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Found 277 results

  1. Just wanted to bubble up a new post to let you know I just updated my DuckDuckGo workflow from over a year ago to support the new (and lovely) DuckDuckGo Next. This is still a mod of David Ferguson's awesome Google Suggest Workflow. The only difference is that it uses DuckDuckGo Next to do the actual search. More details over on the candler blog. Download Google Auto Complete to DDG Next.zip DuckDuckGo Next actually has autocompletions, but I wouldn't know how to get those into the Alfred workflow yet. For now the autocompletions still go through Google Suggest. Here's a vintage screenshot: Enjoy and happy searching!
  2. I would like to have the option to decide how big the alfred search panel should be; ideally I could set two sizes and toggle between them pressing a key. This would allow me to see more than 9 search results when I want to. Personally I would not mind Alfred's display taking up the whole screen: as I am searching inside Alfred, I do not need to look at anything else.
  3. When I manually add OPML files to Alfred's file type search list, Alfred does not see them. However, if I tell Alfred to "Search all file types," the OPML files are visible. So the problem is not the files themselves. I have tried removing and re-adding OPML files to Alfred's file type search list to no avail.
  4. I'd like to set up a keyword to search Rotowire.com, because fantasy baseball runs my life now. Ideally the way this will behave is for me to enter "rw dejesus" (using David DeJesus as an example), then press enter to go to his page. Rotowire has no kind of API or URL scheme that I can figure out, so I decided to try using Google's "I'm feeling lucky." I set up a custom search with this search URL: https://www.google.com/search?q={query}+site:rotowire.com&btnI But when I test it, it just takes me to the Google search results instead of following the first link. Doing this without "+site:rotowire.com" does execute the I'm Feeling Lucky, bringing me to Baseball Reference. This makes me think it's something on Google's end, where the algorithm is deciding it's not sure enough to actually bring me to the top result. Any ideas on how I can force it? Or alternatively, is there another way to accomplish this? Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi! I'm an alfred noob, and not much of a programmer - so I was wondering if someone could help. I'm looking for a way to search top level folders in a specific directory only - and exclude its children - I'm guessing with a script filter. Context - We do a lot of development locally and I am often having to type in http://localhost/foldername to open the local instance of a website. Because there are so many its a bit of a pain in the proverbial. I've managed to cobble together a script that searches my localhost folder and opens the folder name (as $filename) at http://localhost/$filename I'm using the file filter, which returns all the sub folders in my localhost - I'm guessing I need to write a script filter that ignores sub folders and only looks for top-level directories in the localhost directory. thanks!
  6. Hi, I use Homebrew Cask to install and manage a number of applications on my system. However, for each application that I've installed via Cask, I am seeing duplicate results for said application in the Alfred search results (see picture below( My /Applications/ folder only contains aliases for those that applications that I've installed via Cask. I also have my Applications folder and Caskroom folder on my search scope (see second picture below). Is this a bug? Is there anything I can do to fix this? Thanks, Caleb
  7. Use this one to highlight words, then hit the hotkey to automatically open a new browser tab with the Google search results for the selection as the search query. Download link: http://cl.ly/3V2v2i0m121D/download/Google%20Selected%20Text.alfredworkflow
  8. Searches the ArtPrice database for artist listings Download here: http://bit.ly/1zPDNVc
  9. I may be a-typical but I have basically stopped using my browsers' bookmarks functions altogether and reply on Alfred to remember anything I have used in the past year via "URLs / History". I much prefer this to managing bookmarks. It auto adds any URL I type into Alfred and will auto-delete any crud I no longer need. For stuff that goes missing, I have Google ;-) But here's the problem - sometimes I add something that I don't want in the history and it keeps cropping up in the search results. So, I would like to go in an manually delete it and there's the issue. The "URLs / History" field has neither a sort nor a search function, so finding the URLs in there that I want to delete can be a bit of a chore, to say the least. Hence, my feature suggestion - a sort by domain header at the top and a search field like in the adjacent "Search" tab. Thanks!
  10. Hello guys, I recently upgraded to Yosemite and for some reason I didn't have this issue with Moutain Lion. Anyway here is the issue. I have excluded from SpotLight (using the Confidentiality tab) my VMWare Virtual Machines, but when I use alfred to search/launch "monitor" (to launch the activity monitor)... I still get lots of entries of programs hosted inside the Virtual Machines... http://screencast.com/t/fLwFpwoKf2Ed Any idea why is Alfred still showing this ? Isn't Alfred using Spotlight ? Cheers,
  11. Hi, everyone, I've finally worked up the courage to experiment with workflows a bit. My mission is to modify the included Should I Watch this Movie? workflow to add a search on the site allcinema.net, to give me the Japanese title of the movie (useful when hoping to see the movie in Japan). I made a new Action to open the URL http://www.allcinema.net/prog/search_all.php/?search={query} When I use the workflow, a blank window opens up for allcinema.net. If I remove the slash before the question mark http://www.allcinema.net/prog/search_all.php?search={query} the allcinema.net site is opened along with the other three, but unfortunately the search string doesn't seem to be being passed to the site to search on, the site giving me the error message (in Japanese) that "No search string was input". Can anyone give me some pointers to finding the right URL for this search? Thanks, Rick
  12. It would be nice to allow search between the last recent entered commands, like 'Ctrl+R' in a shell, for example. Now you can navigate with the up arrow but you have to go though all the history until you find it, and also you cannot go forward if you miss the one you were looking for, you have to start over. Or maybe I'm doing it wrong and there is another way already, who knows Thank you.
  13. I would like to create a workflow that is close to the 'Filter from keyword and reveal', with a limited search scope but instead of display the search results in the Alfred window, I'd like it to reveal all search results in Finder (like spotlight, but restricted to a specific folder). Any advice is much appreciated. bests John
  14. I am trying to modify the Outlook workflows posted here to work with the new version of Outlook. I added the new data path to the search scope (Users ▸ brad ▸ Library ▸ Group Containers ▸ UBF8T346G9.Office ▸ Outlook ▸ Outlook 15 Profiles ▸ Main Profile ▸ Data) but it does seem to find anything no matter what I search for. Spotlight finds things without any problems when I use the search parameter "kMDItemTitle", which is what I want, to be able to search for a subject string. Anyone have any ideas? This is the only thing keeping me from moving away from Mail.app for good (the Exchange attachments bug is killing me).
  15. Just wondering, if following is possible. Let's say I have 1000 files tagged in the Finder with "Map". I want to find the files that are tagged with Map and have "Europe" in the filename. In Spotlight this is fairly easy" tag:map then Return then add "Europe" to the search string. But I would of course prefer to do this in Alfred, if it is possible? Thanks for any guidance.
  16. Is there a way to set up Alfred so it will search for specific words throughout all the posts on a specific blog. To clarify what I am looking for, my husband has had a blog since 2008. We would like to be able to type in a subject he has posted on and have Alfred find which post that was in. Thank you PegM
  17. Search IMDb in Alfred with movie and TV show ratings shown as results' icons. Features: See movie and TV show ratings right in search results When viewing indivial persons or titles, pressing Enter while the second result is selected (the one with a title's or person's name) will open a corresponding IMDb page in your default browser Items with an ellipsis in their title (e.g. “Director...”) are active: Pressing Enter when they are selected will perform corresponding actions (like showing the information about a movie's director or the list of actors starring in that movie) Items with “Press ⇧ to view” in their subtitles (Plot and Poster for movies and Biograghy and Photo for persons) can be viewed right in Alfred: Press Shift (the Quick Look feature must be enabled in Alfred's preferences) to Quick Look them Infinite browsing. For example, you could view info about a movie, then view info about its director, open the list of movies they are known for, select one of them, see the list of actors starring in that movie... and then go back all the way to your initial search results using the “Back” option Icon themes to match both light and dark Alfred themes Support for search term delimiters to increase performance by waiting for user to finish typing and add a predefined character to the end of the query (disabled by default, go to workflow preferences to enable) Download
  18. If I select a file using file search "actions", I would like to copy or move the file to a USB. However Alfred doesn't see my USB. Is there a way to make this work?
  19. Hi and good day, Say mostly I want to access: /Volumes/LC1/Documents-LC1/_HTo/… Is there not a simpler way than to always paste the path into the search field? Should I set this as default somewhere in the prefs? ( haven't found anything there. ) (And please if where could one read more about this, - chapter no.?) / with best regards, Omar K N Stockholm, Sweden
  20. Good afternoon (at least where I am) everyone! I posted to the @alfredapp Twitter, and was directed here, so here goes I need to be able to search inside specific file types for content. For example, my most used file types are XML. I have TONS of XML files that are used for various things (a web application) and there are always examples I am searching for withing older files, for use in new ones. The standard "in" keyword works so well it has become a crutch. However, I get more file-types than I am interested in, as many of the search terms are generic (like the word "custom") I have created a Filter for XML and that works great for file NAMES. How do I extend this to search INSIDE those files? "XML Custom" returns all of the XML files with the name "Custom" somewhere in the filename. Is there such a way as to do "XML in Custom"? or "in XML Custom"? many thanks for such a powerfully useful app!!!!! ~vonKemper
  21. Hi newbie here: Can't Alfred search for files on an external harddrive? Spotlight does, but Alfred seems unable to.. (Using Yosemite)
  22. Hi I have created 100+ pages files using the new Mail Merge app and I have found that some of them have an extra Address line labelled "Address 2" Is it possible to Use Alfred2 (With Powerpack) to search the folder they are in (Pages Data Merge), locate the faulty files and then delete the unnecessary line Thanks in advance for any help received TheRealVicar
  23. Here's a workflow I knocked up for searching your bookmarks on Kippt and launching the URL in your browser. Important instructions: To set up, you must enter your Kippt username and API key into the workflow's script filter. The API key can be found here when logged in (under "api_token"). Download View source on GitHub
  24. As of v2.4 (279) If a workflow name contains words in parentheses/curly braces/square brackets, searching for the word immediately following the opening parenthesis/curly brace/square bracket doesn't work in Preferences (Workflows tab). Example: Say you have a workflow with the following name: Ask Different (StackExchange site) Searching for any of these words in isolation in Preferences works, EXCEPT for "StackExchange", seemingly because it immediately follows the "(" - the same applies to "{" and "[" - possibly to others. Perhaps this is related to use of regular expressions behind the scenes? If you simply insert a space after the opening parenthesis/curly brace/square bracket, the word is found again.
  25. I use fullscreen mode with Chrome, and whenever it is already opened and I search via Alfred the search opens in a new tab within Chrome. The problem is whenever Chrome isn't open. If I search via Alfred, then it opens up in a separate window from the one already opened in Chrome. Is there a workflow to make Chrome open all searches fullscreen?
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