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Found 82 results

  1. Hello, I'm trying to create workflow for creating screenshots of webpages with webkit2png (in terminal). I installed (homebrew and after webkit2png). Please how can i create this workflow: In alfred i write "print" and "space" and "url address" and after that terminal run webkit2png "url address" Please, please, please
  2. I created a small workflow displaying the system's uptime in a notification. Download This is also useful as an example for integrating scripts in your workflow. Enjoy. - David EDIT: corrected the download link to a private hosting provider, wikisend appears to be dubious. Sorry for any inconvenience.
  3. Hi. I wonna create workflow to start bash script on my shared hosting. Steps. 1. Open Terminal.app with command 'ssh user@host' 2. Input password. How? 3. Run bash script.
  4. Most certainly about a dozen people have done this already, but being too lazy to look these up I made my own Use Keyword "cdh" to cd into your currently open Finder directory. To run a Terminal Command , use "cdh [your command]". If there is no folder currently open in Finder, your command will be run in your Desktop folder. The Workflow will look for a non-busy Terminal window and use it before opening a new one. http://cl.ly/NjL6 https://github.com/franzheidl/alfred-workflows
  5. Hi All, I've just started tinkering with Workflows after finally buying the Powerpack. The first idea that came to my head was to setup a quick trigger to run the show/hide hidden files command in Terminal. Very useful when you're looking .htaccess files etc - and it saves me googling the command every time I want to run it. At the moment I've got two separate workflows - one for hiding, one for showing. Set up on different keywords hiddenhide and hiddenshow. That works fine, but it doesn't seem very elegant. I ideally wanted to combine them into a single Workflow I could run using a parameter. I just couldn't work out how to do it. Ideally I'm thinking using 'hidden show' 'hidden hide' wrapped in one workflow would be much neater. I'm sure I've missed something obvious. Any ideas?
  6. Hello everyone, I created a workflow to toggle iTunes iOS device backup. Those backups often take far too much time and space and are unneeded for most of my syncs. This is my first attempt at coding anything other than java so please forgive my crude use of code. The iTunes process will automatically be killed and then restarted so make sure you're not using it for anything important before running the workflow. Please let me know if you find it useful - George Download here: http://drgg.cc/f20P
  7. I know i can write Applescript to open Terminal or iTerm, but I'm interested to know if i can use the Alfred-configured choice for the 'shell command' and 'open terminal here' features.
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