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Found 276 results

  1. Hello, the web search feature seems to be broken. When I activate Alfred and type in a defined keyword such as "google" or "maps", the web search UI is never toggled and all I see is local results. OSX Yosemite 10.10.3. Thanks, Will
  2. I've just installed Alfred 2.1.1 and now all my search (i've mavericks and use search in a network shared folder) are totally broken. Seems a bug cause on multiple iMac after update Alfred is becoming totally unuseful. The network shared network is connected. I've tried to clean Application cache and Rebuild OS X Metadata but the issue is still there ... Any help, please ? Thanks
  3. Reliably—with caveats detailed below—when searching for a directory in Alfred 2.8.2 for Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11.3 (15D21), capitalization discrepancies between the actual path of the target and the path of the target as stored in the index (or at least as displayed among the search results be Alfred) cause Alfred to open the directory of the parent of directory that has the capitalization discrepancy instead of the target directory. Here is an example: This first path exists... /Volumes/Boxcryptor/Dropbox/e/GLS/Clients/IFFB ...and this second path is displayed as a search result for IFFB (see screenshot, note the capital B in DropBox)... /Volumes/Boxcryptor/DropBox/e/GLS/Clients/IFFB ...but hitting return opens this third path... /Volumes/Boxcryptor ...unless I leave the Finder window with the bad result open and search again immediately, in which case I will get the correct result. Also, sometimes if many windows are open (perhaps one of them displaying the "third path" above, I haven't checked) I can get the right result. In this case, I can close all open Finder windows, search "IFFB" again, and reliably induce the bug behavior. Thanks, Aaron P.S. I tried to include screenshots but got the error "You are not allowed to use that image extension on this community" when I pasted in screenshots and I didn't see a way to just add an attachment that didn't ask for a URL and show up as a question mark in a box. -- NORMAL -- -- NORMAL --
  4. Was wondering if there's already a workflow that does this, giving back results like this search for "cellfun": http://www.mathworks.com/help/search.html?qdoc=cellfun&submitsearch= but in Alfred. Or if anyone knows of a way to do this/can give me any steps in the right direction? Disclaimer: I'm extremely new to workflows, know nothing about creating them, and really only do some python and bash coding, so I'm really not expecting much from this, it's more of a curiosity.
  5. Alfred Duden.de Search Workflow Search the definitive German dictionary at Duden.de with auto-suggest. Download and installation Download the Workflow from the GitHub releases page or Packal. Double-click the Duden-Search.alfredworkflow file to install. Usage Default keyword is duden. Enter your query after that. Actioning a result with RETURN will open the full results page at duden.de in your browser. Holding ⌘ on a result will show the URL it will open. Licensing, thanks The code of this workflow is released under the MIT licence. This workflow is based on the Alfred-Workflow library (also MIT-licensed).
  6. Hey guys, If I drop a new app into my /Applications folder, the most times I want to open it immediately with Alfred (Press Shortcut and type in the first letters of the name). But often the directory is not indexed yet so I have to remove the last letter / add the last letter / remove / add / remove / add / .. because otherwise the results aren't updated. Is there a way to let Alfred watch the Applications folder so that the result is immediately available after I've dragged the new app into? I know I've probably spent more time asking this question than I ever need to wait for a new app to be indexed in my whole life, but you know it just feels not right IMHO. Warm regards from Germany, Dennis
  7. I unchecked the enable boxes for all Google and Amazon searches, but when I search, I only get Google, Amazon and Wiki options, and no DuckDuckGo (or other) searches. This worked perfectly before I lost my preferences. What am I doing wrong? Is it possible to delete Google search entirely?
  8. Hi, I'm running Alfred v2.8 on El Capitan v10.11 (15A284). I've noticed that no matter what app I select the "Recent Documents" feature shows no recent documents. I've manually launched Preview.app and opened a pdf. I then brought up Alfred and Preview's Recent Documents list is empty (I've done the same thing with several other document-based apps: the results were the same). Is anyone else seeing this problem? Thanks!
  9. I would like to use (either standard alfred web search or a custom workflow) alfred to launch google searches. At the moment, they all open in a new window if the app (Chrome, Safari, Firefox) is not already open. I would like the behavior to be that the search opens in a new tab even if the app is currently closed, and is launched by the alfred query. Any help appreciated.
  10. Hello, I love the "Web Search" functions but I'm really missing a simple way to "manipulate" the {query} string parameter... e.g.: lots of my "Web Search" are based on a URL, so my {query} parameter is something like this "http://www.alfredforum.com/index.php"... but my "Web search" (i.e. the service I'm using) only needs : - the URL without http://www. in front of it OR - the root domain - ...etc Unfortunately there is no way to do basic string manipulation with the "Web Search" functionality... so I have to manually delete the "http://www."everytime which is time consuming and defeats the purpose of Alfred... Could you add such a function ?? Thanks, Cheers,
  11. Hello, I have two questions about Alfred search scope I can't seem to find answers for. 1. Is it possible to limit the search scope for default results (e.g. exclude directories and/or file types from certain directories)? For example, I would like Alfred to stop showing me application bundles from my "downloads" and "dev" directories, as I often have many test apps and versions of the same app in there. I tried to exclude these on the OS X level but spotlight keeps indexing those and removing them using "lsregister" command is temporary and they keep popping again after some time. So I thought I can, at least, have more control in Alfred if I can't do it on the OS level. 2. Is it possible to have Alfred's "file search" to search the entire disk? It is currently limited to Spotlight's index and this doesn't include system directories like /etc or /Library and I often need to find files across the entire disk. Thanks!
  12. Team, Couldn't find a similar topic so here's my question: When seaching for a file (just typing part of the name or using 'find' + part of the name Alfred doesn't show the files. Example. FILE NAME: 2015-Aug-CreateHeader-01.xls SPOTLIGHT: type "createhea" -- found ALFRED: type "createhea" -- no result ALFRED: type "2015-Aug-Cre" -- found ALFRED: type "*createhea" -- found Is this works as designed? Configurable feature? PBKAC? (problem between keyboard and chair)
  13. Hi there Alfred community. This is a mod of David Ferguson's awesome Google Suggest Workflow. The only difference is that it uses DuckDuckGo to do the actual search in the end. I put more details over on the candler blog, but it should be pretty straightforward. Update May 8, 2014: Updated workflow to default to the new DuckDuckGo Next. More details here. Download Google Auto Complete to DDG.zip Download Google Auto Complete to DDG Next.zip Enjoy! Here's a screenshot:
  14. There's many great iTunes workflows but I've yet to find one that search comments field. Due to ever expanding music styles and sub-genres I've resorted to adding my own tags to the Comments field. I usually add single words for moods or sub-genres and for the bigger/general descriptors I'll add an x to the end, like bluesx or dubx which gives me accurate search results with very few false positives. How can I do this?
  15. Hi I'm new on here but have used alfred for a few years now. I notice I spend a lot of time opening Mail.app and searching for a particular contact so I can see all emails to/from. I have tried tinkering with workflows, but for the life of me cannot seem to get a grip on how it all works (*I am in awe of people who make such excellent ones). Can someone help make a workflow that does this: Finds contact > Opens mail app > inputs contact name into the search box. I will be your Alfred-BFF-4ever, and think of you kindly every time I do a mail search. :-) Thanks. -G
  16. The workflow searches through Notes (native on Mac) for a word or phrase both in titles and contents of the notes. The results are shown in the Alfred's bar. The recommended keyword for evoking the workflow is "notes". Enjoy! Search through notes Thanks to RodgerWW: http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/5364-search-notes-in-native-search-app/
  17. Hi, I'd like to search for content (so corresponding to the 'in' command) but only within a specific folder and subfolders. How do I accomplish that in a workflow? Thanks! Giovanni
  18. I updated my Rdio workflow to fix a few things. 1. Resized png icons and optimized (download is now ~210k, was over 2MB) 2. Fixed the Artist items not playing. Selecting an artist will now play their Top Tracks Channel. 3. Migrated to Workflows helper class 4. Added track count to Artist results 5. Increased performance of Now Playing item by limiting the number of Applescript calls made. Download
  19. Hello Everyone, I have owned Alfred and the PowerPak for several years but have not been able to "Get It" I have started to look at it again and have come across an issue that probably stalled me in the very beginning. Sorry if the question is very basic. I have tried to find the solution without any luck. When I do a search in spotlight for an item such as images of my daughter I get a lot of results. I see, folders, emails, images, etc... Pretty much anything that has the name attached in someway to that file. When I search with Alfred using Open, Find or '... all I get are 2 psd files. There are hundreds if not thousands of files starting or including her name. What am I missing? Thanks for the advice Troy
  20. Help: I want to get rid of the folders/tabs in my search window (see image above). How do I do that? I accidentally took action on a couple of searches and some Finder-entries got stuck to my search window. I used some kind of key-combination which I'm unsure of what it was now. I searched the docs but can't find anything about this feature. Thank you in advance.
  21. I am not able to search for and open applications. I am on El Capitan build 15A262e and Alfred 2.7.2. Here are two screenshots of my app folder and the results when searching. http://i.imgur.com/5vcCvt5.png and http://i.imgur.com/CJv4VHy.png Thanks
  22. I'd be great if there was an option (or the search was improved by default) to let alfred ignore spaces when searching. i.e. currently, if I have a file called "new phone" and type "newph" into alfred, it gives 0 results and just shows the fallback options. I'd prefer to be able to type "newph" and have "new phone.txt" pop up. Quicksilver doesn't have this issue, and it's one of the main reasons I'm on the fence about alfred.
  23. Hi -- I've googled quite a bit to see if it's possible to ignore an application (not just a file or folder) from Alfred search? Use case: I love using Alfred to launch Finder, however I just my new company laptop came with a weird program ("Identity Finder") preinstalled. Now when I search Finder I keep accidentally opening this other program, which I hardly ever use!
  24. This is a workflow that will search the subject field of emails in the new version of Outlook for Mac that is currently available to Office 365 subscribers. Additional fields can be added in the advanced section of the file filter. The new version has a different data path as well as a new file type, so the old Outlook searches were not working. If anyone knows how to make the date the e-mail was received show up where the file path shows in the results, I would be your best friend. The workflow can be downloaded HERE.
  25. Just wanted to bubble up a new post to let you know I just updated my DuckDuckGo workflow from over a year ago to support the new (and lovely) DuckDuckGo Next. This is still a mod of David Ferguson's awesome Google Suggest Workflow. The only difference is that it uses DuckDuckGo Next to do the actual search. More details over on the candler blog. Download Google Auto Complete to DDG Next.zip DuckDuckGo Next actually has autocompletions, but I wouldn't know how to get those into the Alfred workflow yet. For now the autocompletions still go through Google Suggest. Here's a vintage screenshot: Enjoy and happy searching!
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