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  1. A feature I think could be an enormous boon to Alfred's functionality without massively expanding its scope would be the ability for workflows to call other workflows via Alfred's AppleScript API, but with the results returned to the workflow, not Alfred. With a single addition to Alfred's AppleScript dictionary, say, tell Alfred to search "query" and return results (or however these things work), the (XML/arg) results from one workflow/Script Filter could be returned to another. This would allow workflow devs to chain Script Filters together—something that could massively simplify workflo
  2. Hey guys, I'm having a problem with my plugins. I can't use it anymore, when I type an keyword to call a workflow, alfred shows me the workflow description, but when I start to type the seach text alfred changes itself to google search. Examples:
  3. Hi, everyone, I've finally worked up the courage to experiment with workflows a bit. My mission is to modify the included Should I Watch this Movie? workflow to add a search on the site allcinema.net, to give me the Japanese title of the movie (useful when hoping to see the movie in Japan). I made a new Action to open the URL http://www.allcinema.net/prog/search_all.php/?search={query} When I use the workflow, a blank window opens up for allcinema.net. If I remove the slash before the question mark http://www.allcinema.net/prog/search_all.php?search={query} the allcinema.net sit
  4. Hi all -- I use Alfred on an iMac that has a Parallels VM installed. I have a bunch of hotkeys that should never, ever run when I'm using an app in Parallels. As far as I can tell, my only option is to take all of my apps in /<home>/Applications (Parallels) -- all 134 of them -- and drag them into the "Related Apps" dialog for each and every one of those hotkeys. Then, if I ever install a new application in my Parallels VM, I need to drag *that* to the "Related Apps" dialog for each of those hotkeys, too. Is there an easier way to do this? Specifically: 1. Is there any way to te
  5. Hello! Big question here! Is there any way to run an alfred command as an action through a workflow?
  6. Hi, I have a headless unit which I use at home and it would be useful if I could extend some of my workflows to output to a notification in Alfred Remote on my iPad so I don't have to faff about VNC'ing to the machine to check if/when actions complete. This would also be useful when I'm away from my desk in a meeting or something. I have a set up where I can call certain workflows to check statuses of things and then auto generate and send an email with the results to me, this solution while working isn't quite as elegant, or as ideal, as I would like. Cheers
  7. IMO, the single biggest impediment to organizing my workflows is the inability to multiple-select or click-and-drag to select workflow objects. I'd like to be able to higlight a chain of objects to move them around within a workflow, for example. Or to drag all of my objects within the workflow to the top of the workflow window. But I can't multiple-select them. Even better would be to click-and-drag to select them. I can't even select-all. And how about a one-click 'tidy' command? Like the mac desktop, it could snap-to-grid and/or more efficiently use the workflow creation window. Th
  8. As best as I can tell, any output to STDERR will cause Alfred to prefix the output with [ERROR: alfred.workflow.input.scriptfilter] in the debugger. While more experienced users/developers will recognise that [ERROR: alfred.workflow.input.scriptfilter] Code 0: (especially if Alfred also show results) means that there wasn't actually an error, this behaviour is misleading for less expert users because Alfred's debugger says there was an ERROR when there actually was none. Alfred should not automatically prefix output to STDERR with ERROR. ERROR should only be printed
  9. I just updated all of my workflows manually by going through the forum and redownloading each one. I tried Alleyoop a while ago, but it was hit-or-miss and I understand it's not being developed any more. Is there a current method of batch-updating workflows, or are we still waiting on one to be developed? Thanks!
  10. This is a limit imposed by UNIX, not Alfred, but the error message shown is slightly confusing, and there should be a way to overcome this issue. Right now, selecting more than exactly 260527 characters on my system and using it in an Alfred workflow (with the Argument:'selection in OS X' setting) as "{query}" will throw an error. You can see your system's bash argument character limit with: getconf ARG_MAX Alfred should allow a way to pass the selection as stdin instead of a quoted and escaped string, otherwise there is no way around this hard limit, and Line-Counting workflows, etc. a
  11. Hi, A lot of workflows are not working when being used behind a proxy. After some debugging it seems that you are just passing the proxy value from the system preferences, alas this will not work with a lot of languages and programs as the correct format for the http_proxy and https_proxy environment variables includes the protocol like so: http_proxy=http://username:password@proxy:port https_proxy=http://username:password@proxy:port And for the system proxy to work, only an ip or a hostname can be specified. I don't know of any way that you can obtain the correct protocol prefi
  12. Good Morning. Long time Alfred User/new poster on the forums. I greatly appreciate all the hard work workflow dev's provide to give us fantastic tools. I did have a request if you can point me in the right direction. Is there a workflow to quickly disable/enable location services in OS X Yosemite? That would be very useful. Thanks in advance!!
  13. Hi, Does anyone know of a workflow that can quickly bring up a list of shortcuts for a variety of applications? Just as reference would be enough. Or does anyone have ideas for creating such a workflow in Alfred? Thanks, Ryan Edit: Just realized this might be better suited in the questions and help forum
  14. The Format ** This will be an evolving document. Check here for updates and new documentation. ** There is also an XML format example available in Alfred 2 preferences. To see it, open Alfred Preferences, navigate to Workflows. Click the + i nthe bottom right corner of the installed workflows list, select Examples->Script Filter XML format. Result feedback is generated by returning an XML string back to Alfred from a Script Filter item in your Workflow. Script Filters are the only way to pass feedback to Alfred. The following is an example XML string that would be returned to Al
  15. Proposed Feature: Provide a default argument that will be used in place of a query in the event that no query is provided. Rationale: In my particular use case, I have workflows that are mapped to urls, with the keywords representing unique customer identifiers within local/qa/production environments. For example: app.ourdomain.com/feature/{query}/some/path I'd like to have a single workflow that would populate the customerID field with a default value if no query is provided (the ID i'm working w/ 90% of the time), but that would still respect queries when they are use
  16. hey guys! I don't usually ever make videos like this, but this app for OSX users is just too incredible in every way possible .. it has literally changed everything, and I truly feel that this is the future of computing. also went ahead and uploaded all my favorite "workflows" to dropbox and attached the link in the description of the youtube page enjoy!
  17. Hey all Alfred lovers out there, After David Ferguson created the PHP Workflows class to help PHP gurus create complex workflows with ease, I decided to create an equivalent solution for AppleScript gurus, because let's face it: you can't really do with PHP (or other languages) what you can do with AppleScript in terms of controlling your Mac system and its apps. This library provides an object-oriented library of functions for working with plist settings files, reading and writing data to files, generating Alfred feedback results, requesting remote data, and more. But before you begin
  18. I've made more than one workflow where I wanted the ability to copy some text to the clipboard *or* open a URL in the browser (using an action modifier to trigger the URL case). In both cases, I start with a script filter, but what I want to copy to the clipboard is not the actual URL, but some different data. My script filter would like to send two pieces of information, and this is no problem to do just by concatenating them and adding a custom delimiter. The problem is that "Open URL" can only be an action and not an output. So because only one {query} is allowed, and "Open URL" has no
  19. Hi there, I would like to share some workflows I have built. Play iTunes: pl [name|artist|album] Add Calendar Event cal meeting at 15 on 21 in shopping @Personal alarm 0 min 2 days Please, see my page: http://code.google.com/p/tox-alfred-workflows/ I am going to publish more. Thank you. Tox
  20. Let say I want to edit one of my workflows. I would like to be able to type the workflow's keyword/name, hit enter (or any key combination). It would open the workflow preferences in Alfred's preferences . It would make editing workflows easier and faster. What do you think?
  21. I'm familiar with many other solutions for automation including PHP, AutoHotKey, Quickeys, and other similar macro/scripting languages. But I can't for the life of me wrap my head around some seemingly simple things in Alfred, despite having had Powerpack for a few years now. How can one perform simple conditional logic to detect for instance if a particular application has focus? I would like to perform an action only when a particular app has focus, but use the same hotkey that is already assigned to bring that app into focus. This is specifically because I want to show/hide an
  22. In short, accessing workflows versions easily would be a great time-saver. 1°) When a workflow you use every day doesn't work anymore. It would help answer the questions "Do I have the latest version available? Does the version I have conflict with my OS, ..." 2°) Easier feedback to the workflow developer. So many times, one of the first questions of the developer is "Do you use the latest version of the workflow?/please update, reinstall it". 3°) Spare the time reinstalling a workflow when you already have the latest version available. Readme files are too often blank. One could ad
  23. - "Facebook Graph Search", At first I simply wanted to type "f" as a workflow shortcut and be able to search for contacts, pages to open in browser... But now with Graph Search it could go even further by typing "Photos of Contact Name"...etc - "Siri Answers style", Instead of talking to Siri I was wondering if it was possible to type questions in Alfred and get answers within Alfred like "what's the weather like?" "what's the capital of Australia?". I understand that this might require the "Siri intelligence" but I know Google started providing direct answers for queries (ex: if you type
  24. All of my workflows that are requesting data from external resources don't get response. I think there is nothing wrong with the workflows, since their authors confirm that they're working. Workflows tested are: caniuse v1.3 (https://github.com/willfarrell/alfred-workflows#caniuse-download) Fahrplan (https://github.com/josefweibel/Public-Transport-Timetable-Alfred-Workflow | http://www.josefweibel.ch/alfred/fahrplan/) Leo Dictionary (https://github.com/psistorm/alfredapp) openthesaurus (https://github.com/widmr/workflows/tree/master/openthesaurus) Package Managers v1.25 (https://github.c
  25. I love the way Matt Healy's Text Tools workflow looks, and I wanted a workflow to move selected finder items to a specific folder in the same way that you can create a new text file in his workflow. I don't know Applescript or shell script, but I do know how to grab pieces of code from other places and throw them at Applescript editor until something works. After several weeks of googling and throwing rotten apples at the wall, I've finally gotten the workflow to work. All you have to do is select the item you want in the Finder and type "move" and the name of the folder you want in Al
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