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Found 42 results

  1. Many thanks to @rosenkrieger for the inspiration. Original thread http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/1343-clouddrive-toggler/ *Also mentioned in the read me of the workflow. So what does this workflow do. Type a keyword and a "on", "sync" or "off" argument, which will toggle on/off the desired application. You can also toggle off all supported cloud drives by "clouds" and using an argument indicated above. I have chosen the "clouds" on action to NOT reopen Cyberduck and Fetch. This is purely a personal decision as I seldom have them open anyway. It would be easy to also add them to the "all clouds" on action should you wish to do so. Currently supports and works with the following providers. All were tested on my local machine. Version 1 - Amazon Cloud Drive http://www.amazon.com - BitTorrent Sync http://labs.bittorrent.com/experiments/sync.html - Box Sync http://box.com added 1/28/14 - Cloud http://getcloudapp.com - CloudMe https://www.cloudme.com - Copy https://www.copy.com - Cyberduck http://cyberduck.ch - Dropbox https://www.Dropbox.com - Dropbox Encore http://www.joyofmacs.com/software/dropboxencore/ - Dropzone http://aptonic.com/dropzone/ - Droplr https://droplr.com/‎ - Fetch http://fetchsoftworks.com - GoodSync http://www.goodsync.com - GoogleDrive https://drive.google.com/‎ - OwnCloud http://owncloud.org - Skitch http://evernote.com/skitch/ - SkyDrive https://skydrive.live.com/ - SpiderOak https://spideroak.com - SugarSync https://www.sugarsync.com - Syncplicity http://www.syncplicity.com - TeamDrive http://www.teamdrive.com - Tonido http://www.tonido.com - Wuala http://www.wuala.com - ZipCloud http://www.zipcloud.com -- Experimental Support - Ubuntu One https://one.ubuntu.com Special Note: For those using Dropbox Encore It is a very convoluted workflow to get things working properly. For example if Dropbox (Primary) is not running and Dropbox Encore is running. You wish to START Dropbox. --You first have to stop Dropbox Encore and then start Dropbox, then you restart Dropbox Encore. The scripts used attempt to automate this for you. However you should always keep an eye on which is running etc. It is recommended to have one of the two occurrences of Dropbox using the blue icons and the other using the dark colors * Disclaimer added 6/15/2013 @ 1600 EDT, please see the workflow read me section. ​* Clarification * I would like to note that the workflow tries to make things as simple as possible. Therefore it does not try to check if you actually have the desired app on your system. It will happily try to run the script even if it is not presently installed. Therefore you should get the standard Mac dialogue box asking where the app is if you do not have it installed. This should serve to indicate you have yet to install the app. Download link to my expanded version Version 1 : http://bit.ly/14NGdTn Version 2 : http://bit.ly/1bOpB2E Edit : New link as old was broken Edit : Add note about new argument "sync" 01/27/14 Edit : Added Box Sync and made preliminary changes for SkyDrive's upcoming rebranding, added version number for tracking changes. 01/28/14
  2. Hi all, I just discovered Alfred around, lets say, 20 minutes ago. I really don't know much about it at all. What I'd like to achieve is the following, but I'm not sure if it's possible. Lets say I have a folder of images which I then upload to Dropbox. What I'd like it to do is generate Dropbox IMG tags surrounding all the images for that album and copy it to the clipboard. So, I can then go onto the web and paste the links. Or, even just to select the images I want to post, and have it generate the IMG tags for me (instead of the entire album. Am I way off the mark, or is this possible? Thanks!
  3. I inadvertently moved the Alfred folder in my root Dropbox folder and somehow broke Alfred's ability to access my workflows, even after I restored the folder to its previous location. These files are located in the .alfredpreferences/workflows directory (so I know they're still there): user.workflow.00B9EEC5-45F6-4369-B18C-43F6E9B245E3 user.workflow.1F2117CF-A1B6-423D-A895-43AC32B08A1A user.workflow.5C3F22F2-838F-44DF-9BA9-CB5F286C59C9 user.workflow.7CCBF355-4F45-4261-ACF9-C20E6DF62579 user.workflow.7F57BD56-5B74-49BC-8408-FB193CCFEF5E user.workflow.43F7CE49-1188-422D-959B-14D07070A466 user.workflow.143A308C-2441-46E9-8051-94E8CBA1E134 user.workflow.164CD852-CBBA-4B29-9FDB-A0569C81AB9A user.workflow.174E64FA-3EDB-4DB8-B86E-DDE1250985C3 user.workflow.06333FF4-F858-4540-8515-BD3BC553665C user.workflow.A4C71743-E94C-4339-844B-1C62E701B531 user.workflow.A7F4D1C2-39A8-420F-9B1D-1C45766F7319 user.workflow.BD3545BB-7105-4CA0-8546-AF36F16CD527 user.workflow.C77076F2-A796-422A-9BEB-1AAE7EF966FD user.workflow.D2F1EF1A-211D-4F43-924E-8460AC67EF1D user.workflow.F7865CD5-1C48-49F7-B364-A9DBE5C5755B ...but they don't appear in Alfred's Workflows UI, even after restarting Alfred. Any help in forcing Alfred to restore these workflows? Thanks!
  4. many moons ago, I originally set up my Alfred install on my home machine to sync preferences file ~/Dropbox/apps/Alfred.alfredpreferences and set up my work machine later to sync to the same place. I recently had to re-image my work machine and somehow, when I tried to set up Dropbox sync, it created the preferences file ~/Dropbox/Alfred.alfredpreferences (not in the app subfolder). Now, I am unable to tell it to use the preferences in the ~/Dropbox/apps folder - when I open the preferences, that folder is greyed out. Completely deleting /Users/<me>/Library/Application Support/Alfred 2 and re-launching will prompt me to license powerpack, which I do, then when I go to set up preferences syncing, it immediately creates the prefs file ~/Dropbox/Alfred.alfredpreferences again and ~/Dropbox/apps/ is still greyed out. I'd much rather not sync Alfred.alfredpreferences in the root of my ~/Dropbox/, it's already full enough and I exclude the /apps folder from syncing on my non-OSX boxes to avoid this stuff ending up everywhere. Is there a way to manually re-point where Alfred is looking?
  5. Repro: (1) set to sync settings in a dropbox folder, (2) add a custom web search, (3) close preferences, (4) reopen preferences, expect to see new addition, actually its not there View repro video: http://screencast.com/t/kndRE4aWLBB Alfred v2.3 (264) OSX 10.9.2 Dropbox v2.6.33 continual repro, haven't found a workaround yet
  6. Hey alfred community I just got used to some of the new alfred workflows and I already think about some that I would love to use. Unfortunately, I'm not the best scripter nor do I have any experience creating some of these little tasks. I found an older workflow that enabled me to upload one file to the dropbox public folder and copied the (shortened) url to the clipboard. My wish would be that I could also choose a folder/file or maybe a bunch of files (which wouldn't be a must have feature since the folder thing should do the job), zip that folder or that file, move it to the public folder and copy the (shortened) link to the clipboard. Such a workflow would just be amazing to use and I think it would be the best way to handle this little dropbox problem. The file could either be chosen by the built in Alfred Finder or a global hotkey. Thank you guys for reading that post and even thinking about if you would give it a try or not Best regards from Germany, MrMuetze
  7. For any file in your Dropbox folder, this workflow shows the dropbox short link URL (e.g. http://db.tt/1LkWGVJF) and copies the link to the clipboard (Cmd+Shift+D): 1. Select a file in Finder (must be a file within your Dropbox folder, e.g. ~/Dropbox/Photos/MyPhoto1.jpg) 2. Press Command+Shift+D 3. Authorize the workflow to use the Dropbox API (only if this is the first time) 4. The shortened link pops up and is copied to the clipboard. It uses OAuth in the background to connect to Dropbox so you can authorize the Alfred 2 Workflow without storing passwords insecurely. For those who are interested, it starts a Ruby-based local web server using Sinatra which is then opened in the default browser. You can authorize the Dropbox app in your browser, and then the local server shuts itself down. Once authenticated, you don't need to do this step again. Once connected via OAuth, this workflow has the potential to do a lot of things with Dropbox, but currently only queries the dropbox service for shortened URLs. This method (using OAuth/dropbox) has the advantage that any file in your Dropbox folder can be shared, not just those in the "public" directory (a deprecated method of accessing dropbox files). The downloadable workflow itself is here (on dropbox, naturally): http://db.tt/1LkWGVJF http://db.tt/A3eZqMAr (new version, fixes direct linking to folders) And the github repository is here: https://github.com/canadaduane/alfred2-dropbox Duane
  8. To Dropbox 3.0 (formerly Move to Dropbox) Overview Copy or Move a file from Finder, Path Finder or Alfred 2 file browser to Dropbox Public Folder and get the URL to the clipboard. Setup Before start using the workflow you have to configure it. The workflow will prompt you to set it when you run it for the first time or you can bring Alfred and type the keyword setup_tdb. The setup will ask for: Dropbox Public Folder location Dropbox Public ID: the number that is in every URL of your shared links The URL format: select bitly (it requires your login name and your API Key), gooli (no registration, fast alternative) or None to use the normal Dropbox URL format If you select bitly you will be prompted to enter your login name and then your API key Finally, you can choose if you want to use the shortened URL also for images or not Triggering Keyword movedb - to move a selected Finder or Path Finder file keyword copydb - to copy a selected Finder or Path Finder file keyword setup_tdb - use it to setup the workflow or to reconfigure it Hotkeys - you can set up for both copying and moving features File Action - select a file and Copy or Move within Alfred file browser What’s new Version 3.0 copy file new setup within Alfred instead of OSX dialogs updated to Alfred 2.0.3 AppleScript support Alleyoop 2 upport Download Version 3.0 Release date: 20 Apr 2013 Requires Alfred 2.0.3 (187) Supports Alleywoop 2 Download now
  9. Steps to reproduce bug: 1. Made a number of customizations to the Clipboard settings, changing keystroke, size of clipboard, length of time to retain past clipboards. 2. Turned on Alfred settings sync to Dropbox for this Mac only, pointing to folder in ~/Dropbox/Apps/Alfred/ 3. Go back and check the Clipboard settings and observe that they have all reverted back to the Alfred defaults. 4. Restarted Alfred, made the same customizations to the Clipboard settings, restarted Alfred and the Clipboard setting changes are not preserved and are all reverted to Alfred's default settings. No other settings appear to have this problem. 5. To resolve the problem, I pointed the Alfred sync folder back to ~/Library/Application Support/Alfred 2/ (a folder not synced by Dropbox) and all the Clipboard settings were restored and continued stay as they were set and also kept any further changes I made those settings. 6. Have not had any problems with sync feature preserving other Alfred 2 settings. Details: Mac OSX 10.9.1 Alfred 2.1.1 build 227 Dropbox v2.6.2
  10. I ues Alfred for a long time, but this weird problem occurred today. When I fired Alfred after I start my computer today, I found the theme was not the one I used, so I went to the setting panel then found every custom theme disappeared. I use Dropbox for backing up, it shows that two prefs.plist were modified couple minutes ago. Those two files were located in /Alfred.alfredpreferences/preferences/appearance and /Alfred.alfredpreferences/preferences/features/websearch, so all custom web search were gone, I don't even know who did this! The weird thing came up, I restored the old prefs.plist from Dropbox, restarted Alfred, nothing happened... Then I found every move I made in the Alfred Preferences would back to default after I restarting Alfred Preferences. I delete Alfred through App Zapper and reinstall, set a new sync folder and restore the whole Alfred.alfredpreferences but nothing help... This is driving me crazy... I still got the old and before-nothing-happened Alfred.alfredpreferences. I'm using OS X 10.5 and the latest version of Alfred.
  11. Quick Jot Workflow. Collect Time-stamped stacking jots in a single text file. New jot will be placed on the first of the file. Modify the file location for your need. Type "." in Alfred2 Input and write a simple note. Intended to personal use with Dropbox, iPhone, Unclutter. http://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/67598652/Files/Quick%20Jot.alfredworkflow
  12. Want to have your photo stream photos in dropbox? Just follow these simple steps: 1) open alfred preferences 2) create new blank workflow 3) press + button and select triggers - hotkey 4) choose a keyword: for example ps, a title (I set Photo stream) and a subtext (copy my photo stream in dropbox) Remember to select no argument. 5) For the icon go to http://www.apple.com/icloud/features/ and simply drag and drop photo stream icon into alfred blank box. 6) save the hotkey 7) press again + button and select Actions run script 8) from the language menu select /usr/bin/osacript 9) in the script box copy and paste this text: tell application "Finder" set this_folder to "Macintosh HD:Users:USERNAME:Library:Application Support:iLifeAssetManagement:assets" as alias set target_folder to "Macintosh HD:Users:USERNAME:Dropbox" as alias try copy (every file of the entire contents of this_folder whose name contains "IMG") to the target_folder with replacing end try end tell REMEMBER TO: 1) change username with the mac's name 2) If your HD isn't Macintosh HD just change it with the right name of your drive 3) If you want to copy your photos in another place change dropbox with the wanted location 4) If you aren't an iphoto fan and you haven't installed it you can change copy (before the sentence every file of the entire....) with move. Using this option every photo will be moved in the location you have chosen. Rename the workflow and you are ready not to use iPhoto for seeing your photo stream photos. Dont' delete iPhoto because iCloud needs iPhoto or Aperture to download the photos, I hope this will be helpful, Tecnoborder
  13. I have alfred on two computers. I changed the theme on one of my computers and the other one didn't change. I have already set up dropbox and preferences to sync over that. This makes me conclude that themes are not set up to sync like workflows are set up.
  14. [edit] Can't edit the title, but the name of the workflow is Dropbox Sync Toggle. The original CloudDrive Toggler and newer Clouds workflows stop and start the Dropbox application. This method uses Unix process signals to pause and continue the Dropbox process. If you only use Dropbox, I think you'll like this workflow for two reasons: 1. There's no delay when pausing and continuing -- Dropbox picks up right where it left off 2. It's a whopping 1KB in size The readme, source, and workflow can be found at https://github.com/n3bulous/dropbox-sync-toggle. Direct download: https://github.com/n3bulous/dropbox-sync-toggle/raw/master/dropbox-sync-toggle.alfredworkflow If you find any problems, or have any requests, please create an issue in the project's Github issue tracker: https://github.com/n3bulous/dropbox-sync-toggle/issues Cheers, Kevin
  15. I pimped up my original Dropbox Toggler and put it all in one Worklfow. This workflow now: Toggles Dropbox Toggles Google Drive Toggles Microsoft SkyDrive Toggles Droplr you can also toggle all Drives on/of with keyword cloudon -> turns all drives on cloudoff -> turns all drives off or use Hotkeys to cloudon -> turns all drives on cloudoff -> turns all drives off Download Version 1.0: http://db.tt/mssK3a7M
  16. I installed a bunch of workflows on my MBA. They all work perfectly. I went to sync with my Mac Mini (using DropBox) and I'm having issues with some of the workflows. The two I noticed had problems were the Google Instant Search and the Pinboard bookmark search. The workflows show up, but they don't operate correctly. Has anyone else had this issue? Is there a limitation on some of the workflows where they have to be manually installed on each machine? I've restarted Alfred and run the clear cache process.
  17. v2.0 (166) on OS X 10.8.2 Dropbox v2.0.0 Whenever I restart my computer I have to enter my settings again because Alfred doesn't load them. I know he saves them. I've my settings on a Dropbox folder located on a second hard drive: "/Volumes/Almacen/Archivos de Sendoa/Dropbox/Aplicaciones". If I set de sync folder to (for example) my desktop, the problem disappears and the settings get saved and loaded correctly. The strange thing is that whenever I set Alfred to sync with my Dropbox folder and I change any settings, I can see the Dropbox menu bar icon showing that something is being updated in Dropbox. So the problem seems to affect the settings loading process. For example, if I set Dropbox to hide the hat icon nor the menu bar icon, I see that "/Volumes/Almacen/Archivos de Sendoa/Dropbox/aplicaciones/Alfred.alfredpreferences/preferences/appearance/options/prefs.plist" gets updated with the following contents: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "http://www.apple.com/DTDs/PropertyList-1.0.dtd"> <plist version="1.0"> <dict> <key>hidehat</key> <true/> <key>hidemenu</key> <true/> </dict> </plist> But if I quit and restart Alfred, it ignores those settings and the hat and menu bar icon are back. The settings file maintains the same contents after Alfred has restarted. Same problem with "Features" settings tab. I cans see that my custom searches are saved but they aren't loaded back. The workflows instead are loaded correctly. Thank you!
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