workflows and I already think about some that I would love to use. Unfortunately, I'm not the best scripter nor do I have any experience creating some of these little tasks. I found an older workflow that enabled me to upload one file to the dropbox public folder and copied the (shortened) url to the clipboard. My wish would be that I could also choose a folder/file or maybe a bunch of files (which wouldn't be a must have feature since the folder thing should do the job), zip that folder or that file, move it to the public folder and copy the (shortened) link to the clipboard. Such a workflow would just be amazing to use and I think it would be the best way to handle this little dropbox problem. The file could either be chosen by the built in Alfred Finder or a global hotkey. Thank you guys for reading that post and even thinking about if you would give it a try or not Best regards from Germany, MrMuetze
  5. Upon searching and locating a file (say an image file) I right arrow to action on the item, then choose to 'email to' the file, then search and select a contact to send the file to. All goes fine until email app fires up. Background: I have Thunderbird as my default email app - which works just fine with Alfred when I go directly to search and select a contact to launch email. However, when I use the 'email to' to send a file, my Apple Mail app launches. ...not what I want. Any way to solve this?
  6. To Dropbox 3.0 (formerly Move to Dropbox) Overview Copy or Move a file from Finder, Path Finder or Alfred 2 file browser to Dropbox Public Folder and get the URL to the clipboard. Setup Before start using the workflow you have to configure it. The workflow will prompt you to set it when you run it for the first time or you can bring Alfred and type the keyword setup_tdb. The setup will ask for: Dropbox Public Folder location Dropbox Public ID: the number that is in every URL of your shared links The URL format: select bitly (it requires your login name and your API Key), gooli (no registration, fast alternative) or None to use the normal Dropbox URL format If you select bitly you will be prompted to enter your login name and then your API key Finally, you can choose if you want to use the shortened URL also for images or not Triggering Keyword movedb - to move a selected Finder or Path Finder file keyword copydb - to copy a selected Finder or Path Finder file keyword setup_tdb - use it to setup the workflow or to reconfigure it Hotkeys - you can set up for both copying and moving features File Action - select a file and Copy or Move within Alfred file browser What’s new Version 3.0 copy file new setup within Alfred instead of OSX dialogs updated to Alfred 2.0.3 AppleScript support Alleyoop 2 upport Download Version 3.0 Release date: 20 Apr 2013 Requires Alfred 2.0.3 (187) Supports Alleywoop 2 Download now
  7. When resting cursor on furthest edge of first row: When resting cursor on first item of second row: Alfred 2.1.1 (227) on OS X 10.9.1 (13B42). Replicated: yes
  8. I was happily cleaning up my "Downloads" folder using (1) cmd+alt+\ and (2) move to, moving the files and folders to an external disk. This was working great. Then I tried to do the same thing moving files from one external disk to another. No "move finished sound". No files moved either. I added the other drive to the searchable directories of Alfred, but to no avail. Does anyone know whether this is not possible, if I need to change some setting, or whether this is a bug? Thanks!
  9. Can I customize the folders I can move my folders/files to? Because I just used the "move to..." feature (via a file selection) and I discovered 3 folders I don't think I set them to be destination folders. Is it a bug or one more hidden gem the Alfred support will make me discover?
  10. Just put together a quick workflow to open images in Pixelmator. Useful if you usually just want to open them, but occasionally need to edit. Open Image in Pixelmator
  11. Add 2 or more items to buffer; action buffer 'Drag' an icon from the right side of the window to any other point. The window will move, but the popover for that icon does not disappear. When 'dragging' the buffer icons from Alfred's main search area, the window does not move and the popover disappears. Here's what it looks like: Alfred 2.0.5 (202) on OS X 10.8.4 (12E55). Replicated: yes
  12. Hi... after switching from Alfred v1 to v2 I have issues with finding files while these files are found using Spotlight. I studied and tested all points at the specific help site for search issues (http://support.alfredapp.com/kb:indexing) and tested also to manually rebuild the index with sudo rm -R /.Spotlight-V100 sudo mdutil -i on / sudo mdutil -E / No success. I cannot find any of my files using the whitespace, the "find" or the "open" command. Setting in the preferences are the default settings with "Include folders in home folder" checked. Any idea what can be wrong? Best, Martin
  13. Here is a simple workflow to create a text file with clipboard content in the current or top most Finder window/folder: 1. using a hotkey: the text is created with the following filename pattern: Clipboard - yyymmdd(hhmmss).txt 2. you can use newf key in Alfred (see screenshot) so you can write the first part of the file name (use CTRL key to remove the date and time from the filename). The default date and time was code this way in order to always generate an unique filename. Screenshot: http://d.pr/i/A2Kv Download: http://d.pr/f/5Jp7 This workflow is more a sample on how to use Shell/Bash and AppleScript together. Credits to phyllisstein and his workflow* and David Ferguson for helping. * http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/394-fixed-create-a-new-file-in-the-finder/
  14. In file navigation, I don't like remembering when I can use ↩ to enter a directory (e.g. move operations vs. normal navigation). ⌘↓ is nice, but I usually end up removing my hands from typing position to hit that hotkey. It only takes one ⌫ to exit a directory. It would be awesome if typing a single / would enter a directory. Thanks
  15. Currently, Alfred's file buffer uses a set icon size instead of matching the size of result icons. For the visually impaired (or just plain picky, like me ) user where a larger icon is needed, a dynamic size may be better. Finally, for a buffer containing more icons than Alfred is wide: the latest icon should align right, and the icon at the farthest left should be gradually faded out, to indicate there are more behind it. An ellipsis of sorts. Currently, the only way I know Alfred has more files in his buffer is because of the whitespace at the far right, a result of the buffer matching my window width. Cheers
  16. Sick of accumulating a bunch of DMGs and other junk that you only needed to use once? This workflow cleans out your Downloads folder by moving everything that was in it to the trash. Empty Downloads Folder
  17. Select a file in Finder and hit your hotkey. Adds the date to the filename before the suffix E.g. Item Name.xxx -> Item Name-03-25-2013.xxx Add Date To Filename.alfredworkflow Default date format changed to YYYYMMDD per advice from atadams. Now: Item Name.xxx -> Item Name-20130523.xxx v1.1: Add Date To Filename.alfredworkflow
  18. This should be the simplest workflow ever devised. I wanted to simply be able to select a file in my downloads folder or a DMG, wake Alfred up and type "install" and the workflow would simply copy the selected .app file to your /Applications folder. I've tried a few different ways, but I think the right way is a file filter followed by a script. So I have a file filter set up to take only application files, and I have a script that executes: "cp -R {query} /Applications/" I thought it could be a permissions thing, so I'd need "sudo cp -R {query} /Applications/", but wasn't sure if Alfred could handle sudo, so I switched to doing "cp -R {query} ~/Applications/" but still nothing. Incidentally, if I run "cp -R SomeCool.app /Applications/" in the terminal, it works like a champ, no sudo needed. If anyone could shed some light on where my thinking is flawed (in relation to this workflow, not in general) it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  19. I did a quick file search with Alfred. He processed the first several letters of my query, then he froze. His window was as large as if it had 5 results, but there was only empty background—no results. Alfred didn't respond to further keystrokes, except for Cmd-Space. When I opened him again he loaded the history item before the freeze, as if he didn't save the query I had just typed. No cursor appeared on the resulting window (which behaved normally in every other way). Alfred v2.0 (137) on OS X 10.8.2. Replicated: NO Console output (was too long for posting)
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