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Found 87 results

  1. Hi, would it be possible to add "Uncheck currently playing song" to the iTunes keywords available in Alfred? Here's a sample AppleScript that I believe does this: https://gist.github.com/olivierlefloch/f1ec4f8326a4d0014db5 Thanks!
  2. It would be extremely helpful if we could add music to the iTunes queue via Play Next or Add to Up Next from Alfred's iTunes mini player. Since this queue feature came out in iTunes I pretty much only use it to play music, so now I can't use Alfred to add music to play Thanks
  3. Hello Alfred Community! Firstly, thank you for the ongoing support and development work for the Alfred software - it makes a big improvement to my workflow which is very valuable. This is only a very small bug that does not make a very big difference to the utility of the program, but here is the information in case a fix would like to be developed. Bug overview When using the miniplayer to select a song from an album and the shuffle function is switched on in iTunes, an alternative (and incorrect) track to the one selected in the miniplayer is played. Software versions OS X: 10.10.5 (Yosemite) Alfred: 2.8.2 (432) iTunes: Bug replication instructions (5 steps required) 1) Open iTunes and switch on the shuffle mode. This can be found at the top of the window, next to the album artwork displayed next to the playbar. It illuminates blue when switched on. 2) Open Alfred and open the iTunes miniplayer using the appropriate key command (Ctrl + Cmd + Enter for me) 3) Search for any album of choice within the miniplayer 4) Hit return to show a list of the tracks on the chosen album and select any single song from the list. Hit return to play the chosen song in iTunes. In this example, the song 'Losing A Whole Year' was selected in the miniplayer. 5) Notice how iTunes plays a song selected at random (due to the shuffle feature) from the correct album (in this case 'Burning Man') instead of the chosen track. Additional observations 1) This error does not occur when searching and selecting a specific song 2) Selecting a song in iTunes' search feature with shuffle enabled in a similar does play the correct song, so long as the song is double clicked with the mouse instead of using a double-press of the enter key, in which case a similar bug is present as within the Alfred Miniplayer. Thank you for your time and if there are any further queries to do with this bug I will do my best to answer quickly and helpfully. Cheers, JLawrie Alfred v2 User [EDIT] Unable to upload screenshots to this post to match the instructions, but screenshots can be sent by alternative media if necessary.
  4. Hey all! Thus far I have figured out how to use Remote to control iTunes and how to use Alfred Remote to wake my Mac and then to launch iTunes, however the music will not start playing until I log in. I realise that I could disable to my password and it would work, but that is rather undesirable. If anyone has any advice I'd love to hear it! Thanks
  5. I know that Alfred has key bindings for the Mini-Player per these helpnotes: https://www.alfredapp.com/help/features/itunes/ I have a two part Feature Request: * I'd like key bindings that work "all the time" (globally, Player invoked or not) like Simplify.app. All I need is global key bindings, not another Mini-Player. Whether the Mini Player is "frontmost" or not. I would use Cntl-Opt-Cmd+ keys for stars, up/down arrow for volume, L/R arrow for prev/next, etc. Simplify allows me to define these key bindings, but it's a bit flakey on El Cap. So maybe this means.... * I'd like custom key bindings in the Alfred Prers that reflect what's in Alfred's Remote.. Or, I'd like the ability to assign key bindings LOCALLY to what is in the Remote. Preferably this could be in the Prefs? Maybe adding "Volume Up" and "Volume Down" as keywords and bindings? I ask because I'm using Alfred's default Cntrl-Option key combos for Window management, also I don't see the point of bringing a Mini-Player to front just to do next/previous control (what Simplify currently does). Thanks for reading... -Leo
  6. What you were doing when the issue happened Play any unrated song on my iPod/iPhone in iTunes (iTunes, open Alfred iTunes mini player, rate the song. Alfred iTunes mini player shows the song's rated has been changed, but in iTunes, the song's rating is not changed. Whether you were able to replicate it a second time by performing the same action Yes. Include any screenshots that might help us Sorry I don't know how to attach images. Include the Alfred version & build number you are using Alfred v2.8 (414). Include your OS X version ​OS X 10.10.5
  7. There's many great iTunes workflows but I've yet to find one that search comments field. Due to ever expanding music styles and sub-genres I've resorted to adding my own tags to the Comments field. I usually add single words for moods or sub-genres and for the bigger/general descriptors I'll add an x to the end, like bluesx or dubx which gives me accurate search results with very few false positives. How can I do this?
  8. Discogs.com Explorer - v1.13 An Alfred 2 workflow for exploring the Discogs.com database, with family-friendly drill downs. I highly recommend downloading this from Packal as they provide an updating feature for future versions of the workflow. http://www.packal.org/workflow/discogs-explorer Github Repo or Direct Download Features: A drill-down style workflow to allow exploring the Discogs.com release database. The workflow is triggered by the keyword "dex" or via hotkey. Upon actioning, the workflow defaults to checking if iTunes is currently playing and will look up info for the current track at Discogs. Typing in the Alfred window triggers searching for the entered query. Anything found in the Discogs API search begins populating in the Alfred window. Depending on the results rows will provide static text, a direct link to the relevant Discogs url, or further drill-down ("Explore") options. Note: This workflow requires you to have a Discogs log in already set up. This is entirely due to their new API requirement for OAuth verification. Trust me, I hate requirements like this as much as you do. Upon starting this workflow you will be walked through the relatively painless OAuth process. After that it should never ask you again. The keyword "|dexauth" opens up the Authentication Set-up window where you can do a few things like start the OAuth process over in case something went weird on you. Screenshots: Limitations and Such: Because of the way Discogs categorizes 'releases' there is a little inconsistency across all of the data. I've tried to smooth this out as best I can. Essentially, this workflow provides the same search ability as the main Discogs site. This means we still have to deal with how they handle artists with similar names (i.e., adding (2), (3), etc. to them). There's nothing I can do about that, and yeah I think it's annoying too. I purposely left out the loading of Discogs images because it dramatically slowed down the workflow to the point of not being useable. The Discogs API is still having server-side issues so you may run into trouble with this extension here and there. I am working on getting the little bugs out but wanted to post this update ASAP since OAuth totally broke the previous version.
  9. The mini player accepts half stars but I don't have half stars enabled in iTunes (nor do I want to). I'd like to disable half star input. I've looked in Alfred's preferences for a setting but couldn't find anything obvious. Does anyone know if there is a hidden switch to do this?
  10. When using the iTunes control keywords "next" and "previous", or the Workflow iTunes Command action for Next track / Previous track, it doesn't work at all when listening to an Apple Music album that's not in my library. Triggering it logs an AppleScript error to the Console: I'm rather curious why it's even trying to get the index of the current track, since iTunes has special AppleScript commands for next / previous track. It also has a separate "back track" command which is preferable to "previous track" because "back track" will rewind to the current track if you're not near the beginning, and will only go to the previous track if you're already at the beginning of the current track (i.e. it behaves like the rewind button in iTunes's UI).
  11. I made a very small Workflow with AppleScript. You can trigger it with the word "lyric" or by using the shortcut "alt + shift + L". It opens Large Type and shows the lyric of the currently playing song in iTunes. !!!Notice: It does not download any lyrics from the Internet, it just uses the lyrics you added to your songs in iTunes before (so you do not need an Internet connection). There are lots of tools, that add lyrics to all of your songs in iTunes in minutes (e.g. MassiveLyrics: http://www.creamdesign.it/massivelyrics-get-all-the-lyrics-for-your-itunes-library/) If you have any problems or suggestions to make it better, please let me know. Download via Dropbox
  12. I realize there are other Lyric Lookup workflows, but I wanted one that jumped directly to the lyrics page, assuming that song was tagged properly. So, I used LyricWiki’s format of artist:song name to at first make one where I type that in, but then decided to make an applescript to autofill that. It’s an early rev, but hitting ^L will lookup the lyrics to the currently playing song. If no song is playing, then it will lookup the lyrics for the selected song. shift-^L will also lookup lyrics for the selected song. It’s rough and very raw and could probably be done better, but assuming your artist:song name matches, you can look it up. I also pastes that format to the clipboard in case the song name doesn’t match exactly, then you can type “lyrics” and paste them in to edit it. It works pretty well so far, I only wish I could scrape the class “lyricbox” to copy the lyrics and open iTunes lyric tab to allow me to paste them in, but perhaps in another rev? It is available here: http://blog.noivad.net/2015/06/28/quick-lyric-lookup-for-alfred-powerpack-users/ Sorry for the roughness of this, and I am too new to this forum to figure out how to upload? (such a noob here) I’ll have to look into that later, but for now I’ll just share it the only way I know how vs. holding it up cause I’ve already added lyrics to about 100 tracks since I made this a few days ago in a lot less time than it usually takes!
  13. Overview Playlist to Folder is a workflow made as an alternative to the great application iTuneMyWalkman that stops working on Mavericks. It basically copies the songs from selected iTunes playlists to any folder (including SD Cards), optionally convert to mp3, remove diacriticals (e.g. á to a), remove hidden OSX files and creates an UTF-8 m3u playlist. Why would you use this workflow? You may ask... Well, my car multimedia system supports SD Card and some audio types as well as m3u playlists. However, altough it is a 2013 A4, it is extremely picky about what it will actually read properly. For instance, it does not read all m4a purchased from iTunes, just some (go figure). It reads diacriticals in filenames but not in a m3u playlist (go figure, again). Finally, the m3u has to be encoding in UTF-8 otherwise it will not even recognize the file at all. Until Mavericks iTuneMyWalkman was working fine but now I kind of had to make a solution for my car and I'm sure others may use it as well. Settings Although the workflow works in both my Macs I'm almost sure it may not work in all systems due the fact that the workflow calls common dialogs to select playlists, destination folder and whether it should or not convert tracks to mp3. Here is what you should see to select playlists: Anyway, settings are simple as seen below: Step 1: the workflow will show a list of iTunes playlists; select the ones you would like to export; as seen above, the workflow shows the current selection; press SHIFT key if you need a better view of the playlists; Step 2: the destination folder can be any folder, including a SD Card; in this folder the workflow will create a m3u playlist file and a subfolder with the playlist name (where the tracks will be copied); press SHIFT key if you need a better view of the destination folder name; Step 3: you have the option to convert the track to mp3 if necessary; just set Yes to enable the conversion; Step 4: start exporting with some interesting features:Since it can take several minutes to convert and copy several files to a e.g. SD Card the workflow updates the status and you can check the progression by running the workflow again (see screenshots below); just note that it is not enough to just let the Alfred 2 window showing, you have to run the workflow again; Made a mistake? No problem. The workflow was made in a way that you can Cancel the operation; just hold Command Key then hit Return key (after the current operation is done, like copying a file, the process will be canceled); to resume, run the workflow again; however, if you need a fresh start you have to manually delete the files in the destination folder If you remove or add some songs from a playlist that you already have copied the workflow will remove or add the new files and update the playlist without the need to start all over again. It's faster this way but if you face some issues try to delete and copy again. Download Beta 2 This is a first release. So far it is working fine in both my Macs and my car audio system seems to handle very well the files and playlists. However, make some tests and use this workflow with care. What's next: improved post notification new icons Download Beta 2 Now
  14. Hi. I use BeotsMusic, which is essentially a non-official client for Beats Music. It supports full media keys, meaning function+f8 plays/pauses, function+f9 skips the song, etc. I got Alfred Remote mostly for it's ability to control music (and also to support Alfred, instead of using the ordinary remote app.) However, the media control buttons on Alfred Remote apply strictly to iTunes. How can I simply simulate a keypress (function+f9) or something similar? Thanks!
  15. This is a workflow adapted from the works of gekkoh's iTunes lyrics search, but this one searches ultimate-guitar.com for the current song playing in iTunes. Hope you like it! If you wanna change it, feel free to make it better. https://www.dropbox.com/s/cabsm6n3gcqysq2/iTunes%20Chords%20Search.alfredworkflow
  16. This is a very simple workflow that searches Ultimate Guitar for a guitar tab of the song currently playing in iTunes. Use it by simply typing "tabs" in Alfred which will automatically open Safari and display available tabs. Enjoy and keep on rockin'! Get it here: http://gum.co/tabs I am working on improving this extension and making it a lot more powerful! New version coming soon... Your support is much appreciated Also check out a similar extension for lyrics: http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/1633-itunes-lyrics-search/
  17. Just experimenting here. If I get excited I'll make it work for either Spotify or iTunes. control+option+command+down arrow to lower the volume control+option+command+up arrow to restore the volume Of course you can mess with the applescript inside to change the percentage. The number just needs to be ≥ 0 all the way to ≤ 100. [EDIT] Stole some code from Patrick Stadler (his cool Play WF is here) and made it so it will work the volume for either iTunes or Spotify, whichever one is playing Download
  18. Hey there, I've recently centralized all of my music on one of my computers that acts as a server. I have been using the itunes "shared libraries" feature to access it from my laptop and it works great. Only problem is I can't use Alfred mini player anymore since it only works with local libraries... I don't know if it is feasible but it would be awesome. Thanks for the great work!
  19. If you use more than one AppleID in iTunes App Store or Mac App Store, this is the extension for you. All you have to do is to press a keyboard shortcut when you want to switch account, this brings up a dialog window with all your AppleID's listed. Then you choose the account you would like to log in to, and press enter. Only works on Mac OS X with English and Norwegian language - but it also work in both iTunes and Mac App Store! If you want your OS language supported, give me a hint.. Installation For AccountChanger to funtion like supposed to, you have to do some preparations first. 1. Download and mount http://cl.ly/YKQF'>AccountChanger.zip 2. Run the applescript application with the name "Run this first!!!" This Applescript will Install and launch UsableKeychainScripting (needed to use Applescript with Keychain Access after Mac OS 10.7), and add it to the startup items. 3. Open Keychain Access (/Applications/Utilities/) 4a. Make a new keychain by pressing the following keyboard shortcut: Command + Alt + N 4b. Give the keychain a master password and remember it. 4c. Give the new keychain the name 'Applescript', and drag it to the top of the listed keychains, in the upper left corner of the window (like in the screenshot below). 5. For each AppleID you want to use, make one 'New password item' (Command+N). Each of the entries must be named 'eple'. In the 'Account' field, enter your AppleID (email address). And of course - the password in the password field. 6. Add the Alfred workflow from the mounted image 'AccountChanger.dmg', and add a keyboard shortcut. Congratulations! The workflow should work now... My Twitter account - @macgeeky
  20. I'm sorry this post is quite wordy. Feel free to skip to the summary of my suggestion at the bottom. Please post if you would also like to see these features. In the iTunes Miniplayer, you can select songs by an album, artist, genre or playlist. When you select an album, you can choose a specific song from that album and play it. Thereafter, the rest of the album will play. Great. I love the behaviour of the Miniplayer in this case. But what if I want to choose an item from a playlist and then listen to the rest of the playlist? Then I have to select a playlist and hit "Next Song" until I get to the one I want. This can be irritating for large playlists. Further, the Miniplayer behaves similarly if I want to play all the songs by one artist or from one genre. A solution for this problem would be the following behaviour: Let's say I have a playlist called "Top Songs". I open the Miniplayer → I begin to type "Top Songs → "Top Songs" appears in the menu → I select "Top Songs" → A list of the songs in the "Top Songs" playlist appears At this point, we encounter a different problem. Let's say "Top Songs" contains 1000 songs. It is unreasonable to scroll through the a list of 1000 songs in the Miniplayer to select the one you want. So, you type in the name of the song and press enter. Unfortunately, the Miniplayer's current behaviour leads to the creation of a temporary playlist that contains only that songs. So, the other songs in your playlist will never get played. I would propose that this behaviour should be changed so that the temporary playlist contains all songs in the playlist (or genre/artist/album) you are searching within and that it begins playing that playlist with the selected song. Alternatively, if a person does not want this behaviour, the Miniplayer's could be made to resemble that of Alfred's file navigator. Pressing enter on a playlist would play it and pressing the right arrow key would access a list of the songs within it. The same behaviours listed here can also be applied to playing "All songs in genre" or "All songs by artist". In summary: I would propose that the complete final behaviour would be as follows. I open the Miniplayer → I begin to type "Top Songs → "Top Songs" appears in the menu → I select "Top Songs" → A list of the songs in the "Top Songs" playlist appears → I begin to type the name of a song → That song appears in the menu → I select that song → That song plays → The rest of the "Top Songs" playlist plays thereafter
  21. Hi there, I would like to share some workflows I have built. Play iTunes: pl [name|artist|album] Add Calendar Event cal meeting at 15 on 21 in shopping @Personal alarm 0 min 2 days Please, see my page: http://code.google.com/p/tox-alfred-workflows/ I am going to publish more. Thank you. Tox
  22. To search, download, show or save lyric. Download & Source Instructions
  23. I've got some iTunes playlist folders with the same name as playlists. They appear as playlists in Alfred rather than folders though. Could a different icon be used for them?
  24. Search the iTunes store and view search results with artwork previews right in Alfred. Open search results in iTunes.app (default behavior) Quick Look search results' preview pages right in Alfred (press Shift, the Quick Look feature must be enabled in Alfred's preferences) Open search results' preview pages in your default browser (modifier key — Command) The workflow's preferences (keyword — itprefs) allow you to set the maximum search results limit and preferred store country, as well as clear the artwork cache. You can restrict your searches to the following categories using corresponding keywords: Albums (ital) iOS apps (itapp) Audiobooks (itau) Movies (itmo) Music videos (itmv) Podcasts (itpo) Songs (its) TV shows episodes (itep), and TV shows (ittv) However, you don't have to remember all those keywords. Just use the generic keyword (“it” by default) add “-” after it, and the workflow will show you the list of available categories to choose from (see the second screenshot). Download
  25. Maestro Tell iTunes to play a specific song in your current playlist Filter by title and author Whats the difference between Maestro and the iTunes Mini Player? Well, there is one thing the standard Alfred Mini Player is lacking... search in playlist. It happens (at least to me) very often that i want to hear a specific song in my playlist but don't want to stop listening to the playlist itself. Trivia Source code available at Maestro@Github Powered by alfred.py Alleyoop-support This workflow creates a folder ".maestro-cache" at your home directory which stores all album art of your current playlist. It will cache only once for performance reasons if you want to recache your artworks simply use the command "maestro recache" Download it here: Maestro.alfredworkflow greetings Kasoki
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