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Found 87 results

  1. Hello, powerpack is a must have! I listen music in iTunes every day and there are some days when i just turning on random mode through all songs in my itunes library. But sadly there are no such mode in itunes mini player, so i must go into itunes and enable random mode (shuffle) again (because alfred somehow disables it). So i have a two questions: 1. Are there any possibility to implement shuffle mode for currently selected playing unit (artist, album or all songs)? 2. Are there any hope to get "all songs" playing unit support (just like in itunes)? Thanks!
  2. I am using the 'Play song' from iTunes as a workflow. The debugger shows" I know this is an issue with Mojave and the new 'sandbox' security bubble they put around interacting with the OS; I just don't know how to give it access. Alfred is already enabled in the seurity section. Any thoughts?
  3. I feel like I'm losing my mind: I can't figure out how to queue up an entire album from the mini player. Whenever I search albums, they show up but my only option is to select them, which dives into the album and only allows me to select a single song. Even if I pick the first track in the album, it stops playing after it finishes. Can someone PLEASE help?
  4. Whenever I select a track to play in the Mini Player, iTunes launches and plays the track. Is that how it's supposed to be, and if not, how can I stop it happening? This happens when I open Mini Player and press enter when a track is selected, or click on Mini Player's play icon.
  5. Hey there! How can I fix this issue with a mini player? Have a look here screenshot. http://j.mp/2tcLtod Thanks in advance!
  6. Hi there, The iTunes "next track" somehow doesn't work on my laptop using 10.11 (El CApitan) The pause/play and previous track works, but the "next track" fails to work when I have a Genius playlist playing. Where do I start to find the problem??
  7. I have Powerpack, but I can find nothing on my iPhone relative to iTunes Mini. I can open iTunes from my iPhone using Alfred, but I can do nothing with it. No ability to change tunes, adjust volumes, rate music, find movies/music... Any help would be groovy!
  8. Hello Has anyone had / solved this problem: With Alfred 3 running, pressing the space bar (with iTunes as the active window) stops the track as usual, but pressing it again (which normally starts the track) offers to delete the track (see the image). Without Alfred 3 running, iTunes returns to normal: space bar both stops and then starts tracks. I can't find any setting that should do this rather strange thing. Disabling all workflows makes no difference. Is this just a bug?
  9. There's an old workflow that stopped working with the jump to Ruby 2.0, I'd like to see this functionality added to the Alfred's iTunes Mini Player. https://github.com/edc1591/alfred-up-next
  10. I was ecstatic when I found a workflow to add the currently playing track any playlist of my choice. So fast and efficient! But, alas, the workflows out there do not seem to work with Apple Music. I have looked at AppleScript API for iTunes (god I hate AS) and the small proof of concepts I have made have failed miserably. Has anybody gotten close to doing this? I am so sick of adding songs to playlists like a mere mortal! Thanks! -Christian
  11. Hi, Alfred's iTunes integration isn't doing anything for me: OK, so let's look... You can see in this screencast that the "Find" button doesn't do anything. I'll need to find that file myself. The problem is it doesn't exist: $ find ~ -name 'iTunes Library*' /Users/boneskull/Music/iTunes/iTunes Library Extras.itdb /Users/boneskull/Music/iTunes/iTunes Library Genius.itdb /Users/boneskull/Music/iTunes/iTunes Library.itl Of note, all of my music is in iTunes Match. Is there some way to create this file? - Mac OS 10.11.5 (15F34) - Alfred 3.0.2 (676) - iTunes
  12. Big fan of Apple Music (iTunes). Not a big fan of switching windows each time I feel the need to "Love" a song or add it to My Music. Is there not a workflow that accomplishes either of those tasks? Would someone be interested in creating one? Thanks for the help.
  13. I use the mini-player fairly frequently and would love to see it updated to include a button to "Love" a track (heart icon). This is a standard feature of iTunes now and other 3rd party controllers are including it, so seeing that ability in Alfred would be great.
  14. UPDATE: DOH! Fixed the problem I stated below. Quit iTunes, Quit Alfred and tried the Alfred iTunes 'hot keys', a-batta-bing-a-batta-boom works like a charm. Sorry for this post. Don't know how to delete after posting. Alfred 3Beta Mac mini late 2012 OS 10.10.5 iTunes: 12.4 I've tried all the trouble shooting articles. I can't get the iTunes Library to show up in Alfred > Features > iTunes > Advanced > Library XML... it's empty and I've tried all the suggested ways to fix it... Went to iTunes > Preferences > Advanced > √ "Share iTunes Libraray XML with other applications" In the same window: iTunes Media folder location was the following: /Users/kenmini/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media I copied that and pasted it into Alfred > Pref > Features > iTunes > Advanced > Library XML and everything went 'red'. I've tried click on Find, nothing happens. Anyone have some more suggestions? It's my first time trying to use the iTunes media with Alfred, so please be specific. Thank you. Standing by.
  15. When I use the Itunes Mini player to search or browse for songs the wrong song is often played, regardless of whether I use down key and hit enter on the list or use the option+number shortcut. Here's a video where I try and select History by Mos Def, but A History of Violence by Ice Cube (also on the list) plays instead. I've tried resetting music library and thumbnails. https://www.dropbox.com/s/9di1klz2ndciyrp/itunes.mov?dl=0
  16. This is my first post and I hope this has not been answered 100 times already, but I didn't see an answer. Is there a way to write a workflow that will open iTunes, update all the apps that need updating, then close iTunes? Apps will update on my phone but in iTunes you must do it manually, or automate it yourself.
  17. Hi, would it be possible to add "Uncheck currently playing song" to the iTunes keywords available in Alfred? Here's a sample AppleScript that I believe does this: https://gist.github.com/olivierlefloch/f1ec4f8326a4d0014db5 Thanks!
  18. Hello Alfred Community! Firstly, thank you for the ongoing support and development work for the Alfred software - it makes a big improvement to my workflow which is very valuable. This is only a very small bug that does not make a very big difference to the utility of the program, but here is the information in case a fix would like to be developed. Bug overview When using the miniplayer to select a song from an album and the shuffle function is switched on in iTunes, an alternative (and incorrect) track to the one selected in the miniplayer is played. Software versions OS X: 10.10.5 (Yosemite) Alfred: 2.8.2 (432) iTunes: Bug replication instructions (5 steps required) 1) Open iTunes and switch on the shuffle mode. This can be found at the top of the window, next to the album artwork displayed next to the playbar. It illuminates blue when switched on. 2) Open Alfred and open the iTunes miniplayer using the appropriate key command (Ctrl + Cmd + Enter for me) 3) Search for any album of choice within the miniplayer 4) Hit return to show a list of the tracks on the chosen album and select any single song from the list. Hit return to play the chosen song in iTunes. In this example, the song 'Losing A Whole Year' was selected in the miniplayer. 5) Notice how iTunes plays a song selected at random (due to the shuffle feature) from the correct album (in this case 'Burning Man') instead of the chosen track. Additional observations 1) This error does not occur when searching and selecting a specific song 2) Selecting a song in iTunes' search feature with shuffle enabled in a similar does play the correct song, so long as the song is double clicked with the mouse instead of using a double-press of the enter key, in which case a similar bug is present as within the Alfred Miniplayer. Thank you for your time and if there are any further queries to do with this bug I will do my best to answer quickly and helpfully. Cheers, JLawrie Alfred v2 User [EDIT] Unable to upload screenshots to this post to match the instructions, but screenshots can be sent by alternative media if necessary.
  19. I use Alfred for searching in iTunes Store but I can't find a custom search for Apple Music catalog, any tips?
  20. Hey all! Thus far I have figured out how to use Remote to control iTunes and how to use Alfred Remote to wake my Mac and then to launch iTunes, however the music will not start playing until I log in. I realise that I could disable to my password and it would work, but that is rather undesirable. If anyone has any advice I'd love to hear it! Thanks
  21. I know that Alfred has key bindings for the Mini-Player per these helpnotes: https://www.alfredapp.com/help/features/itunes/ I have a two part Feature Request: * I'd like key bindings that work "all the time" (globally, Player invoked or not) like Simplify.app. All I need is global key bindings, not another Mini-Player. Whether the Mini Player is "frontmost" or not. I would use Cntl-Opt-Cmd+ keys for stars, up/down arrow for volume, L/R arrow for prev/next, etc. Simplify allows me to define these key bindings, but it's a bit flakey on El Cap. So maybe this means.... * I'd like custom key bindings in the Alfred Prers that reflect what's in Alfred's Remote.. Or, I'd like the ability to assign key bindings LOCALLY to what is in the Remote. Preferably this could be in the Prefs? Maybe adding "Volume Up" and "Volume Down" as keywords and bindings? I ask because I'm using Alfred's default Cntrl-Option key combos for Window management, also I don't see the point of bringing a Mini-Player to front just to do next/previous control (what Simplify currently does). Thanks for reading... -Leo
  22. There's many great iTunes workflows but I've yet to find one that search comments field. Due to ever expanding music styles and sub-genres I've resorted to adding my own tags to the Comments field. I usually add single words for moods or sub-genres and for the bigger/general descriptors I'll add an x to the end, like bluesx or dubx which gives me accurate search results with very few false positives. How can I do this?
  23. What you were doing when the issue happened Play any unrated song on my iPod/iPhone in iTunes (iTunes, open Alfred iTunes mini player, rate the song. Alfred iTunes mini player shows the song's rated has been changed, but in iTunes, the song's rating is not changed. Whether you were able to replicate it a second time by performing the same action Yes. Include any screenshots that might help us Sorry I don't know how to attach images. Include the Alfred version & build number you are using Alfred v2.8 (414). Include your OS X version ​OS X 10.10.5
  24. The mini player accepts half stars but I don't have half stars enabled in iTunes (nor do I want to). I'd like to disable half star input. I've looked in Alfred's preferences for a setting but couldn't find anything obvious. Does anyone know if there is a hidden switch to do this?
  25. When using the iTunes control keywords "next" and "previous", or the Workflow iTunes Command action for Next track / Previous track, it doesn't work at all when listening to an Apple Music album that's not in my library. Triggering it logs an AppleScript error to the Console: I'm rather curious why it's even trying to get the index of the current track, since iTunes has special AppleScript commands for next / previous track. It also has a separate "back track" command which is preferable to "previous track" because "back track" will rewind to the current track if you're not near the beginning, and will only go to the previous track if you're already at the beginning of the current track (i.e. it behaves like the rewind button in iTunes's UI).
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