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  1. After I set sync folder in my dropbox folder my custom settings of alfred app are always drops to default settings (custom settings I mean: disabled HAT in search form, custom web search queries and etc). The settings are used only by one instance of program on one computer, I set sync folder only for settings backup not for sharing. Thanks.
  2. Hey guys! I'm pretty new to Alfred in terms of developing workflows. I have done a couple but nothing notable. The idea is I am trying to display what is in my root folder, which is where I house all the folders I use for development. Then whichever one I selected would open in Sublime Text (ST3). I thought I could get something from this recent downloads workflow because it displays the downloads folder in alfred, but I don't know ruby. If I could display the root folder like this and then whichever one I selected would open in ST3 that would be great. I also thought this Open in Sublime Text workflow would help but I don't know AppleScript either. I do have some experience with PHP however. Any help would be awesome!
  3. Simple workflow that will tidy up your current Finder folder but leave files with name extension MKV, AVI and SRT. If you'd like it to filter differently just edit script file. I use it to erase all unwanted files after unpacking a movie or TV-show. You should know that this is my first Alfred workflow, use at own risk. Please post helpful comments. Download Near future improvements Multi-folder selection. 2013-05-17 First version uploaded.
  4. Hello, I hope my question is not yet asked somewhere else. So, I've just created a simple and straight forward workflow to make a folder tree. It works fine when interpreted in terminal, but in Alfred the tree is created into the workflow folder. I've seen here that the relative path is always the path trelative to the workflow folder. My question is probably noobish but… how can get the path of the folder I'm in at the time I launch Alfred to make my request ? Any hint would be appreciated.
  5. Hi! i am rather new to Alfred, and just discovering the possibilities with it. I have the following 'workflow' idea: i would like to browse a specific folder (eg 'Downloads') and i want Alfred to show the content, order by 'most recent' as top of the list For simplicity, it might just be a single 'keyword' setup for one directory: eg "dl" -> Alfred provides the content of this directory, sorted Is this possible? Thanks!
  6. Hi, In Alfred Prefs > File Search > Advanced I set there [x] use custom home folder as: /Volumes/main_HD/Users/omarkn/Documents/_Wie_HowTo for opening files in this folder. But when I write open in Alfred, I only get OPEN FILE with CMD 4, this is not specific - ? What else to do, or can I read somewhere in a tutorial? with best regards, Omar K N (Stockholm, Sweden)
  7. In file navigation, I don't like remembering when I can use ↩ to enter a directory (e.g. move operations vs. normal navigation). ⌘↓ is nice, but I usually end up removing my hands from typing position to hit that hotkey. It only takes one ⌫ to exit a directory. It would be awesome if typing a single / would enter a directory. Thanks
  8. Hey Alfred team, I would love it if we could have folders for our workflows. Once you get a bunch of them (especially ones you don't need to change a lot) it really is a messy list of workflows that the addition of folders could fix. Thanks a lot. Seriously love this app.
  9. I currently have a basic workflow connected to a Hotkey that opens a folder. A hotkey setting, connects to "Launch Apps / Files" This works as expected, however it opens folders in new Finder windows. I would like it to open the folder in the current finder window. Any one know how this could be done? Thanks —James This is what I have set up now, it works but it opens in NEW finder windows, I want it to open in the current finder window (if there is one open and active)
  10. Sick of accumulating a bunch of DMGs and other junk that you only needed to use once? This workflow cleans out your Downloads folder by moving everything that was in it to the trash. Empty Downloads Folder
  11. Quick little script to open active Finder's folder in iTerm2. Get it her: http://cl.ly/2C063S3v1m45
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