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  1. Hi! I've updated my alfred 1 action for searching in DEVONthink to fit the alfred 2 workflow scheme. Have fun with it: http://d.pr/f/4qfl Works like: dt SEARCHTERM Greetings, Maic (Nebelleuchte)
  2. I combined two of the workflows that come with Alfred v2 to make this one. You still use the "movie" keyword like before but you now get a list of suggestions as you type the title. Download it here.
  3. Hi everyone, Very excited by Alfred 2 ! Is there a way to open searches in another browser than safari ? I didn't found any way in the preferences and i'd like to open links in Chrome for example. Thanks
  4. I did a quick file search with Alfred. He processed the first several letters of my query, then he froze. His window was as large as if it had 5 results, but there was only empty background—no results. Alfred didn't respond to further keystrokes, except for Cmd-Space. When I opened him again he loaded the history item before the freeze, as if he didn't save the query I had just typed. No cursor appeared on the resulting window (which behaved normally in every other way). Alfred v2.0 (137) on OS X 10.8.2. Replicated: NO Console output (was too long for posting)
  5. I figured that there is still no workflow for Wolfram Alpha, so I made one. It is really simple and short, which adds on the problems, so beware, this workflow is far from perfect. Again, as with my recent posts, I post this mainly so that other coders see it and make their own, better workflows, and so that those who want something similar can have it now (but possibly with difficulties). Lastly, I appel on everyone that they will not use my AppID for any evil ( ), as I have only 2000 requests per day (I think), which can be drained very quickly. Download: http://d.pr/f/ojLC Basic usage: wolf {query}
  6. I would like a checkbox next to the "Encode query..." and "Encode spaces" that disables the character escaping for the {query}. Rationale: For us developers who use Alfred everyday in our workflow there are times (for example when working on REST services) where I'd like to create a set of searches like: keyword: s3dev url: http://aws-portal.mycompany.com/s3/pre-prod/{query} where I can trigger it in alfred: s3dev 5002/some/rest/endpoint/5012 and it will take me to http://aws-portal.mycompany.com/s3/pre-prod/5002/some/rest/endpoint/5012 Currently it will escape the forward slashes (and other url characters). I'm hoping this will be a popular suggestion and easy to implement seeing as it's just bypassing whatever escapeString() Alfred is using.
  7. I am creating a workflow that searches sites like Google Scholar, JStor and my local Evernote database for a query. Is it possible to search somehow via spotlight as well to get all files shown that contain the query (not only in the file name but in the content, too)? What I want to do is for example a first crude search for a research topic. That shall reveal results from several web sites like Google Scholar or JStor, my Instapaper- and pinboard-account, but also results from local libraries and of course local stuff on my harddrive like my Evernote-database and of course files that Spotlight would find.
  8. Hey, I wanted to create a workflow that would allow me to see all of my project files in a single directory. Similar to how CMD+CTRL+P works in Sublime Text 2. I also wanted to be able to search through those items. So I borrowed the core of the "Google Auto Complete" workflow from David Ferguson (A Few Alfred 2 Workflows to Get You Started), and repurposed it for my needs. I'm not great at PHP, so I'm betting that there might be a better way. I also like the idea of bucketing apps into workflows, so I also included the work done by phillistein (http://www.alfredforum.com/index.php?/topic/39-open-in-sublime-and-search-sublime-projects/). There's one variable you'll have to modify for your system. That's the dir that it uses to display all .sublime-project files. Inside, you'll see a "proj" script filter. Open that and change the $dir variable to a local path on your system. v1.0: http://d.pr/f/qvZM *NOTE: I'd like to add the ability to recursively search through the filesystem, so you could just start at your home directory.
  9. Sharing my workflow to search Jetbrains IDE's plugins (now its just IDEA) README file - http://bit.ly/13v194n Download - http://bit.ly/VFv1Z0
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