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Found 32 results

  1. OSX 10.9.1 Alfred 2.1.1(227) If Dictionary.app is left on a tab other than Dictionary, when activating Define from Alfred, the dictionary is opened to the tab it was last viewing, not the Dictionary tab. The behavior drives me mad, as I won't recognize i'm on Thesaurus and quickly become perplexed as to why a word I know should be in the dictionary isn't showing up due to it having no notable synonyms.
  2. I wonder if anybody could and would make a workflow for inline search with openthesaurus.de. The Site has an API, but I really don't know, if it is possible to use it for an Alfred workflow. It would be great if somebody could help!
  3. I'm running the GM of Mavericks and notice that Define (I use the letter D to activate it) no longer seems to connect to Dictionary and display the definition as it did in Mountain Lion. Is this a change in Mavericks and will Alfred compensate for it in a future release? For the record, I notice that Spotlight has the same behavior, which is why I assume this behavior is happening in Alfred.
  4. Hello, forum I started using Alfred 43 minutes ago, ending my long standing command+space relationship with Spotlight. I'm running Mavericks GM. I just noticed that when using the Dictionary define function, if the dictionary is already open on another space, Alfred doesn't shift to that space. It doesn't bring the dictionary in focus on the same space either. Not a big issue, but just wanted to make sure that I wasn't missing anything. Thanks for the wonderful application. It took me less than 10 minutes to fall in love. Regards Raptor UPDATE: I wanted to add that the Dictionary app does get selected but no window comes up from another Space.
  5. It'd be cool to have the complete definitions of words viewable, and in larger text… maybe by selecting the desired result first so the selection doesn't get cluttered. That way looking up words would be more self-contained and you wouldn't have to launch the dictionary app to get the whole text.
  6. Well, it's no such important, just a detail. If you open Alfred Preferences and click on 'Dictionary' section, the content is not showed although dictionary section is selected. But then, if you select other sections and comes back to dictionary, it shows perfectly. anyone has this problem too?
  7. Hi, Just checking out some Applescript and noticed that Alfred appears to have installed its dictionary many times. Guess this isn't intended?
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