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Found 277 results

  1. The Voice Search Workflow opens Google's search page in Chrome and activates the voice search. Upon a successful search, search terms are copied to the clipboard. Download Usage: Call the Voice Search workflow with the vs keyword. Version: 1.2 Release date: 2013-05-16 Author: John Day Version History: 1.2 Opens new tab if current tab is not Google Search 1.1 Copy Search Term to Clipboard 1.0 Initial Release Dependencies: Google Chrome must be installed.
  2. Hi, In Alfred Prefs > File Search > Advanced I set there [x] use custom home folder as: /Volumes/main_HD/Users/omarkn/Documents/_Wie_HowTo for opening files in this folder. But when I write open in Alfred, I only get OPEN FILE with CMD 4, this is not specific - ? What else to do, or can I read somewhere in a tutorial? with best regards, Omar K N (Stockholm, Sweden)
  3. Hi, good day, Will Alfred still find / let me browse among files if I only know _part_ of the filename? Should I work with * ? For searching / opening. with best regards, Omar K N (Stockholm, Sweden)
  4. Workflow Searcher (v1.2 Released 2013.04.25) [Download Link] Tips: You can Submit & Share your workflows on the list -> [submit Workflows] Github repo: https://github.com/hzlzh/Alfred-Workflows/ Search workflows from AlfredWorkflow.com List API Get the download & released link of the workflow you search. API file Cache 6 minutes(360s) Offical API on JSON API Examples:
  5. Hi All, I bought the alfred powerpack a couple years ago with a mac I got at work and then I had to go back to using a windows laptop. I just recently got a new macbook and am back using a mac with vmware fusion. I've installed the lasted v2 with powerpack and am having a rather simple problem. I can't seem to find content Microsoft powerpoint 2010 files through their content. For example, I'd like to find a pptx file with the word foo in one of the slide captions. I'd think I could bring up alfred and just type foo or maybe find pptx foo or even in pptx foo or something like that. Alfred doesn't find it. However, if I go to spotlight and type in foo, spotlight finds the file without a problem. I tried setting all search types in the default results and that didn't help. The file is on my desktop and include folders in home is checked. Any thoughts on what settings I need to change here to make this work? Alfred should work better than spotlight, but doesn't seem to in this instance. Thanks.
  6. Using Alfred for half a year, I finally found something not so convenient of it. Take "Activity Monitor.app" provided with OS X Mountain Lion as example. If I type "act" in Spotlight and Alfred, both get to it with ease. If I type "mon", though, Alfred cannot figure it out while Spotlight makes it. Another example, also from system utility "Disk Utility.app". If I type "disk", both Spotlight and Alfred get it. If I type "di u", only Spotlight gets it. Final example, from "DOSBox.app" and "VirtualBox.app" If I type "dos", both Spotlight and Alfred get "DOSBox.app" only. If I type "box", both get "VirtualBox.app" and put it first, but only Spotlight gets "DOSBox.app" Maybe I am too strict on this since the main power of Alfred is Powerpack.
  7. There are several Spotify alfred workflows that use the Spotify API, but are painfully slow. This is a very simple workflow, but is very fast. The keyword "SP" followed by a search automatically plays the track. For this to work best, just type song and artist. i.e.: "sp paradise coldplay". The great thing is it searches Spotify using its online XML search and sorts by popularity. Which is why you can be unspecific on your searches and it'll still work. If you wanted to listen to the song "I Want Crazy" by Hunter Hayes, you could just search "sp crazy hayes" and it still plays the track within three seconds. download it here: http://goo.gl/5xavj
  8. Hi! I was just wondering, is there any way to go 'back' when navigating in File Actions? E.g. I type "chrome", press the right arrow key, select "Copy to…", press the right arrow key, realize I'd rather choose "Move to…". The left arrow key doesn't do anything, and Esc takes me back to the initial input ("chrome", in this case). Am I missing something? If I'm not, I'd really like to see this in a future release (especially since the left arrow key isn't doing anything in this context). Thanks, Max
  9. Hey, I made a letterboxd.com search workflow. It's basically the same as the search IMDB or search movie workflow but here you can search letterboxd. As soon as letterboxd releases their API i will make some updates to the workflow. As of now you just can search everything. Just type "lb {query}" to search for movies, directors, actors or users on letterboxd. Download: Alfred Letterboxd Workflow
  10. Using Alfred v1 I could very easily set a keyword to reveal a folder and or to open a file using just the return key. It was dead simple. Using Alfred v2, and being a simpleton with where scripts are concerned, I seem to need more steps to achieve the same result. Am I missing something here? Please put me right. I do love my Alfred which was, incidentally, my Dad's name which makes me laugh sometimes.
  11. Quick workflow build of a flight and airport search via http://de.flightaware.com/ You have to type either the flight number or the airport code to search. i.e. "flugstatus LH903" or "flughafen fra". It is helpful for me because I often have to check for specific flights and airport arrivals. Feel free to modify if you like. It's in german but I'm sure for those who like its easy to translate. http://cl.ly/351x1V3k3T3e
  12. Hey I created a now Workflow for you! Search the weather for location with in Google. I hope you love it as I do. Version: 1.2 Download https://www.dropbox.com/s/2bsk26eloo6jus0/Weather%20Search%201.2.alfredworkflow Screenshots https://www.dropbox.com/s/apg143y0pfk7fsi/Screenshots.pdf Setup Guide https://www.dropbox.com/s/vah3vugvbltmzon/Setup%20Guide.pdf I worked very hard on that Workflow so if you have any question, suggestion or problem please write a comment. When you like me Workflow please give me a rating. Update history: V1.0.1 -Bug Fixes V1.1 -Bug Fixes -Now you can save your location -Default search functionality -Added new quick keyword search V1.2 -Added new Quick Hotkey -New Setup Guide -New Notification
  13. A very simple workflow that searches Google Scholar Download from here https://www.dropbox.com/s/rfpq9m7x1thyl5o/Search%20google%20scholar.alfredworkflow
  14. Hi, I am starting with php and I prepare this little workflow, to quickly find something on php.net. Hope it helps some of you. Download
  15. This Alfred 2 workflow provides a simple way to find out the real-time Air Quality Index (AQI) in most cities in Asia with data support by aqicn.info. Download You can grab a copy of Air Quality Index Workflow via this link Usage Using keyword air with the name of a city to get its AQI. The results will be shown directly in Alfred with color-labelled air pollution levels. Selecting a result will bring you to aqicn.info for detailed information. Homepage of this workflow
  16. Hey, I was wondering if there was a good way to leverage the search autocomplete via PHP. I am looking to add easy timezone support to my workflow (based on these timezones — http://www.php.net/manual/en/timezones.php). I would like to make a PHP array with autocomplete suggestions for the user to make it easier for them to set the timezone. I believe I could use PHP's levenshtein function to find the closest matches to the input, but was wondering if there is a better way of doing this before passing it to the script to save to the JSON config file. I would like, if possible, to first autocomplete the country, then once the backslash appears to begin matching against the locations in that country. If there is a best way to utilize alfred to do this, please let me know. If not, I can use a combo of levenshtein and conditionals I think to do it. It may not be hard to modify one line of code, but anyway to make it easier for people is better. Thanks!
  17. Apparently Alfred is not able to search my time capsule, nor to see inside disk images. As I stored quite a lot of files in this ways, it would be very useful if I could use Alfred to search them. Btw, I noticed that the contents of my time capsule does not appear even if I search using Spotlight; they appear only if I use the Finder's interface.
  18. I've built a little workflow that opens the Mac App Store and searches for the query. --- Update --- Another update, you can now change the search language by using the "interactive preferences". By default, the US store is searched. Change this by entering 'apps-pref lang <new language>' into Alfred. Get the new version here: http://cl.ly/2q3K1L1L3m1h Github repository: https://github.com/Ahti/alfred-appstore-search
  19. Hi! I've updated my alfred 1 action for searching in DEVONthink to fit the alfred 2 workflow scheme. Have fun with it: http://d.pr/f/4qfl Works like: dt SEARCHTERM Greetings, Maic (Nebelleuchte)
  20. I combined two of the workflows that come with Alfred v2 to make this one. You still use the "movie" keyword like before but you now get a list of suggestions as you type the title. Download it here.
  21. Hi everyone, Very excited by Alfred 2 ! Is there a way to open searches in another browser than safari ? I didn't found any way in the preferences and i'd like to open links in Chrome for example. Thanks
  22. I did a quick file search with Alfred. He processed the first several letters of my query, then he froze. His window was as large as if it had 5 results, but there was only empty background—no results. Alfred didn't respond to further keystrokes, except for Cmd-Space. When I opened him again he loaded the history item before the freeze, as if he didn't save the query I had just typed. No cursor appeared on the resulting window (which behaved normally in every other way). Alfred v2.0 (137) on OS X 10.8.2. Replicated: NO Console output (was too long for posting)
  23. I figured that there is still no workflow for Wolfram Alpha, so I made one. It is really simple and short, which adds on the problems, so beware, this workflow is far from perfect. Again, as with my recent posts, I post this mainly so that other coders see it and make their own, better workflows, and so that those who want something similar can have it now (but possibly with difficulties). Lastly, I appel on everyone that they will not use my AppID for any evil ( ), as I have only 2000 requests per day (I think), which can be drained very quickly. Download: http://d.pr/f/ojLC Basic usage: wolf {query}
  24. I would like a checkbox next to the "Encode query..." and "Encode spaces" that disables the character escaping for the {query}. Rationale: For us developers who use Alfred everyday in our workflow there are times (for example when working on REST services) where I'd like to create a set of searches like: keyword: s3dev url: http://aws-portal.mycompany.com/s3/pre-prod/{query} where I can trigger it in alfred: s3dev 5002/some/rest/endpoint/5012 and it will take me to http://aws-portal.mycompany.com/s3/pre-prod/5002/some/rest/endpoint/5012 Currently it will escape the forward slashes (and other url characters). I'm hoping this will be a popular suggestion and easy to implement seeing as it's just bypassing whatever escapeString() Alfred is using.
  25. I am creating a workflow that searches sites like Google Scholar, JStor and my local Evernote database for a query. Is it possible to search somehow via spotlight as well to get all files shown that contain the query (not only in the file name but in the content, too)? What I want to do is for example a first crude search for a research topic. That shall reveal results from several web sites like Google Scholar or JStor, my Instapaper- and pinboard-account, but also results from local libraries and of course local stuff on my harddrive like my Evernote-database and of course files that Spotlight would find.
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