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  1. Packal: http://www.packal.org/workflow/safari-tech-preview-webkit Github: https://github.com/joeworkman/alfred-safari-tech-preview As a web developer, I love to use Safari Technology Preview. However, typing Safari in Alfred always drives me crazy becuase I have to choose which Safari I want to open. I developed this simple workflow so that I can now launch Safari Technology Preview by typing webkit or wk into Alfred. You can also pass an optional URL to the command. If you do the URL will be opened inside Safari Technology Preview. If no URL is passed,
  2. Clear Safari: this simple workflow launch an AppleScript to clear Safari history/cache/cookies/etc. DOWNLOAD Safari Incognito: this one enable private browsing in Safari by opening a new private window DOWNLOAD
  3. I created this little workflow a while back and thought somebody else might find it useful. The workflow will grab all tabs from the frontmost Safari window, format them into a Markdown list and copy the list to the clipboard for further use. The list is formatted like this: # URL List from Safari Tabs | Dienstag, 14. Juni 2016 um 12:34:42 * [Alfred App Community Forum](http://www.alfredforum.com/index.php) * [Posting New Topic - Alfred App Community Forum](http://www.alfredforum.com/index.php?app=forums&module=post&section=post&do=new_post&f=3) The code is based on
  4. Search, activate, reload and close your active Chrome and Safari tabs and favourite sites. RBT allows you to do the following all from within Alfred: Search all open tabs across Chrome and Safari and load a selected tab. Reload a tab forcibly when you select it if you want. Add "favourite" sites to the workflow for quick access with defined keywords. Synchronise your favourites across computers. RBT for Alfred has been forked from the Search Tabs on Safari and Chrome workflow developed by Clinton Strong (with Clinton's blessing) and could almost be considered v2 of Clinton's origin
  5. Hiya all Is it possible to get results in Alfred from certain website pages? For example, Amazon's "Today's Deals", eBay's "Daily Deals", Sky News "UK" or The Guardian "UK"? Mark
  6. Hey! I often find myself in a situation where I need to paste the URL from one of my Safari bookmarks to someone in email, chat, forums, etc. It's great that I can easily find bookmarks in Alfred but in these cases I don't want to open the bookmark in my browser, I just want to copy its URL to the clipboard without leaving whatever app I'm in. Would anyone be kind enough to help me figure out how to accomplish this? Thanks!
  7. I'm actually creating a workflow for the TYPO3 community http://www.typo3.org(an open source cms system) which should add features like Open TYPO3 backend in a new tab, Open TYPO3 install tool in a new tab. Therefore my script already supports Chrome and Safari. My problem is, that the safari tab isn't created after my current tab. It seems it isn't possible to changing The index value of a tab. Is there any possibility to make this working with a workaround? thx Jousch This is my actual script: on alfred_script(q) global backendPathSegment set backendPathSegmen
  8. Hello. Today I've experimented with Safari's windows management through Alfred & AppleScript and encountered with greatly strange issue. As you probably know, every window object in AppleScript has standard properties which are described in Standard Suite: id, name, miniaturized and the like. In Script Editor I can obviously get any of these properties and I thought I can do the same in Script Filter too. However when I try to get miniaturizable and miniaturized properties in a Script Filter's script, the script fails with an error "Safari got an error: Can’t make |miniaturized|
  9. HI, Is it possible to determine wich 1password url is opened in which browser? I do have a lot of logins saved, but some site are only supporting Chrome, other Firefox etc. Now when i search in alfres it opens always the 1password url's in my standard browser. I would love have the oppertunity/workflow to change that. I'm able to open standard url's in different browers, what i'm looking for is specific for some 1password urls.
  10. Hi, I created a small workflow for private browsing with Safari in Yosemite. I thought it may be useful for someone else. Private Browsing Download: http://www.packal.org/workflow/private-browsing Opens the current tab in a new private window and closes the old tab. If a private window already exists, then opens the current tab in that window.
  11. # Safari Bookmark Manager Alfred 2 Workflow to manage safari bookmark (delete / edit) # Installation You may need to install the gem (sorry...) Right-click on the worflow, show in finder. In Terminal, drag and drop the folder to `cd` to it. `gem install CFPropertyList` # Usage find a bookmark, go to file action, select `Rename Bookmark` or `Delete Bookmark` # How it's done? A bit sloppyly... Couldn't find a good doc to do it via iCloud directly. (and didn't really search for it). Alfred App find bookmark by because of their cache version in the user folde
  12. I would like to use (either standard alfred web search or a custom workflow) alfred to launch google searches. At the moment, they all open in a new window if the app (Chrome, Safari, Firefox) is not already open. I would like the behavior to be that the search opens in a new tab even if the app is currently closed, and is launched by the alfred query. Any help appreciated.
  13. (Sorry I didn't complete my title and can't alter it) Hopping someone can help me out. I'm wanting to copy a URL from Safari and paste it into a new TextEdit document and then save it to a specific location. So far I can get it as far as my clipboard then I get stuck, by using an AppleScript: tell application "Safari" activate set theURL to URL of front document set the clipboard to theURL & return end tell
  14. Here's a workflow to search for Trello tabs already open in Safari then do one of three things: - Creates a new Trello tab in Safari if none are open. - Open existing Trello tab in Safari if one exits. - Presents a dialog of Trello tabs to choose from if more than one tab exits. Get it in Packal: http://www.packal.org/workflow/open-trello-tab-safari-without-duplicates The workflow contains AppleScript that was adapted from what I found here: http://hea-www.harvard.edu/~fine/OSX/safari-tabs.html
  15. It is quite basic to open an app with the preset workflow setting. However, is it possible to create a hotkey workflow so that a new window of Safari can be popped up, instead of just opening Safari app (which leads to opening previously opened Safari window)? If anyone knows how to solve this issue, I would appreciate your help very much.
  16. I use Chrome on my desktop, but I like to do all of my reading on my iPad or iPhone and I like using the Reading List built into Safari. I've used Pocket for this before, but a lot of stuff ends up in Safari's Reading List when I'm using the Twitter client on iOS. This workflow will take your current Chrome tab and send it to Safari's Reading List. Installation Instructions From a terminal window, run: sudo gem install rb-appscript Download the workflow from: https://www.dropbox.com/s/bnxbpiabtcjfz60/Chrome%20to%20Safari%20Reading%20List.alfredworkflow Usage T
  17. I use AppleScript to get this job done. Here's how I try to get the URL: tell application "Safari" set _URL to URL of current tab of front window end tell For most of the page who successfully opened, I got the right URL. But for those who failed to open, which state "Failed to open page" as the tab name and "Safari Can't Find the Server" in the page content, the URL is not the real website address. What I got is: file:///Applications/Safari.app/Contents/Resources/ So how can I get what is really in the Safari address bar when the page failed to open? Thanks guys.
  18. I use google search with Alfred, but after I press 'Enter', sometime the searched content shows up in a new tab in Safari, which is what I prefer. But sometime a new window of safari is created without any reason. What should I do to avoid a new window? I've already set in the preference of Safari 'Open pages in tab instead of windows' to be 'Always'.
  19. This is a simple Alfred2 workflow for controlling Google Music/Play playback in Safari. It uses the keywords 'sgp', 'sgpprev', and 'sgpnext' for play/pause, previous song, and next song, respectively. Github: https://github.com/jleyrer/alfred2-google-play-safari-controls Download: http://bit.ly/1zjuL79
  20. Hey everyone! I've built an AppleScript workflow that goes like this: Keyword: "pdf" (or Hotkey: CMD + SHIFT + P) Current Safari page renders in Safari Reader File > Export as PDF Auto-save The problem I'm having is that the 'Export as PDF' menu item doesn't work exactly like "Print to PDF." The PDF output has almost zero margins, no header/footer to identify a source, and it's just not as desirable as printing-to-PDF from the print dialogue (though it is more efficient code-wise). Can anyone here tweak the following script to produce the same result through the Print-to-PDF function?
  21. Hi, I want to create a Safari bookmark search. Therefore I have to drop a file typ into the workflow like com.apple.safari.bookmark. Where can I find or create such a file? Thanks.
  22. Hi, I'm looking for a workflow to sort the Safari Bookmarks like the little app SafariSort does.
  23. Hi all. Just got suggested by someone from the Alfred team on Twitter to post this question here. So, my default browser is Safari, on which I have an extension called "Disconnect Search", which is basically private search so that you don't have all the usual "tailored" search results. Basically like DuckDuckGo but much better as it supports other search engines so you can get more than one page of results! I use Alfred for pretty much everything from app launching, launching websites, and of course: web searches. I have a bunch of custom search engines added. Whenever I try to do a G
  24. I have a lot of visited URL's which seemed to be stored in Alfred (either because I entered them or because their bookmarks). Is there any way to remove URL's from Alfred (I would prefer to remove them individually if possible). Example screenshot: https://www.dropbox.com/s/o888z2q6qbdq7el/Screenshot%202014-05-13%2020.25.10.jpg
  25. I've created a workflow (with three actions) for creating new OmniFocus tasks. One option simply creates a new task in the inbox based on the argument supplied Another option creates a new task based on the currently-focused Google Chrome tab (the page title becomes the task name; the page URL becomes the note) The third option creates a new task based on the currently-focused Safari tab (the page title becomes the task name; the page URL becomes the note) Read a bit more on my blog, or download the workflow with this link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/nlx4uyfc905iyc2/CreateOmniFocusTasks.al
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