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  1. I had just finished categorizing some workflows, and decided to rename the workflow. When I was done and I selected that category, it was empty. I selected one of the workflows I had just assigned to that category (previous to the renaming) and found it was "Uncategorised". Also, it'd be nice if one could create categories while in the Details view of a workflow, instead of having to get out of the workflow Details window and go to the search field.
  2. 1. Create a new Workflow 2. Add a new Terminal Command 3. Type quotes in the dialog box for the script RESULT: The quotes ("") are made into smart quotes, if your system is set to use them. Bash does not like smart quotes, and your script will fail. EXPECTED: This dialog should disable smart quotes, dashes and the like, as they are not appropriate for Bash scripts. Alfred Version: 2.2 OS X Version: 10.9.2
  3. Hi all, I've have some problems with determining the locals language in bash script in workflows in Alfred2. I'm on OSX 10.7.5 FR. My script : DATE=$(echo "{query}" | sed -e's/HAEC/CEST/g' -e's/HNEC/CET/g'); export LC_TIME="fr_FR.UTF-8"; date -jf "%d %B %Y %T %Z" "$DATE" "+%Y%m%d%H%M%S" I use it : Select a text date (i.e. : "18 décembre 2006 19:24:12 HNEC"), use my hotkey to launch Alfred2/Workflow/Bashscript Problem : Works • In Alfred2 when month has NO accented character (i.e. : "18 janvier 2006 19:24:12 HNEC") • In terminal as is with or without month with accented chara
  4. When using a Terminal Action in a workflow, the Terminal app is started and the command run successfully. If, however, a new tab is started with cmd-T or through the Terminal "Shell" menu, the command that Alfred originally sent to Terminal is run again in the new tab. Cheers, -Ben
  5. Is it possible to restrict a hotkey to be active only when a particular application is in the foreground? The default implementation of hotkeys in Alfred's workflows causes all hotkeys to be 'global' in scope, which is to say that they work regardless of what application is running. For example, I'd like to run an apple script using the hotkey combination 'command+D' when Adobe Illustrator is in the foreground. Currently, setting this hotkey in Alfred achieves my purpose, however it also overrides the same hotkey combination in other apps that already use it, such as the 'duplicate' comman
  6. WakeOnLan v1.1 https://dl.dropbox.com/u/677787/alfredworkflows/WakeOnLan2.alfredworkflow Now includes the possibility to automount a share after the NAS has been woken up. If you do not need this feature use 1.0 Credits for the Mounting part @malt3 on App.net WakeOnLan v1.0 https://dl.dropbox.com/u/677787/alfredworkflows/WakeOnLan.alfredworkflow WakeOnLan Python Workflow v1.0 Credits @dirkessl on App.net for helping me find the right Python-Script Original Python Script from: http://pastebin.com/3Zd9MvE1 *** IMPORTANT *** Edit the very end of the
  7. Hi all! So I'm finally getting around to doing my very own workflow programming and I've run into some weirdness creating a Workflow that Runs a Bash Script in Alfred v2. I've tested this bash script on the command line and it works a treat. In fact, most of the workflow works in Alfred but a couple of things are funky: When using \n inside my echo commands it literally prints \n instead of using a new line. I'd like to format my virtual hosts files as I have them now. It's even more critical for /etc/hosts where that needs to on a new line. When running the mysql logic - It doesn't cr
  8. I found out last night that my MBA HDD has been recalled so I'm going to have to get it replaced. While I have TimeMachine Backups I wanted to use this opportunity to have a fresh start with things such as my Ruby installation and basically have a good clean up of my machine, so I don't really want to restore a backup to the new HDD. Does anyone know of a way to export all my Alfred settings and my workflows, then import them onto the new HDD in a single process? I'm aware that I can sync the settings to a folder in Dropbox (or a similar service) and sync them onto another machine,
  9. Now that I have more than 200 workflows + assigned a keyboard shortcut to as many of them as I could, my keyboard might look like a weapon of massive destruction if not properly used (ie. closing a 40+ opened tabs in background window in Google Chrome ). I really like the Alfred's system commands confirmation windows. So, I would really like one object/object option that would let me add an "ask for confirmation" step so that I would really be aware of what I am doing. What do you think?
  10. I'm looking to create a workflow that toggles my computer between these two settings (screencasting on laptop screen). Setting A 1. Display of time turned off 2. Menu bar on laptop screen Setting B 1. Display of time turned on 2. Menu bar on cinema screen Any advice?
  11. Most of the workflows I installed is from this Github repo. https://github.com/zenorocha/alfred-workflows However, I did find those workflows are being updated very frequently, so manual update is somehow tedious. It would be better if Alfred can implement a way to check whether remote alfredworkfllow files have been updated or not, and autoupdate them if necessary. Even better, implementing a Alfred workflows package manager would help both autoupdate and discover new packages.
  12. Is it possible to programatically create workflows? I'd like to generate a custom bash script for each user as a part of an alfred workflow. Preferably in ruby.
  13. I am trying to use a custom binary in a Script Filter. So far, there is only one issue: When I activate the script filter, the binary is called. If I close Alfred before the binary process terminates, that process begins to steal all of my RAM, as if in an infinite loop. Normally, it runs around 500KB of RAM for a split second; when improperly terminated, it will take up to 2GB until I quit the process with Activity Monitor. My script filter contains this code: ./binary "#{query}" How can I prevent the process from going haywire every time Alfred closes before the execution completes?
  14. [updated] 390+ workflows added. I love Alfred 2 Wordflow very much, so I made this new collection site to download and share workflow from everybody. many workflows have been added, also you can submit yours or others workflows, just keep their Author Name and Released Page please. Website: http://www.alfredworkflow.com/ Submit you Works: http://www.alfredworkflow.com/submit-alfred-workflow/ ps: This is an un-offical site and all the workflows can be added to the site even if it is a small action. Enjoy~
  15. Hi great developers, you really need to sea this http://www.so.com/ctrl.ctrl.html . I've no doubt that this software is identical to alfred, and I believe that alfred could do more things more creatively. I've developed two small workflows, one of them is a qrcode generator, which outputs a picture. For now I've to save it down from remote server, and open it with Mac OSX native program Preview. But I think it would be much better if the picture was shown directly below the inputs area. Although there's an icon zone at the front of each result, it's really not enough. More layouts are real
  16. I'm sure I'm overlooking something here but none of the Applescript-based Workflows run. Nothing happens. The Alfred window disappears and that's it. I'm running Alfred V2 with Powerpack on a MacBook Pro running OSX 10.8.4. I can copy the script into the Applescript editor and comment out the "on alfred_script(q)" and the "end alfred_script" and it runs. Here is a script from Aaron B. Hockley's Create OmniFocus Tasks Workflow as an example. on alfred_script(q) tell application "OmniFocus" set theDoc to default document set theTask to q -- comment out the whole tel
  17. Hi, I just started a new library for the "http://golang.org" - go programming language from Google. It has all the basics to create a workflow using go. I will be adding to it. If you think of a function that needs to be in it, let me know or fork the library and do a pull request. You can get the library and example program https://github.com/raguay/goAlfred.
  18. Is there a way to backup a large library of workflows at one time? I know I can share them one at a time. Am I being thick or does this feature not exist?
  19. Hey there Andrew! I was just rewriting one of my workflows when I had a sudden thought about what could be a neat feedback feature. If it's doable, it might be a little extra interface sugar if a worker of flow could flag a feedback item as the one that's automatically selected. For example, I'm outputting a list of Finder flag colors, but would like to be able to imply that the file is already red. Rather than adding another informational item or something along those lines, it would be nifty if I could add something like default="yes" to the red item. I don't have any kind of sense of how co
  20. Well, I understand visual minimalism, and I get common usage of hotkeys working their way into your brain and muscle memory, but I wonder, those workflows that we all use occaisionally - damn it! I forgot the keyword.... How about a preference to enable the workflow keywords as a desktop overlay on hitting the alfred launch? or even a change in the text color within the albert input field as workflow keyword string possibilities are entered??? as more workflows are made and modified, the onus upon the memory to remember multiple keywords per workflow is bound to get a bit heavy!
  21. I'm tired of opening AppZapper (or AppCleaner), then opening a new Finder window to /Applications just to delete apps. Too many steps! Thankfully Alfred makes it easy with a quick workflow. If you're an AppZapper user, here's the workflow you need: Download Open App in AppZapper.zip Keyword is "zap" then search for your app. A notification will fire off and AppZapper should open up with your app and all its related files. Then zap them off your Mac. If you're an AppCleaner user, then here's the workflow you need: Download Open App in AppCleaner.zip Keyword is "clean" th
  22. I'm making a workflow that toggles an application feature on or off via a gui applescript. However, I'd like to have the workflow send a notification to the user indicating whether the feature has been enabled or disabled. How would I go about implementing this?
  23. Hi guys, wouldn't it be useful if the user would directly get to the preferences of the workflow that currently is triggered (keyword is entered into Alfred) when opening them? When some workflow doesn't behave how I want it to, then I'll open the preferences, but I always have to search for it first – this repeated itself often enough that I think there should be a solution for it ;-) Cheers!
  24. Hatmaker for Alfred - Alfred V2 Workflow https://github.com/bpinto/hatmaker Install & update alfred workflows straight from Alfred. Currently only alfredworkflow.com workflows are supported. Download the workflow Download the workflow below and open in Alfred. Features Currently only supports installing and updating. The rest will be added soon. Install a workflow install [workflow name] List outdated workflows outdated Update a workflow outdated > Select the outdated workflow Open workflow homepage Hold option key when installing or list
  25. This will allow you to flush your DNS. This uses multiple methods to hand more versions of OS X. And has a pause in the middle of about 5 seconds. It will push a notification when completed. Just type flush and you are in business. Not much to take credit for here, all ideas came from others. Idea and icon taken from David Ferguson's Flush DNS script for pre 2.x Alfred and my need for a 2.x version. Script updated to support Mac OS X 10.7 & 10.8 with info from: http://hints.macworld.com/comment.php?mode=view&cid=130223 Download the workflow here: http:
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