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Found 4 results

  1. [version 1.1 on GitHub does fix a regression that prevented multiple image selection] Hello, I have a Macbook pro retina. And every time I need to share a screenshot with friends or co-workers, I have to resize them as this screenshots will just be too big to be shared on their original size. Then I wrote this quick and dirty workflow that does resize you images selection while choosing your preferred percentage. Personally I usually use 40% ... When I say quick and dirty, it's because I use a build-in automator function that does just that for me. But I had to create as many "application" than percentage ratio proposed. And each .app are 1,7 Mo (that's the dirty part ;( ). So the all workflow is around 17 Mo to download! Usage: Select your image(s) from desktop or finder, type "resize" + TAB then select your preferred ratio and hit "ENTER" If you want to keep a copy of the resized image, press "CTRL" before "ENTER" Download: get it from GitHub Dependencies: None O.
  2. Hello, Here is a yet another "System file show/hide toggle". Sorry for spamming, I should have search before, as wile writing this note, I see this have been done already here. You can still download it from GitHub. O.
  3. Hello, Sometimes I'm in a meeting and I want to speak to my nearby colleague without talking too loud ... During last meeting I end up writing this simpler ever workflow to do this. It's that simple that it might already exist, but was quicker to develop this than to search for it out there. What it does: Display argument as Large Type Dependencies: None! Here it is for download O.
  4. Hello, Here is a workflow that let you choose between preconfigured iTerm2 windows/panes configurations. This is useful when you have to work with different terminal windows. And possibly launch remote ssh session in each one to process some "tail -f" kind of real time log analysis. This workflow is an Apple Script script that embed your windows configuration. So you have to configure/set/change the configs you will call as parameter from the keywords. Dependencies: iTerm2. Configuration: At top of AppleScript. Download: Alfred2-iTerm2 on GitHub. Olivier.
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