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  1. Hi - I wanted to try to make at least one significant contribution to the beta, so here's a workflow that allows you to send selected markdown formatted text to Evernote via a hotkey. Not all my own work I'm sorry to say, but a flow I've wanted for a while and only investigated properly recently. (I spend a lot of time taking notes and writing up reports. Markdown support in Evernote would be ideal, but until then - Alfred comes to the rescue) It requires the installation of multimarkdown - available here: http://fletcherpenney.net/multimarkdown It reuses a script available here: http://nsuserview.kopischke.net/post/6223792409/i-can-has-some-markdown Evernote note title, notebook and tags can all be specified via markdown metadata. All other text is then imported to Evernote as HTML. Workflow available to download here: http://d.pr/f/2pUe Updated: Corrected issue with non-escaped double quotes
  2. Hey all, Total newbie to the scripting world (I like to get in over my head sometimes though) but found a really useful applescript here for my workflow: http://www.tuaw.com/2013/04/15/applescripting-omnifocus-send-completed-task-report-to-evernot/ Bascially I want to call this applescript up when I type in "log" into alfred. I have the workflow laid out, but it doesn't seem to be firing. See here: http://cnrad.pw/p3WK And the script I just pasted into the applescript window like so: http://cnrad.pw/LWzU Must be something I'm missing. Probably really simple. Thanks in advance for the help.
  3. I usually take two kinds of notes: meeting notes in plain text files (markdown) and richly formatted notes in Evernote (e.g. web pages, PDFs, formatted text, etc.). My ideal system would let me create a note as a file or in Evernote, and use Alfred to search both sources simultaneously. I'm familiar with the Evernote 5.1 search workflow, but I'd like to combine that with file search. Is this possible using a workflow?
  4. I really like the file browser function in Alfred, specially for the ability to send files to Evernote. The problem is it won't send PDFs, but just stand there. If I try with a DOC file it works just fine. Any ideas? Thanks!
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