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Found 277 results

  1. Hi, I'd like to create a workflow for web search, but the site is using POST for sending the form, GET is not working. I know I can do it in AppleScript, just wondering if there isn't another way. Thanks
  2. Hi Folks, I have a problem that Alfred does not lists all installed applications. There are several apps which Alfred cannot find. For example Microsoft Office Apps like Word or Lync are not listed. Let me quickly summarize what I tried so far to fix it: I checked this page: http://support.alfredapp.com/kb:indexing Spotlight is finding the apps All Spotlight Search Results are checked in SystemPref. All necessary folders are in Alfred's Search Scope (more about that later) I reloaded Alfred's Cache many times (even quit it) I think I see a small pattern here. All Apps which are in /Applications are listed like intended. Only apps in subfolders like /Applications/Microsoft/ or /Application/Garmin are not listed. However, there are exceptions like /Applications/modelio/ or /Applications/MAMP/ are listed. Interestingly, both subfolders /Applications/Microsoft/ and /Applications/Garmin/ are in Alfred's Search Scope but /App/modelio and /App/MAMP are not in that list but Alfred knows these subfolders are in /Applications/. I have the feeling Alfred cannot recreate the index correctly. Is there a way I can force Alfred to do it?
  3. Hi all. Just got suggested by someone from the Alfred team on Twitter to post this question here. So, my default browser is Safari, on which I have an extension called "Disconnect Search", which is basically private search so that you don't have all the usual "tailored" search results. Basically like DuckDuckGo but much better as it supports other search engines so you can get more than one page of results! I use Alfred for pretty much everything from app launching, launching websites, and of course: web searches. I have a bunch of custom search engines added. Whenever I try to do a Google search, it obviously uses the general search string built into Alfred instead of the default Disconnect Search as it would be if I search directly from the omnibar in Safari, and I can't add a custom search string from Disconnect Search because it looks like this: https://search.disconnect.me/searchTerms/serp?search=11786da2-1e27-456b-9788-6a7e405cd46a and so there is nowhere to put {query}. Has anybody found a workaround for this? Or is it something that would need to be suggested as a feature? Thanks for your help in advance.
  4. This workflow allows you to view and open iCloud tabs from all your devices (except the current one). Unlike this workflow, my workflow also allows you to narrow the results using keywords. For example, entering "itabs apple iphone" will return only iCloud tabs whose page title or URL contains both "apple" and "iphone". You can also quickly open all your iCloud tabs using keyword "alltabs". Download This workflow uses the awesome Alfred Objective-C framework.
  5. Hi all, I am trying to do a local search (files, folders etc) using the NOT operator, e.g. as in Google where you can specify what not to search for ("shoes -red" searching for shoes, but no red ones). Is this possible in Alfred, if not that would be a really useful feature. Thanks
  6. OS X 10.9, Alfred 2.3, FreeMind 1.0.1 (FreeMindStarter), JRE 1.7 I have a Java based application, FreeMind, that will show up in Alfred search but it will not show in the Quit or Force Quit lists. This is the first time I have experienced this with any Alfred + Quit + Mac application, Java or not. Does anyone know or have an idea what might be causing this? Thanks, Charlie
  7. I'm sure this a easy one, but I just started with Alfred two days ago (and I love it). After searching and selecting a file for action (by pressing →), how do I go back to search if I decide I don't want to take action on the file selected? thanks.
  8. I used to be able to type the first few characters of a person's name and it came up almost instantly. With the latest update, the three web search options pop up for all names...then after 10 or more seconds it finally finds the name. It used to be so fast? I am running version: 2.0.5 with powerpack installed.
  9. Simple query search for ultimate-guitar.com. http://cl.ly/3h0y2Z3N042G
  10. MoonMovie(alpha) This workflow allows you to easily find streaming and downloading links for many movies and television shows Script Filters The script filters in MoonMovie include the following: Moon Searches most relevant titles MoonMovie Searches for a specific title of a movie MoonShow Searches for a specific title of a television show By using the keyword Moon in Alfred the following results appear. The default Moon option will search for the most relevant titles available, whether that be a television series or a single movie. Selecting a series in the default moon option will list out all available episodes of that series. The subtitle of each results allows you to see if that episode has links available for streaming. Not all links shown in the subtitle can be streamed from, so make note that some episodes or movies may not have streaming links When you select an episode from the episode listing above, a list of 5 available streaming links will load for you to choose from. When highlighting one of these stream links, CMD+Enter will load up the download link from that stream. The MoonMovie script filter searches for much more specific results than the default Moon script filter. Since the database for these movies isn't the easiest to work with, you may need to sometimes use a special parameter to find the movie or show you are looking for. This parameter is @year= With this parameter you can specify the search year, thus narrowing down your search immensely. MoonShow works the exact same way as MoonMovie, except for searching shows instead of movies. Action Modifiers The only action modifier in MoonMovie is CMD. When highlighting a streaming link, using this action modifier will get the associated download link from that stream. Download MoonMoviev1.2 [Download]
  11. Hello: Search Fallbacks do not strip keyword from {query} resulting in wrong searches. For example, if I have a workflow which starts with keyword "mw" the fallback search will be like that: "mw {query}". I want it to be just "{query}". Thanks, Oleg
  12. I have a frequent problem with Alfred failing to find text files (MEL script text file actually) that are in one of the specified folders and added manually to the searched types: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/7990437/mel_alfred.png http://dl.dropbox.com/u/7990437/missing%20mel%20files%20in%20alfred.mov It's happening all the time and it's really hit and miss so there's no way for me to figure out what the cause is. I should note that Spotlight finds it fine
  13. I know that Alfred uses Spotlight for search. Wouldn't it be great if one could use Alfred for any kind of query (.i.e. queries with keywords/booleans ... ). No more switching between Alfred (for simple queries) and Spotlight (for advanced queries). So my question is how Spotlight advanced search features (keywords/boolean...) are supported by Alfred? I would like to be able to use them in Alfred as I already can in Spotlight. Feel free to move this topic to Features request
  14. Chrome Bookmarks Frustrated with current bookmark searchers I created this with SPEED in mind. I tried out many methods and languages for creating the fastest bookmark searcher without dependencies, just plug and play. This is the final result. This will search all of your bookmarks very quickly using fuzzy matching to easily match names and urls of your bookmarks. For instance "foo" might match "food" or "flood warning" or even "flounder" using n-gram to rank these results. View and Contribute on Github Direct Download Thanks for looking!
  15. Hi, I rarely search my filesystem, but very often use Alfred to search the web. It'd be very handy if I could use the spacebar to start my Google searches, is that possible? Regards, Brian
  16. Hi, check out this workflow. Hope you find this useful. It basically triggers a link that opens the Power-Search interface of the iTunes Store with a keyword of your choice. Download @: https://www.dropbox.com/s/oh0fvmxmjx5bniu/iTunes%20Power-Search.alfredworkflow Credits are in the readme part of the workflow.
  17. Is there a way to toggle a web search to open in the background only, without changing the active tab? I often do a bunch of web searches at once, but it's inconvenient when the browser changes away from the page I am looking at.
  18. Subdirectory Search This Workflow has been replaced with this one. Please go grab that instead: it's much better. Fuzzy search across the subdirectories of the specified root directory. Note: This Workflow requires you to configure your own Script Filters in Alfred (by default, there is one configured for ~/Documents with keyword docs). See Configuration for instructions. Download Get the Workflow from GitHub. The source code is also available on GitHub. What it does This Workflow provides partial matching of path components, allowing you to drill down into your filesystem with a space-separated query. Each "word" of the query will be matched against the components of a directory or file's path, so a three-word query will only match at least three levels down from the specified root directory. For example, I have a Script Filter set up to search ~/Code with keyword code: python search.py ~/Code "{query}" Entering code workflow into Alfred produces a list of all subdirectories somewhere under ~/Code whose names contain workflow (the search is case-insensitive): Entering code alfred workflow produces a list of all subdirectories somewhere under ~/Code whose names contain workflow, which are also somewhere under a directory whose name contains alfred: Configuration The Workflow is pre-configured to search ~/Documents using the keyword docs. To search other directories, you'll have to add your own Script Filter(s), adjusting the Keyword and root directory in the Script field. You can pass the -f or --files option to search.py to also search files. Note: Searching files as well as directories makes the Workflow a lot slower. Screenshots Licence This Workflow is released under the MIT Licence.
  19. I have two files on my machine: mastertimesheet.xlsx and master timesheet.xlsx when i enter timesheet into alfred only the second one shoes up; why is that? thanks,
  20. I am trying to find some workflow or any other suitable solution to use alfred to search for i.e. a part of an e-mail address or a phone number and it gives me back the entry of my address book, if there is any. i want to enter "34567" or "contact 34567" and it would give me contacts that have for example +4930123456789. is there a workflow or maybe a secret function i have not found yet that can reverse search my address book? i used to do this back with spotlight search, when a number called to find out if i know who it is. i kind of miss that search since i switched to alfred.
  21. Maybe I've missed a preference, but for some reason my Hit List tasks are cluttering up my search results when I try to open files using the 'open' command. I'd like to complete remove the Hit List tasks from the open results. Is there anyway to do this?
  22. This is a workflow to search the swedish streaming service Viaplay (sports, movies, etc). Credits to Peter Okma for creating the Wikipedia plugin I used as template. This is a workflow with two keywords: via <searchterm> (search all viaplay content) viasport (view sports schedule) Download here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0pt8vytbkv2pigc/ViaplayAutoComplete.alfredworkflow Disclaimer: This is not in any way affiliated with Viaplay or Viasat and delivered as is.
  23. Hi, First of all, thanks for this great tool! I noticed that Alfred does not take the kMDItemAlternateNames attribute into account when indexing/searching. The basic use case is described at https://github.com/phinze/homebrew-cask/issues/2847. Basically, homebrew-cask now allows to change the target symlink it creates in ~/Applications. This is useful when several applications have the same final name (for example, multiple Eclipse IDE variations end up in ~/Applications/Eclipse.app. Using target renaming, one can have ~/Applications/Eclipse.app and ~/Applications/Scala IDE.app, pointing to /opt/homebrew-cask/Caskroom/eclipse-ide/4.3.1/eclipse/Eclipse.app, resp. /opt/homebrew-cask/Caskroom/scala-ide/3.0.2/eclipse/Eclipse.app. The problem now is that one cannot search 'Scala IDE', since neither Alfred nor Spotlight index symlinks. A solution is to add extended attributes to the application bundle. Concretely, running the following: $ xattr -w com.apple.metadata:kMDItemAlternateNames '("Scala IDE")' /opt/homebrew-cask/Caskroom/scala-ide/3.0.2/eclipse/Eclipse.app allows Spotlight to find the application with the 'Scala IDE' query. Alfred does not index it though. It would be nice to index the kMDItemAlternateNames attribute use it as the displayed label in the Alfred search box when a match is found on this attribute Thoughts?
  24. Hi, I'm a new Alfred user and am really loving the program. I'm on v. 2.1.1 and am having an issue with Alfred not finding files at two locations of my Parallels installation (the same files are turning up in Spotlight searches). I've added the two folders to the Search Scope list under Default Results, but to no avail. I've also rebuilt my OS X metadata, but this hasn't helped either. My OS is Mavericks (v. 10.9.1). Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  25. I would like to search google, limiting the date range to the past 2 years. For example: (using g as a keyword) g iphone apps The search should only show results from the past 2 years. I had this working in alfred V1, but can't find anything under v2. I'm sure it's my error. thanks! Kevin
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