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  1. Hey guys ! Let me explain the situation first : I work with people on windows but i work on OSX. I often get DOS path on a shared volumes (mounted with samba) where documents i need are stored. Usually, it's .png or other graphic files. And there we are, i want to do a workflow where i type a keyword then paste the DOS path i was given; then i run a bash script that translate the DOS path to Unix path (script i already have); finally i want that new path to be open in my browser. So far, i made the input with a "keyword" then the {query} sent to a "Run script" and the new {query} sent to a "Notification". It works that way but it's not what i want. I can't figure out how to send the new {query} to the browser though. Did i miss something ? Thanks for the help GoOz
  2. Hey guys, once I got used to opening URLs with Alfred instead of activating safari and hitting cmd+t, I kinda wished Alfred 2 had this feature. If I want to open a new tab, I can do so by hitting cmd+t or do it via Alfred. But if I want to ‘replace’ the current tab with another address, I can only hit the Safari shortcut for focusing the omnibar and start typing. Wouldn't it be much nicer if I can, whether it's a standard web search or a workflow with suggestions, hit for example shift+return and have the action Alfred executes (if browser related) be happening in the current tab instead of a new one? Like an update feature, this is something I feel should be centralised and not left to every single workflow's discretion. I get that this might interfere with how modifier keys in workflows work, but having it for the default web searches would already be very helpful to me. I hope I got it across okay, thanks for listening!
  3. First of all, what a great community. Thanks for your help, work and sharing it. Now I hope there is help for my problem. Unter Alfred V1 I was using a Applescript and it worked well. The Script opens Firefox and did a login on a special website. Now with V2 the script starts but opens 2 firefox windows. Could anybody please help me and fix the script or build a workflow? Sorry.. I'm a complete newbie. openFirefoxURL("https://specialwebsite.de/") on openFirefoxURL(x) return do shell script "open -a Firefox" & space & quoted form of x end openFirefoxURL tell application "System Events" delay 4 tell application "Firefox" activate tell application "System Events" to keystroke "username" tell application "System Events" to keystroke tab tell application "System Events" to keystroke "password" tell application "System Events" to keystroke return end tell beep end tell Thanks in advance for your help.
  4. Hi everyone, Very excited by Alfred 2 ! Is there a way to open searches in another browser than safari ? I didn't found any way in the preferences and i'd like to open links in Chrome for example. Thanks
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