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Found 64 results

  1. v2.8.1 (425) / El Cap I was just tinkering with a web search URL on the forum, trying to get it to be clickable and/or visible. The problem is that the forum software mangles alfred:// URLs if pasted and strips them from BBCode links. The only way to show them on the forum is in code blocks. And what do you do after copying the URL from the webpage? If you paste the URL in a web browser, it works correctly: However, if you pass the URL to open or paste it into Alfred's query box, the URL isn't unescaped:
  2. (Sorry I didn't complete my title and can't alter it) Hopping someone can help me out. I'm wanting to copy a URL from Safari and paste it into a new TextEdit document and then save it to a specific location. So far I can get it as far as my clipboard then I get stuck, by using an AppleScript: tell application "Safari" activate set theURL to URL of front document set the clipboard to theURL & return end tell
  3. Hello everybody, I was just trying to realize a simple workflow to operate the TADO° smart thermostat from the MacBook using Alfred. If have captured the https requests with the two desired options: setting the temperature in AUTO mode, and switching the operation mode from NO_FREEZE, MANUAL to AUTO. Currently, in order to use these https requests, you are forced to login once via the browser to generate the authentication cookie. After that, the https requests are working fine. Is there a more elegant solution for this however? I have then tried to open the URLs using NSAppleScript and shell commands, like: do shell script "curl " & quoted form of theURL but it fails, I guess because of missing AUTH due to absence of cookie. So, I opted for an "Open URL" in Browser object which passes the variable. Backdraw is that this forces the browser to open to fire the request - is there a way to have it closed automatically afterwards? What would be the most elegant way to integrate the keyword "tado temp" followed by a digit where 21,5 should be converted to 21.5 with a decimal, plus "tado mode ON|OFF|AUTO" in one handy compact workflow? It dont fully understand the way how parameters are being passed? Here is my WF: https://www.dropbox.com/s/f7hg9p5h6zzj477/TADO%C2%B0.alfredworkflow?dl=0 Thanks in advance for any feedback. Regards, taue2512
  4. Here's a workflow that takes a twitter url from the clipboard and opens it in Tweetbot. If the url doesn't start with http(s)://twitter.com, the workflow doesn't go forward. So this won't work with short url's like t.co, is.gd, etc, but you could use an Alfred workflow that expands short urls to then open a resulting twitter link in Tweetbot. Suggestions welcome. Please bear in mind that I really don't know how to program, and just cobbled this together. Workflow is here: https://github.com/paulrudy/alfred-open-in-tweetbot
  5. Hey guys, I was wondering how I might be able to set up a workflow so that the text I type is automatically added to the end of a URL? e.g. the fixed part of the URL is http://mycompany.com If I type '1234' in the Alfred search bar, I would get http://mycompany.com/1234/ This would save me so much time! Thanks so much for your help Marvin
  6. I love watching videos (particularly youtube) in quicktime. I do this by: I use the ClickToFlash extension for Safari That lets me right click on a playing youtube video (in the HTML 5 video player) and I can (usually) click "copy video address" Open quick time Click "Open Location" (Command-L) Paste the link (the video address) Quicktime opens the video in its own window. No ads, no distractions, super quick, keep the quicktime window above other windows, etc. I'd love to have an extension that automates all of that. And then make that a universal hotkey (control-option-command-w or something) so that I can just press that hotkey on a youtube page and it opens in quicktime (and closes the youtube tab). I tried doing it with Automator too, but couldn't figure it out. Even if that were possible and then just trigger that Automator action with a hotkey would be great. Thanks!
  7. Download or Learn More: http://kopepasah.com/alfred/google-url-shortener/ Although not the first workflow I have created, this is the first that I have shared. This Workflow allows you to use Google's URL Shortener to quickly shorten a URL. Enjoy!
  8. I may be a-typical but I have basically stopped using my browsers' bookmarks functions altogether and reply on Alfred to remember anything I have used in the past year via "URLs / History". I much prefer this to managing bookmarks. It auto adds any URL I type into Alfred and will auto-delete any crud I no longer need. For stuff that goes missing, I have Google ;-) But here's the problem - sometimes I add something that I don't want in the history and it keeps cropping up in the search results. So, I would like to go in an manually delete it and there's the issue. The "URLs / History" field has neither a sort nor a search function, so finding the URLs in there that I want to delete can be a bit of a chore, to say the least. Hence, my feature suggestion - a sort by domain header at the top and a search field like in the adjacent "Search" tab. Thanks!
  9. Currently, in some circumstances, it's impossible to stop Alfred processing URLs in some fashion in its Open URL Action. This can lead to Alfred "breaking" correct URLs. It's straightforward enough to work around using a Run Script Action instead (open "{query}"), but this is non-obvious. In some cases, like the one linked above, it's essentially impossible for Alfred to know whether it should or shouldn't percent-encode certain characters. As a result, it'd be preferable, in my opinion, if the Open URL Action also had a "Use URL as-is" option for situations where Alfred doesn't (and realistically can't) do the right thing.
  10. I use AppleScript to get this job done. Here's how I try to get the URL: tell application "Safari" set _URL to URL of current tab of front window end tell For most of the page who successfully opened, I got the right URL. But for those who failed to open, which state "Failed to open page" as the tab name and "Safari Can't Find the Server" in the page content, the URL is not the real website address. What I got is: file:///Applications/Safari.app/Contents/Resources/ So how can I get what is really in the Safari address bar when the page failed to open? Thanks guys.
  11. Hi, I want to create a workflow so that when I am looking at a web page in Chrome I can copy the page's URL and Page Title and then when I paste it has created an HTML link with the URL and Page Title as anchor text. For example lets say I am on Alfred homepage - http://www.alfredapp.com/ I use the keyboard combo of Shift+Control+Command+C and Alfred takes the URL (http://www.alfredapp.com/) and page title (Alfred App - Productivity App for Mac OS X) and creates this on the clipboard: <a href="http://www.alfredapp.com/" title="Alfred App - Productivity App for Mac OS X">Alfred App - Productivity App for Mac OS X</a> For extra credit it would be super badass if I have any text highlighted on the page to be put in blockquotes with citation and have the Page Title link added to the end. For example, using the Alfred homepage again, lets say I highlight this text: "Alfred saves you time when you search for files online or on your Mac. Be more productive with hotkeys, keywords and file actions at your fingertips." Hitting Shift+Control+Command+C creates the following: <blockquote cite="http://www.alfredapp.com/"> <p>Alfred saves you time when you search for files online or on your Mac. Be more productive with hotkeys, keywords and file actions at your fingertips.</p> <footer>— <a href="http://www.alfredapp.com/" title="Alfred App - Productivity App for Mac OS X">Alfred App - Productivity App for Mac OS X</a></footer> </blockquote> Thanks in advance for any help and if I messed up and someone else already did this and my ability to search the forum is lacking I apologize. Roger
  12. Open in Google Chrome Canary I just created a very simple workflow to open a URL in Google Chrome Canary. This was actually just for me to learn how to create workflows, but maybe someone will find it useful. DOWNLOAD Cheerio, Felix
  13. Proposed Feature: Provide a default argument that will be used in place of a query in the event that no query is provided. Rationale: In my particular use case, I have workflows that are mapped to urls, with the keywords representing unique customer identifiers within local/qa/production environments. For example: app.ourdomain.com/feature/{query}/some/path I'd like to have a single workflow that would populate the customerID field with a default value if no query is provided (the ID i'm working w/ 90% of the time), but that would still respect queries when they are used. Possible Implementation: Possibly something like: app.ourdomain.com/feature/{query|1234}/some/path
  14. Resolve HTTP Redirects Follows any HTTP redirects and returns the canonical URL. Also displays information about the primary host (hostname, IP address(es), aliases). You can paste a URL into Alfred's query box or grab a URL directly from the clipboard. Installation You can install the workflow from GitHub or Packal. Usage resolve URL — Find and display the canonical URL after all redirects. ↩ — Open the new URL in your default browser ⌘+↩ — Copy the new URL to the clipboard resolvepb — Grab the URL from the clipboard and resolve any redirects as If the URL has no redirects, a "URL is canonical" message will be displayed. Licence, thanks This workflow is released under the MIT licence. It uses Alfred-Workflow for the plumbing and to resolve HTTP redirects.
  15. Here is the use case. I am kind of fed up to have to select the url in the address bar, type /archive when I want to access the archive of one tumblr. So I thought let's create a workflow that would display the selected url in the address bar in Alfred and magically add "/archive" as a suffix. But I believe one only can add prefix. Any idea? PS: I know I can show the selected url in Alfred. But I still would have to type "/archive".
  16. Hi Guys, I have to create UTM links on a regular basis and was hoping for an Alfred workflow to help me out with this time consuming task. I am no coding expert or whatsoever so if you please could point me in the right direction that would be really great I would like to be able to paste a URL and then enter 3 different queries: see URL below. http://www.mypastedURL.com/?utm_source={query1}&utm_medium={query2}&utm_campaign={query3} {query1} {query2} {query3} 1. Step 1: enter a keyword and paste the URL 2. Then I should be able to type {query1} and press ENTER (or whatever) 3. Then Alfred should ask me for {query2}. Press ENTER again 4. enter {query3} press ENTER for the last time -> save entire URL to clipboard. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks, Carlo
  17. I have a lot of visited URL's which seemed to be stored in Alfred (either because I entered them or because their bookmarks). Is there any way to remove URL's from Alfred (I would prefer to remove them individually if possible). Example screenshot: https://www.dropbox.com/s/o888z2q6qbdq7el/Screenshot%202014-05-13%2020.25.10.jpg
  18. Whenever I go to open a URL, it opens the default terminal (iTerm) instead of opening the url. I think I figured out what the problem is though. (partially) I noticed there were two chrome images on the drop-down as you can see from this image. Any idea on what might be causing this/how to fix it?
  19. I'm trying to setup an alfred workflow to open a URL with a search query. Example: 1) I want to search for someone named 'John Doe' with the following domain: http://www.whitepages.com/name/John-Doe How do I Encode Spaces as '-' Dashes? 2) Same Scenario, but encode spaces as '/' OR '%2F' http://radaris.com/p/John%2FDoe/ http://radaris.com/p/John/Doe/
  20. TumblrBackup Backup any Tumblr site via Alfred This is a quick workflow that I use on a day to day basis. Figured that maybe someone else might want to use it too. This workflow allows the user to enter any URL to any Tumblr site (formatted http://x.tumblr.com/), then Alfred will backup all data of that site to folder on the user's machine. I find this workflow most useful when I need to mass download my previous uploads or save my entire Tumblr site locally. Small workflow, but useful all the same. Download HERE
  21. To Dropbox 3.0 (formerly Move to Dropbox) Overview Copy or Move a file from Finder, Path Finder or Alfred 2 file browser to Dropbox Public Folder and get the URL to the clipboard. Setup Before start using the workflow you have to configure it. The workflow will prompt you to set it when you run it for the first time or you can bring Alfred and type the keyword setup_tdb. The setup will ask for: Dropbox Public Folder location Dropbox Public ID: the number that is in every URL of your shared links The URL format: select bitly (it requires your login name and your API Key), gooli (no registration, fast alternative) or None to use the normal Dropbox URL format If you select bitly you will be prompted to enter your login name and then your API key Finally, you can choose if you want to use the shortened URL also for images or not Triggering Keyword movedb - to move a selected Finder or Path Finder file keyword copydb - to copy a selected Finder or Path Finder file keyword setup_tdb - use it to setup the workflow or to reconfigure it Hotkeys - you can set up for both copying and moving features File Action - select a file and Copy or Move within Alfred file browser What’s new Version 3.0 copy file new setup within Alfred instead of OSX dialogs updated to Alfred 2.0.3 AppleScript support Alleyoop 2 upport Download Version 3.0 Release date: 20 Apr 2013 Requires Alfred 2.0.3 (187) Supports Alleywoop 2 Download now
  22. workflow request: As I often use local url and demo server url, so I have situations when I need to change url from: www.simple-example-demo.com to www.simple-example.dev or another custom local url (www.s-e-d.dev and etc). If anyone can create workflow with: url replace or .com replace or when I paste url it's converted to local automaticaly (like creating url store (in/out urls)) ? Thanks.
  23. Hello I have some links which I use daily (they aren't in my Chrome bookmarks): Admin - http:// Production - http:// Log - http:// Hangout - http:// ... I would like to create a workflow i.e. "links" to show these links and filter them as I type, if I click in the link it should open the url in Chrome. I didn't find a similar example, all of them seemed too complex for what I want. Is there a simple way to create such workflow? Thanks
  24. I want to create a workflow that opens 5 urls in a specific order. I used to use a hotkey workflow that I linked to 5 open url workflows. It worked as I wanted to. The last url in the workflow was the last tab to be opened by the browser (>> the first tab I saw after hitting the shortcut). This afternoon, I couldn't make it work. Let's say I have url A, url B, url C, url D in my workflow, I would get something like url D, url A, url B, url C in my browser. I tried to create one new workflow with the same urls. It worked. Then it didn't. I only tested it with Google Chrome 31.
  25. I made a simple workflow that opens a URL in Chrome (http://twitter.com/{query}). Every time I use the workflow it switches to Chrome to open the new tab. I'd like to know if there is a way to make the URL open in the background without it switching so I can stay working in Excel. Thanks
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