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  1. Hey Guys, This is kinda a shameless plug but I wanted to share it because I think it may be helpful to some people. If you don't want to read this because it's a shameless plug, I understand. If you are considering purchasing the Powerpack, and are unsure of what it really does, or if you own it and are looking to learn more about the features it provides, I wrote a tutorial for MacTuts+ which was posted today. The second part of the article will be posted tomorrow, and I encourage you to take a look at them if you want to learn more. Today's is the basics, while tomorrow focuses on Wo
  2. I had successfully imported the settings from v1 to the free version of Alfred 2 when I upgraded the powerpack license. The custom searches and snippets are erased however, the app settings set in v2 remain. Unfortunately, v1 is uninstalled.
  3. I got my lisense but no link to download the power pack. now can I find a link on the site HELP
  4. Hi, One thing that I think would make Alfred better is if you could batch import workflows. When you try to do it now, it just takes the first one, asks you about wether you want to import, imports it, and ignores all the others. What you could do is whenever one tries to import multiple workflows or themes, have multiple prompts going through the list of themes/workflows that were opened, letting you accept or deny. Even better yet, you could have a checkbox, "do the same for the rest of the selection" that would function something like this: But instead of replacing or note replacing a f
  5. Ever since upgrading to the new version, plus Powerpack, Applescripts are taking forever to come up in Alfred searches. I use Applescripts to jump between workflows all day, so it's really slowing me down. Is there a way to make Applescripts higher priority? Is it normal behaviour for them to take so long to show up? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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