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  1. I've created a Alfred 2 workflow for remotely inspecting an iOS device by name using Safari's remote web inspector. You can view the source and download on GitHub.
  2. Hi, Having the downloads from Safari in the Downloads folder is perfectly fine for me for most cases, but sometimes (for automation reasons) I would like to be able to choose where to save a PDF (which is displayed by Safari). And I think a workflow would be great for that! I can probably figure out the last steps of such a workflow to choose the relevant folder with a Script Filter and save the PDF using AppleScript, but does anyone know how I can "extract/access" the PDF in the first place? Thanks a lot!
  3. I am a newbie, and this is a workflow inspired by Kam's "Merge all Finder windows" enjoy and hope you like it eh...How to upload the workflow? thx...
  4. Pretty much what title say but im not sure if it's possible. It would be pretty sweet to type something and see opened tabs on other devices and open them all. Thanks.
  5. A simple file filter to search all bookmark (keyword web) and web browsing history (keyword hist) files accessible to Spotlight. Why use this instead of the default Alfred functionality? Well: More targeted search, less clutter in default results. Smarter search: History search searches the URL, bookmark search ignores it; JavaScript bookmarklets are excluded from bookmarks searches. Searches bookmarks in Pinboard.in / Delicious accounts registered with Delish and Webbla, including tag search (Webbla, needs OpenMeta enabled, Delish works out of the box). If you’d like the workflow to sup
  6. Hi, I am not sure if this is the right forum for requesting for a simple (I hope) workflow. I would like to type "copyurl" and have the active tab's URL in Chrome or Safari (whichever browser is in front) be copied to clipboard. Thanks in advance.
  7. Updated version with more features and support for Google Chrome - BrowserTabs SafariTabs Features Close all tabs to the right or left of the active tab in Safari with a keyboard shortcut (recommended shortcuts - Command+Left / Right Arrow) Move to the left / right tab with keyboard shortcuts (recommended shortcuts - Command+Alt+Left / Right Arrow) Move to the first or last tab in the Safari window with keyboard shortcuts (recommended shortcuts - Command+Alt+Up / Down arrow) Install the workflow, add your own shortcuts for each command. Help for the keyboard shortcut setup:
  8. Descriptions: This workflow will let you easily (keyboard shortcuts) close all the tabs to the right or left of the frontmost tab. How to setup and use: First, setup the shortcuts in the workflows preferences - I recommend using shortcuts like Command + Left/Right Arrow Then you'll use the shortcuts in Safari to close all the tabs to the right or left of the frontmost tab. Download Safari CloseTabs 1.0
  9. TweetSafariTitleURL This Alfred workflow uses the implemented share function in Mac OS X ( 10.7 => ), and automatically adds the title of the frontmost webpage in Safari to the textbox. Works with both Facebook and Twitter in the latest version. The workflow includes 4 different shortcuts - two of them will share the webpage to Twitter or Facebook with the (article) title included. And two workflows will just let you activate the share to Twitter/Facbook function with a keyboard shortcut, no title included. Dependencies Mac OS X Language must be Norwegian or
  10. Another Applescript UI scripting workflow - the Safari Preferences screen will pop up briefly. Functionality should be obvious from the title . http://dfay.fastmail.fm/alfred/Toggle%20Safari%20Extensions.alfredworkflow
  11. Just a simple workflow to open the current Safari tab in Google Chrome. Useful if you, like me, have uninstalled flash, but occasionally need it for sites that doesn’t know about HTML5. As you probably know, Google Chrome comes bundled with flash. Download here or from AlfPT (Open current Safari tab in Chrome).
  12. I'm running v2.0.2(178) on OSX 10.8.2 My Safari bookmarks do not show in my search results seemingly no matter what I do. So far I have tried. Features -> Default -> uncheck bookmarks, recheck bookmarks Features -> Default -> uncheck bookmarks, quit Alfred, recheck bookmarks Advanced -> Clear Application Cache Advanced -> Clear Knowledge Safari export bookmarks, delete all bookmarks, quit Safari, import bookmarks Safari export bookmarks, delete all bookmarks, reboot, import bookmarks Simply adding brand new bookmarks after install of Alfred v2
  13. Just a simple workflow to trigger a crazy AppleScript I cooked up a few months back. Keyword is "ingredientlist" (mine triggers on "ing"). Triggering it will run the AppleScript in the background and let you know once it's done. Download it now or keep reading for more details. How it works: The AppleScript grabs the URL of the front Safari window (only Safari for now) and pipes it through Recipe Distiller. Then it strips out everything but the ingredients on the resulting Recipe Distiller page. Each ingredient is added as a task to an OmniFocus project named "Recipes". You must have
  14. Hi all, I didn't find any reference about this after a quick search. Alfred v1 was searching in safari history, 1password bookmarks and safari bookmarks. With the v2 I don't see my safari bookmarks in the search results. Thanks in advance. Ben
  15. An Alfred workflow that compiles several useful FoldingText script extensions. Most of the individual scripts are available from the FoldingText homepage. I decided to create a streamlined workflow to house them in Alfred, which is much more user friendly than a bunch of random keyboard shortcuts. Download FoldingText.alfredworkflow or clone repo from GitHub: github.com/Morse-Code/Alfred Actions available within the workflow inlclude the following: Expand/collapse document folds to a given level. Export from FoldingText to OmniFocus, OmniOutliner, OmniGraffle, or OPML. View
  16. Created this Workflow from previous Alfred v1 extensions. http://d.pr/f/nK8j
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