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  1. Update: This doesn't work anymore, not sure if it is Mavericks or not, but regardless I've created a completely rewritten python version of the extension which you can download here http://goo.gl/uhzK7I . It is just as hacky as the original version of the extension and uses a deprecated API from Google that is currently being aggressively rate-limited, which all goes to say this may stop working at any time. Enjoy! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Here's a hacky attempt at my first workflow. It is a google search workflow that lists results from google as you type. It probably needs a bit more work, but is pretty cool. I used the google-search gem and https://github.com/canadaduane/alfred2-ruby-framework in addition to some code from the Google Autocomplete plugin written in ruby by Ted Wise. I've only tested it on my Mac, so let me know if it breaks on yours. Here's the link: http://goo.gl/ufg81 (see new version posted above)
  2. I'm not sure if this would be a workflow or a custom web search. But here's what I'm trying to do. I want to copy multiple urls, and then combine them all into a single query. Use case: I copy 4 different urls and then search for them on a site called sharedcount.com. http://url1.com,http://url2.com,http://url3.com So I'd type 'shared count 3' for example, and it would merge clipboard urls 1, 2 and 3 in https://www.sharedcount.com/dashboard.php?urls=http://url1.com,http://url2.com,http://url3.com How might one accomplish this? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi I was trying to create a custom web search on the Alfred forum but I wasn't able to figure it out. Can someone help me out? Or perhaps there is a workflow to search this forum in a fast way? Thanks!
  4. Hello. I'm using Sierra DP3, and Alfred 3.0.3. I have no idea why this started, because for the past few weeks on sierra everything was fine. It started yesterday, when my usual search terms I use to launch apps (tl for Textual, sb for Sublime Text) weren't returning anything. So, I reloaded the cache --- nothing. Reindexed spotlight --- nothing. I've run sudo mdfind -E -i on / I've deleted /Spotlight-V100/* I've painstakingly let spotlight reindex over and over. Here's the thing: if I let spotlight finish reindexing --- all queries don't show the little indexing progress bar when searching with spotlight, I can find things just fine through spotlight. However, the moment I try to search something through Alfred, anything at all, spotlight goes back to indexing on all queries. If I let it finish, the cycle repeats. So it seems as if Alfred is doing something funky to the spotlight index? I have no clue. Productivity is at an all-time-low without Alfred, so some help would be nice (: EDIT: I'll maybe make a gif once spotlight finishes indexing. Also, if I use Alfred to search for anything while spotlight is in the middle of indexing, then it looks like I get thrown back to square 1, and have to start reindexing all over again. It's agonising, really. EDIT 2: I just created a new user account to try this (seems to be a suggested debugging step around here), and the same problem happens --- didn't even transfer any alfred settings over. EDIT 3: GIF: (http://i.imgur.com/BQAEhUk.gifv) Thanks.
  5. I would like to use Alfred to search a Numbers spreadsheet for a row based on a column query. Once a row is found I would like to display the row or rows that matched the search. For example, in the spreadsheet below, If I search for 3B8, the workflow would display: 3B8, Mauritius, 38 Numbers Spreadsheet: 1S, Spraley, 307 3A, Monaco, 39 3B8, Mauritius, 38 3C, Equatorial Guinea, 69 … … Any ideas? Fred
  6. Please support Chinese pinyin search. For example, when search for a directory or file named "我的文档", it's faster to just type Chinese pinyin "wodewendang" than "我的文档", I hope this will be supported. Spotlight can do this, but I want Alfred to replace it.
  7. Is it possible to search emails within Postbox 4 from Alfred 3?
  8. I have tried a lot, but for some reason I cannot use Alfred to search for markdown files on ONE OF MY computers. So on my Macbook, everything works find, but on my iMac Alfred does not find .md files (I also tried .markdown extension). Can someone please point me in the right directory? Settings are the same on both Macs Spotlight settings are the same on both macs Have trie rebuilding index, also deleting .spotlight.v100 directory Still no results found on my iMac while searching for a file with markdown extension However, when I try to find the files with the Alfred "find" feature, everything works fine. Help!
  9. So I was using Bing, which was its own issue, but now it's my default Alfred web search. I've disabled it in the preferences, but it still shows up. Is there anyway to get rid of it?
  10. Hey there, Recently I wanted to exclude all .png files from my file search but I did not find a way to do so. In other words I mostly use the file search feature for searching and opening my folders. Is there a convenient way to search folders only? Thanks, Yannick
  11. Hi there. Is there any way to search "in" of a filtered list of files? I.E.: Search the word "phone" inside all the files that contain "update" in the name. Sure there's a way but I can't realize it. Thx.
  12. Hi Guys, Anyone know how to filter out results? What I know: Modifying the search scope Goal: Filter out certain folders including subfolders Example: Filtering out Adobe folder located inside Application folders (Application is inside Search Scope by default)
  13. MangaEden Search Screenshots ---------------------------------------------- Description The workflow was made to search, read and download manga from mangaeden.com (but be careful: Read the ToS of mangaeden.com) I suggest you to look at the gif above and the others below. You can skip all this below details. But if you want to continue reading you will find a guide about the usage of this workflow. ---------------------------------------------- State Author Emanuele Munafò Version 1.0 Last release 20/03/2016 Email ema.muna95@gmail.com ---------------------------------------------- Usage The workflow can be used with two different keywords: mes for reading and downloading manga in english language mesi for reading and downloading manga in Italian language (So you should use it just in case you are Italian) Ok now you know how to run the workflow, let’s understand what you can do. Note: I will use the command mes to explain the features of the workflow but you can use mesi if you are Italian and all will work fine (if you was thinking about that because of my bad english, yeah I’m Italian ) The first features it’s the simplest. You can search in the whole manga list database offered by mangaeden with: mes <yourquery> After that you will be able to search in the mangaeden.com manga's list and the first 20 results matching your query will appear. Note: For the first 10 results the covers will be downloaded and they will appear in the list. When you search for a manga and the list of results appear you can select one manga by pressing <Enter>. When a manga is selected and you press enter the chapters list appears: the first value of the list is always used to download the whole manga thanks a background process that will save the manga in the following path : ~/<mangasname>/<chapter>/<page>.<ext> But don't worry: you will be notified about the download starting time. At the end you will be notified again with a successful message containing informations about the saving folder. When you are in the chapters list you will be able to select a chapter to read opening it in your default browser by pressing <Enter>. ---------------------------------------------- GIFs Here you can find some link to (how to) GIFs with their relative description: Show how to download a manga and then how to KILL the python process to STOP download (the unique way to stop download for now) [You need a kill workflow for the last point]. http://i.giphy.com/l2QZU7BvTkMF4orC0.gif Copy the chapter's url. Then you can see how to open the online reader. http://i.giphy.com/3osxYfULFPzKg80oWk.gif Massive (multithreaded) download of a manga and successful complete notification: http://i.giphy.com/l2R0869eyAa8vGIKc.gif Press enter to delete last char where no result is found. http://i.giphy.com/l2R04tHMQQiCCojug.gif Show a download error if there are no chapters to download: http://i.giphy.com/3osxYqbkhDWYFAie0U.gif ---------------------------------------------- Download Click here to download from Packet ---------------------------------------------- Tips and tricks: When you do a mistake in the query you don't need to use the backspace, you can just press enter: the last char will be deleted recursively until the query will match a result! When you download a manga using the first element of the chapters list you can just press [Enter] again to return to the search box. By pressing the [Alt] modifier while in the chapters list you will be able to copy to clipboard the url of the online reader for that chapter (instead of opening it in the browser). The workflow will recover your download status just checking for the existent folder so it will download just the missing folder (chapter). So if you need to stop download you can kill the python process and then delete the folder with corrupted images (usually the last one) and restart the download to continue it later. The existent folder will be skipped. The same strategy can be used if you loose connection while downloading or some others issues occur. ---------------------------------------------- Warning: If you have a version of OSX < 10.8 Notification will NOT work Please read the ToS of mangaeden.com The multithread download for the whole manga will use your download throughput in an insane way. Don't use it while you are streaming a film or you need high network performance. ---------------------------------------------- Advanced note: The multithread download is used also to download the covers for the first 10 result. The covers, used in the results list, are stored in the /tmp/ folder. Two different json files are used if you use mes and mesi, so don't worry about using them together. A cache with a lifetime of 10 days is used for the json files. When you try to download a manga that has no chapters available your download will fail and you will be notified in the notification center. ~ means your home directory ---------------------------------------------- Thanks: Mangaeden.com (API) Deanishe (alfred-workflow)
  14. http://www.packal.org/workflow/kat-search KAT Search Description The workflow can be used to search and download torrents from KickAss. It's easy to use, you can search a torrent using the keyword kat <query to search>. Then a list with the following informations about the results will appear: Number of seeders Number of leechers Total size of the torrent Number of files included in the torrent The extension of the file Informations 4 and 5 are not available after switching to the new mirror. Maybe they will add that functionality again. When you select one result, by pressing Enter on it, the magnet link will be used to open your default torrent client. Look at the screenshots and the animated gif below. Hot news As you know the founder of kat.cr was arrested in Poland, for more infos and eventually sign the petition click on the link below! Free Artem Vaulin - Sign Petition Now! The script is update to use a new domain. Download it from packal! ---------------------------------------------- State Author Emanuele Munafò Version 1.3 Last release 30/07/2016 Email ema.muna95@gmail.com ---------------------------------------------- Changelog and update Switched to the mirror kickass.cd because kat.am was closed. [30/07/2016] Switched to the mirror kat.am because kat.cr was closed. [26/07/2016] Added alt modifier to copy the magnet link to clipboard ---------------------------------------------- Screenshots ---------------------------------------------- Download Click here to download from Packet ---------------------------------------------- Thanks: Kat.cr Deanishe (alfred-workflow) ---------------------------------------------- Bug You can contact me here or by email if there is something wrong with the workflow. ---------------------------------------------- Additional note I decline any responsibility for copyright infringing material or any damage occurred by any files downloaded.
  15. I am looking for someone that is familiar with Alfred enough to set up a script filter that can search a given folder for a keyword and give me the ability to change the sorting of the query results. It's ok if I have to change this in code - doesn't have to be a UI toggle or anything like that. For example, I want to search for an e-mail in Outlook with the number 456 in the subject line. I hit my hotkey, enter "456" and three hits appear, sorted by send date and actually SHOWING the send date. I need to be able to do this for Outlook message searches and standard file searches in a given directory. I have looked for tutorials so I could try this myself but I have not been successful so far. If any of you pros want to tinker with it, I would be grateful and will gladly pay for your time.
  16. This workflow enables you to quickly pass on a search phrase from Alfred to HoudahSpot 4. View at packal.org or download instantly. NB: This workflow does not work with earlier versions of HoudahSpot.
  17. Chrome History - Version 1.0 Open Recent Google Chrome Webpages Introduction: This Workflow will use PHP to make a cached copy of Google Chromes SQLite History file. Then you can easily search through your history by keyword. Example Usage: ch will return all your browsers history with the latest at the top. ch alfred will return all pages in your history that have the word alfred in the URL or Page Title. Alfred 2 Workflow Here: https://github.com/manifestinteractive/alfred-workflows/tree/master/Chrome%20History
  18. So, I may be an outlier, but I use Alfred so much that I have a bit of trouble finding things that I have created in my workflows. For example, to ease my pain, I created 3 different workflows for work that contain keyword triggered flows with 3 different general types (I have 1 for administrative type stuff, 1 dedicated to all my scripts for opening special terminal windows, etc.). However, even now, when I open these workflows, scrolling through to find the function/flow that I want to edit or clean up is kind of a pain, especially since many of my flows have the same keyword trigger, so they look the same until I open them up to edit. A couple of things that might be super handy: 1. Enable a search *within* workflows to search for all flows with a particular keyword trigger 2. Enable a search within all workflows for keyword triggers 3. Enable a search for either all workflows or within a workflow for keywords contained within written scripts (this would be great for searching for reusable code blocks, or could be used to search for blocks of code with specified commented code keywords... thanks for listening, and if you want to discuss ideas, feel free to reach out!
  19. Hi, When I launch Alfred's search box using a hot key and immediately start typing, my oldish and slowish Mac sometimes misses the first character. When this happens, Alfred does not return expected results. For example, if I type 'Word' but the 'W' is missed...i.e. Alfred only sees 'ord'...the Word application does not appear in the search results. I'm surprised at this. I've looked through the settings and there doesn't seem to be a way to tell Alfred to include search results which contain the string even if a file or app doesn't start with the first letter of the string. Is this hard-coded behaviour, or have I missed something? Or might this be a feature request? Thanks, ajw31
  20. Hello, the web search feature seems to be broken. When I activate Alfred and type in a defined keyword such as "google" or "maps", the web search UI is never toggled and all I see is local results. OSX Yosemite 10.10.3. Thanks, Will
  21. I've just installed Alfred 2.1.1 and now all my search (i've mavericks and use search in a network shared folder) are totally broken. Seems a bug cause on multiple iMac after update Alfred is becoming totally unuseful. The network shared network is connected. I've tried to clean Application cache and Rebuild OS X Metadata but the issue is still there ... Any help, please ? Thanks
  22. Reliably—with caveats detailed below—when searching for a directory in Alfred 2.8.2 for Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11.3 (15D21), capitalization discrepancies between the actual path of the target and the path of the target as stored in the index (or at least as displayed among the search results be Alfred) cause Alfred to open the directory of the parent of directory that has the capitalization discrepancy instead of the target directory. Here is an example: This first path exists... /Volumes/Boxcryptor/Dropbox/e/GLS/Clients/IFFB ...and this second path is displayed as a search result for IFFB (see screenshot, note the capital B in DropBox)... /Volumes/Boxcryptor/DropBox/e/GLS/Clients/IFFB ...but hitting return opens this third path... /Volumes/Boxcryptor ...unless I leave the Finder window with the bad result open and search again immediately, in which case I will get the correct result. Also, sometimes if many windows are open (perhaps one of them displaying the "third path" above, I haven't checked) I can get the right result. In this case, I can close all open Finder windows, search "IFFB" again, and reliably induce the bug behavior. Thanks, Aaron P.S. I tried to include screenshots but got the error "You are not allowed to use that image extension on this community" when I pasted in screenshots and I didn't see a way to just add an attachment that didn't ask for a URL and show up as a question mark in a box. -- NORMAL -- -- NORMAL --
  23. Was wondering if there's already a workflow that does this, giving back results like this search for "cellfun": http://www.mathworks.com/help/search.html?qdoc=cellfun&submitsearch= but in Alfred. Or if anyone knows of a way to do this/can give me any steps in the right direction? Disclaimer: I'm extremely new to workflows, know nothing about creating them, and really only do some python and bash coding, so I'm really not expecting much from this, it's more of a curiosity.
  24. Alfred Duden.de Search Workflow Search the definitive German dictionary at Duden.de with auto-suggest. Download and installation Download the Workflow from the GitHub releases page or Packal. Double-click the Duden-Search.alfredworkflow file to install. Usage Default keyword is duden. Enter your query after that. Actioning a result with RETURN will open the full results page at duden.de in your browser. Holding ⌘ on a result will show the URL it will open. Licensing, thanks The code of this workflow is released under the MIT licence. This workflow is based on the Alfred-Workflow library (also MIT-licensed).
  25. Hey guys, If I drop a new app into my /Applications folder, the most times I want to open it immediately with Alfred (Press Shortcut and type in the first letters of the name). But often the directory is not indexed yet so I have to remove the last letter / add the last letter / remove / add / remove / add / .. because otherwise the results aren't updated. Is there a way to let Alfred watch the Applications folder so that the result is immediately available after I've dragged the new app into? I know I've probably spent more time asking this question than I ever need to wait for a new app to be indexed in my whole life, but you know it just feels not right IMHO. Warm regards from Germany, Dennis
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