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  1. - macOS Catalina 10.15.3 (19D76) - Alfred 4.0.8 [1135] - iTerm2 Build 3.1.5 It has been a while that "Open Terminal Here" stops working. If I remember right it was after I upgrade to Catalina. The file action "Open Terminal Here" now just opens a terminal tab (as default), not cd to the folder specified.
  2. Hi, "System" doesn't work for me. All actions are active. But nothing is coming up. Any hints? Thanks...
  3. Hello, I want to create a simple folder action: 1. I select a folder 2. cd that path 3. run a command I have problems with paths with spaces. This doesn't work: cd {query} ls Any ideas on how to get a right path when it has spaces. Thanks!
  4. After a short discussion in this thread (with @PopSquirrel) I decided to create a workflow that allows me to use custom actions (i.e. any workflow actions) on files and folders. The intention is to replace the settings that can be made under Advanced > Action Modifiers. I've included the full HOW TO USE below. Download TEMPLATE - File Search with Custom Actions from my GitHub Note: This workflow doesn't do anything "out of the box". It's a template that you can use to create your own customised actions. Examples of usage: Call a File Action workflow with
  5. Hello! I did search the forums here, but I didn't find what I was looking for. I apologize if this has been answered elsewhere. Please link me if that is the case. I'm looking to run a workflow, have it wait on a step for user input, and then resume once input has been received. More specifically - My workflow opens up terminal and ssh's to another computer. I need to enter a password. Once this step is complete THEN I would like the remainder of the workflow to run. Thank you in advance for any help that you can give on this. Ch
  6. Can I turn off the function to copy the file name with shortcut of file search action? file search actionのショートカットで、ファイル名をコピーする機能をオフにできますか?
  7. 1Password integration is already awesome, but it would be even better if we could open the logins in 1Password instead of opening the Webpage. Like search with "1p my_login". Then have an alternative action to bring up 1Password mini with the same query. Maybe even extend searches for other items as well, like Favorites, Credit Cards etc. This script could be feeded with the query osascript -e 'open location "x-onepassword-helper://search/{query}"'
  8. I often find myself using the drag and drop feature of alfred, whereby I can drag an item from the list just like you can drag an file from the desktop. For example, this is how I attach email documents. This is pretty nice, but it would be really nice if I could do this with they keyboard. Is there a workflow for that? If not, does this seem like a feasible thing to do? Thanks for any help you can provide!
  9. I get incredibly paranoid pretty much every time I use these file actions. Partial reason for this request ...and my paranoia, is how copy and move silently fail if the file(s) already exists in the destination folder. So, I've developed a habit of always navigating to the destination folder to make sure the file(s) were copied or moved there. Which kind of makes these folder actions useless for me. I might as well just copy or cut and paste from finder folder to another and that would be more or less just as convenient, if not more convenient. Maybe there could be a osx notification that
  10. Hi, Being so used to Quicksilver and then LaunchBar, I find pressing TAB much faster than RETURN to 'action'. <type> - <hit return> - <type> How can I change this to the tab key? Can't find it anywhere in the options! Thanks, Ross
  11. So... I'm an electronic musician with a lot of MIDI apps and utilities, so I'm making a MIDI workflow to suit my ends. All is working, but as I want to support quite a number of actions, I'm having difficulty having the actions being displayed in order when I type in the workflow name. Being able to such would really speed things up for me. Unimaginatively enough, the workflow name and keyword is MIDI. When I type MIDI (any case), I want any of the 10-15 actions supported by that workflow to be listed in the order I have declared them in the workflow, in the drop down list beneath the keyw
  12. When I was using "Open Terminal here" action today, I found that this command is not executed with arguments quoted. For example, here I got a folder named "a&b", when I perform "Open Terminal Here", a error happened. Why? I am guessing that the terminal actually executes such a command, "cd a&b", so it is apparently that this command is split by the symbol "&". I hope you can fix this bug just by surrounding the target folder path with a pair of quotes like this: cd "a&b" instead of: cd a&b thanks~ by iSMart
  13. It would be helpful for people, just like me, accidentally send files to Trash. I know the "Move to" action does exist, but in all honesty, I am too lazy (Thanks to Alfred ). More seriously, "Move to" action would never be as fast as a "Put back" action could be.
  14. Hi guys, I created a simple workflow to rename multiple files using an Automator script – here to download. I would like to extend this workflow by passing an Alfred argument to the Automator action which I use to rename the objects. Any idea how I can do this? Thanks in advance! Regards, Isger
  15. Workflow: two 'Browse in Alfred' Actions connected to an Input or Trigger Download Running the above workflow will crash Alfred. Tested with 'Keyword' and 'Hotkey' objects. Alfred v2.0.3 (186) on OS X 10.8.3. Replicated: yes
  16. Hi, This workflow will convert selected image to base64 string and copy to clipboard in css friendly format(with 'data:image/{file extension};base64' prefix). Download | Github I will be happy to hear feedback and improvement suggestions.
  17. That’s my first ‘real’ workflow made to ease my everyday job workflow. Hope you will benefit from it too. What that file action does is to simply copy the name of selected folder(s) or file(s). Of course workflow works not only in Alfred File Viewer but everywhere you can select files using for example the Hotkey. → DOWNLOAD Changelog: 1.6: and again I have rewrote my workflow – now in Python it does finally support copying multiple file/folder names! 1.5: completely rewritten version now uses only bash script (4 lines of code) so it'
  18. Hey, I suggested this feature back in v1 already, but thought of maybe suggesting it again, hoping it would be added to Alfred 2 sometime. From the file action menu there's no option to rename a file. I can't think it would be that hard to incorporate into Alfred in a nice fashion. This can be done in a workflow I believe, but it would be made in a really "ugly" fashion (like the color labeling workflow here, which re-invokes Alfred after the action is selected), and it's such a useful thing that I think it should be a part of Alfred itself. Please add this to Alfred. Thanks,
  19. Proposed Feature: Provide a default argument that will be used in place of a query in the event that no query is provided. Rationale: In my particular use case, I have workflows that are mapped to urls, with the keywords representing unique customer identifiers within local/qa/production environments. For example: app.ourdomain.com/feature/{query}/some/path I'd like to have a single workflow that would populate the customerID field with a default value if no query is provided (the ID i'm working w/ 90% of the time), but that would still respect queries when they are use
  20. In Alfred 1 you could bring up the actions panel by typing "action" into Alfred. Is this possible with Alfred 2? Am I missing something?
  21. Hi, a simple one, but nevertheless quite useful for me: a contact action to associate phone numbers with VoIP URLs. It's on GitHub. You have to associate the contact action yourself in the Alfred Preferences as shown below: There is also a keyword call (If I see that people are using it, I might consider to add a script action which filters phone numbers): It works very nicely with Telephone.app and X-Lite (for the latter, you have to change the URL to sip:{query}). Telephone.app sometimes doesn't react properly, but that's usually only when it's not running when
  22. How it works: Drop it into a workflow and set the options: Prompt text - this appears in Alfred's main input window with the cursor flashing after it. It would have to be fairly short, something like, 'Are you sure?' Responses (optional). A list of values that the user can select from. These will appear in Alfred's search results. or A script that generates the responses using Alfred's results XML format. or Nothing at all, so the user can enter any value. The action returns the selected value in {prompt} And with your other hand, you could code up a nice
  23. My file management scheme requires me to add prefixes to the names of files, which are then picked up by Hazel and handled in various ways. My applescript skills are admittedly crude, but here is my workflow (driven by a file action) to prompt the user for a prefix string and then add that string to the names of all the selected files. Right now, the default prefix in the dialog box is "archive-" but that's easily changed from within the simple applescript. The workflow is here: http://d.pr/f/bDxq But if you just want a peek at my weak applescripting chops, here you go: on alfred_script(
  24. I'm writing script filters that return file results in the XML format described elsewhere in this forum (example below). The filter works fine in that I can invoke it in Alfred and I see the correct results presented by Alfred. I expected to be able to manually use right-arrow to invoke actions on the results. Unfortunately, the right-arrow doesn't seem to have any effect. I can wire up a specific action in the workflow and that works, but I'd like it to be manually specified. (BTW, I have also tried file filters and they allow manual actions to be performed on their results. However,
  25. Like the 'file search action' for files a URL action to choose a program for opening a URL would be great.
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