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  1. Hello, long time user first timer poster here. I thought I'd share a conversion of Mo Lawson's “Clean” Alfred 1 theme. Apart from the shortcut font (for legibility), nothing was changed: Get it at http://cl.ly/MW6G
  2. Hi Chaps, I have a strange orange background. I have an equally strange blue-green Alfred theme. The colours are supposed to contrast nicely, according to some algorithm on some website somewhere. The algorithm in my brain agrees. Screenshot Download Enjoy!
  3. I made a theme that has a coloring scheme somewhat close to Quicksilver. Here is a link where you can download it.
  4. tconte


    Screenshot: http://d.pr/i/broT Download: http://d.pr/f/eZIa
  5. bfolberth

    Casanova v2

    I tried to recreate the Casanova theme from Marcelo Marfil. v2 Download here.
  6. jovotrox

    Elegant v2

    Just the version 2 of the Elegant theme for Alfred 2 Hope you like it! download link: http://d.pr/f/KKvo
  7. dave

    Bluish v2

    A dark blue theme: Edit: that didn't work: Download
  8. I changed my FunkyGreen from Alfred 1.x for Alfred v2 a bit - I really like it now :-) Is there a way to change the border thickness?
  9. mcskrzypczak

    Tiny theme

    Hi all! Just want to show you my theme - tiny with no borders, no rounded rectangles, whites and grays, a little bit of transparency and Lucida Grande font. Hope you like it. You can add it by download this file (minimum Alfred v2 b74 required). - updated Jan 21st 2013 Here is v2 of my tiny theme with gray selection for better readability. Download here.
  10. Should really be called "EVE" as the original colour scheme came from her. Download: http://cl.ly/3C0A1V3u0x30 Preview:
  11. Here is my theme: http://d.pr/i/h9j0 It is very minimalistic and I used Alfreds purple color as well. Let me know what you think
  12. donparr

    DP Blue

    Edit: Changed font.
  13. I like mine minimal. v3 Download here (Over 1000 downloads already. Thank you all!) v2 Download here v1 Download here Although you can't see it, it has a very slight transparency letting th back show just a tad. Tip: Install the latest version and apply a blur to it. Looks SO cool.
  14. I wonder if it's possible to have more flexibility with the Theme editor, specifically for text. Don't get me wrong: the advances made in v2 are great. Nevertheless, I would love to see the option of using this window http://cl.ly/M9H7 for text formatting in themes. Bruno Grande http://brunogrande.me
  15. I like to think I'm cool with this Terminal Homebrew theme, with the classic green-text-on-black. I appreciate that we can now adjust the size of the Alfred window. Hopefully, we'll get the ability to use any installed font, like Adobe Source Code Pro or PragmataPro.
  16. Simple, but nice and clean so far! http://d.pr/i/LdRD
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