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  1. A significant problem in adding Alfred 3 features to my workflows is that Alfred-Workflow's update mechanism, which is based on GitHub releases and used by scores of workflows, has no way to tell if a workflow is Alfred 2 compatible or not. Either there's a release with a higher version number containing an .alfredworkflow file or there isn't. That's how GitHub releases work. Developers currently have 2 options to prevent their updated-for-Alfred-3 workflows trying to break themselves in Alfred 2: Start a new repo Mangle the release in some way that older library versions ignore it No.
  2. Update: This doesn't work anymore, not sure if it is Mavericks or not, but regardless I've created a completely rewritten python version of the extension which you can download here http://goo.gl/uhzK7I . It is just as hacky as the original version of the extension and uses a deprecated API from Google that is currently being aggressively rate-limited, which all goes to say this may stop working at any time. Enjoy! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Here's a hacky attempt at my first workflow. I
  3. Hi everyone, Trying to have Alfred trigger one of my workflows by searching, not by a hotkey combination. Eg: do a regular Alfred search for for "asdg" => trigger workflow X. Is this possible? Thanks a bunch!
  4. Currently, the Alfred.alfredpreferences/workflows directory consists of files such as: user.workflow.04920F48-D3A5-43EC-A15E-67BE4FBEB864 user.workflow.9F9952DB-FB85-477E-839E-DD5AFB79157D user.workflow.0F14C544-D083-44A4-ABDB-BB1392C53EF7 user.workflow.A235E0D1-5199-4E66-ACBB-2B385EBB231D This format makes it difficult to put the directory under version control and then coordinate development of workflows between software developers. It would be helpful if the directory were structured more like this: Alfred.alfredpreferences/workflows: Chrome Bookmarks/ Google Autocomplete/
  5. I love Alfred but I struggled at first to troubleshoot my workflow scripts due to difficulty finding a way to debug. I've seen posts mentioning writing logs to an external file but that seemed hack-y, especially since Alfred includes a debug console. If you'd like to use the console to debug your scripts, I found the following very useful. It would be great if there were a mention of this in the docs: To show script output in the debug console, print (or echo or put, etc) the output to stderr instead of stdout. In a Bash script: >&2 echo "Log this output to the console"
  6. I am in the process of creating an Alfred 3 workflow that uses a list filter option and the chosen option is passed into the script filter So typing the first keyword umb triggers the list filter, where the user can choose from all, forum, documentation or packages After choosing this option the user presses enter and then types in their search query which passes the query into the script filter which queries an API using a CURL script with BASH to return JSON What I would like to achieve is the following, that a user types in umb forum followed immediately by the search query so umb
  7. I'm not 100% sure whether this qualifies as a bug rather than a feature request, but this seems the best place to post about it: When using the file filter input in a workflow, it would be super handy to have it show previews and file info the way it does in the file navigator like this: Also, if animated gifs could actually animate in the preview as well, that would be *amazing*!
  8. I know that it's all the rage in 2016 not to document products and rely on inefficient, inaccurate, poorly-written user forums to document a product. But in Alfred's case, I think it's a big mistake. From what I can gather, Workflows are quite powerful. And indeed, you've expanded them significantly in Alfred 3. But for those of us who aren't currently programmers, the documentation is virtually nonexistent, so we just don't use them. There's one overview page saying "here's what trigger/input/output are." Then the next pages are getting into bash script construction, instantly dropping to
  9. I often find myself wanting to research the last thing I just searched on Alfred. So I thought it would be cool if I could open up my previous search using a keyboard shortcut. I guess it would kind of be like the inbuilt 'Previous path' where, if you are in file navigation, you can open your last path.
  10. Hi all, I installed Maverick today morning, I made a clean install. Now I would like to find my workflows files on the clone of my old system (ML) to put on my new one. Where can I find these workflows files ? Thank you for your help.
  11. So, I may be an outlier, but I use Alfred so much that I have a bit of trouble finding things that I have created in my workflows. For example, to ease my pain, I created 3 different workflows for work that contain keyword triggered flows with 3 different general types (I have 1 for administrative type stuff, 1 dedicated to all my scripts for opening special terminal windows, etc.). However, even now, when I open these workflows, scrolling through to find the function/flow that I want to edit or clean up is kind of a pain, especially since many of my flows have the same keyword trigger, so
  12. Opening a Folder via an Apple Script workflow fails on OS X 10.11 El Capitan Facts - fails for - working - workflows unchanged from Yosemite - fails for most but not all workflows - workflows are activated by shortcut - workflows are Apple Scripts shown below - for all below workflows the destination folders *do* exist and are standard, non-hidden, non-system folders that were successfully opened by Alfred on Yosemite. Example of FAILING workflow on alfred_script(q) tell application "Finder" to activate tell application "Finder" to open ("/Users/<redacted>/Documen
  13. I would love to see usage stats made available for custom workflows. Simply seeing how often Workflow XYZ is used a day just as General, iTunes, Hotkeys, etc are right now.
  14. Workflows (and probably anything else for that matter) are not getting saved since I migrated to a new puter. I believe it's some kind of permissions error Here's what console is catching when I try to save a workflow 14/10/15 5:49:48.427 pm Alfred Preferences[15001]: DB Query: INSERT INTO files (path, fileName, name, nameSearch, nameChars, nameSplit, lastUsed, comments, altnames, filetype) values (?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?) 14/10/15 5:49:48.427 pm Alfred Preferences[15001]: Unknown error finalizing or resetting statement (8: attempt to write a readonly database) 14/10/15 5:49:48.42
  15. Hi there - I'm not sure this is the right place for this, since I'm not 100% certain it's a bug in Alfred itself (could be the Ruby framework I'm using, but it doesn't seem like it). Anyway, hopefully someone can point me in the right direction. I have written a workflow with the Ruby Alfred workflow framework here. The workflow uses a Script Filter to generate a list of objects from my home automation device, which I can then action to perform commands against. The problem is that sometimes the workflow doesn't seem to trigger the "Run Script" action. I've verified this by watc
  16. I have Alfred 2.7.2, and have the VirtualBox Control Workflow installed. I see it in my Workflows section with a bunch of other workflows. In the Alfred spotlight/search window, when I type in "vm", I used to get all the VMs installed on my machine. But lately, I'm not sure what happened but when I type in "vm" nothing comes up. I see "Search Google for 'vm'", "Search Amazon for 'vm'" etc. but not the list of VMs. I've uninstalled and re-installed the VirtualBox Control Workflow, restarted Mac but it's not helping. Can someone please help? Thank you.
  17. Hi. First post here. I have a number of Workflows that are keyword activated. However, it's a long list to remember. Is there a way I can print out all the keywords I've set up? Thanks.
  18. I had Alfred set to sync its preferences through iCloud Drive to keep them the same across two Macs, but I somehow lost my Powerpack workflows in the process. The preferences for Alfred on one of my computers were reset as well. I have two preferences files in iCloud Drive now, one labeled Alfred.alfredpreferences and the other Alfred 2.alfredpreferences. Deleting the second one returns my preferences to the ones I had, but the workflows are still gone in both files. (checking the folder within the alfredpreferences package) These files are the only Alfred preferences files left on the
  19. I have searched everywhere for a Dashlane password manager workflow and cannot find one. Does anybody know if this is in the works/is possible to make? They are not great with 3rd party integration in iOS either, so I am not sure if they offer the possibility to integrate with Alfred. Thoughts?
  20. Recommendations for Sharing Workflows The forums have really been running well and you guys (and gals) have been creating some amazing workflows so far. I wanted to throw out a few suggestions though to make sure things stay organized, are easy to read, and easy to find. This will be an evolving document. Check back for questions regarding questions on posting your workflows. If you have a question that isn't answered within the contents of this thread, feel free to contact any of the moderators (Myself, Andrew, or Vero). Post Titles Be specific. Don't be overly descriptive about
  21. Tested with: Alfred_2.7.2_391.zip Alfred_2.7.1_387.zip Issues: - Workflows: - cannot import workflows - cannot create workflows - Features: - On the first time I get access to `Features` tab, I'm faced without any content on it. - The second time i hit `Features` tab, it appears features at sidebar but at this time i get a `default` render view with some placeholder texts such us `feature title`, `feature ...`. The second time i open `Alfred Preferences` it closes itselfs throwing this up: Application Specific Information: *** Terminating app due to uncaught excepti
  22. I really love workflows and I wanted to start creating my own. I'm mostly a front-end developer and use ruby for the most part on any back-end dev work I do. I saw that Alfred supports Ruby workflows which made me very excited. I did some googling and had a hard time finding some tutorials about creating workflows with ruby, plenty with php though. I needed to learn the basics of workflows and wanted to do it in a language I knew (not familiar with php). I wrote a post detailing how a basic workflow functions with ruby. It's nothing you can't find anywhere else, but it was a good e
  23. Hi, I would like to use the 1password feature in a workflow in order to connect to a website and after that download my bills. Does anyone knows how to do? Thanks Mat
  24. I've been trying to reorganize my 200 workflows these last weeks. I wanted to be able to find them as fast as possible. Adding a category to each of them, while helpful was not always "working". I sometimes have 15 workflows in one category, so I can't filter them only using the search bar. So, I decided to group them (i.e. putting all the workflows that let me launch a website into a "simple workflow"). I found it was way more effective because I had less results when I was searching for one workflow. The problem I still have is that for example for my website launchers (= open this
  25. Hi! I'm an alfred noob, and not much of a programmer - so I was wondering if someone could help. I'm looking for a way to search top level folders in a specific directory only - and exclude its children - I'm guessing with a script filter. Context - We do a lot of development locally and I am often having to type in http://localhost/foldername to open the local instance of a website. Because there are so many its a bit of a pain in the proverbial. I've managed to cobble together a script that searches my localhost folder and opens the folder name (as $filename) at htt
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