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Found 87 results

  1. How can I play a specific song in a specific playlist with the iTunes Mini Player? (I've got the Power Pack and bought Alfred specifically for the iTunes feature, but so far it seems to be lacking in some areas.) For instance, in Quicksilver, I can choose a playlist, then play a specific song in the playlist. I'd like to do the same in Alfred; how can I achieve that? At the moment, when I choose a playlist, the playlist will play without letting me choose a song. I know I can type in a song afterward, but it just creates a new temporary playlist for Alfred to play that one song. But I want to stay in that playlist.
  2. Hello, i maid i little workflow to listen web radios on iTunes or VLC. This workflow propose a list of ~30 radios, principal french radio, but the workflow permit to add your own radios, or remove. What i can do with this workflowYou can : listen by default 35 radios stations. (most of them are french, 'cause i'm french ) add custom radio with a name and m3u/mp3/aac flux with : radioadd {flux} {name} remove radio you don't like : radiorm {name} reset default stations : radioreset send me email at contact@leoderbois.com add some other radio by default. I will be happy to propose a lot of radios ! You can download the workflow here and show source and more information here !
  3. Actually, it probably won't find a couple of other artists for the same reason. Even after checking the location of the library and a couple of CMD+R resets, the mini player refused to see this artist, but I can find his track by name. There are two artist fields in the track meta date: Artist Album Artist Although the Artist field is set to Isaac Delusion, the Album Artist field is set to 'Various Artists'. When I change that field to 'Isaac Delusion', the Mini-player can now see the artist. Not quite sure what's going on here, but I suspect that Alfred only looks for the artist name in Album Artist field. Anyway, I think Alfred should index on both fields.
  4. This workflow deletes any .ipa file found in ~/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/Mobile Applications Type "ipa" and you'll get a notification when the job is done. Download: https://mega.co.nz/#!h5QCwJjQ!DdULr9cmlggrl0VI02JpzdCkKWrSf-0khRUkq4Gyx0E I will post updates if there are any, feel free to post your suggestions and advices Marco
  5. I have a monthly bandwidth cap of 25gb download capacity, because I live in a rural area and use the Exide satellite product. As you might imagine, I'm extremely limited in my ability to download movies. But... they give me unlimited bandwidth between midnight and 5am. I'm in need of a workflow that could automate iTunes to download a particular movie name or movie name list, from the iTunes store, starting at midnight. Is Alfred workflow capable of this level of control ? Anyone who might be interested in building this for me, please get in touch. I'm happy to pay you for your time and great support of my social life :-)
  6. As a backup feature to how finicky iTunes can be, I store the song ratings in the Comments tag for each track. I've figured out how to create a workflow that gives a track a star rating based on a hotkey, but there is no option to also populate the Comments field. For instance, if I give a track a 4 star rating then I want to store "4 Star" in the comments field. Does that require an applescript? If so, can someone guide me through that process. I'm not a techie (at this). Thanks.
  7. I installed Google Drive on two of my Macs recently. And spend a great deal of time making the sync work. Now, that I made it working, I realised that the iTunes mini player does not update by default when launched via a shortcut. Of course, one can use cmd+R, to update but wouldn't it be nice to let the user choose to make the mini player update every time it launches. It can be a little weird not seeing the changes one has just made. Would make launch maybe a little bit slower, but I personally wouldn't mind
  8. Hi, check out this workflow. Hope you find this useful. It basically triggers a link that opens the Power-Search interface of the iTunes Store with a keyword of your choice. Download @: https://www.dropbox.com/s/oh0fvmxmjx5bniu/iTunes%20Power-Search.alfredworkflow Credits are in the readme part of the workflow.
  9. Hi everyone, I am using Alfred since about 6 months now and since 3-4 months the mini-player just does not launch music. Everything is well displayed, navigation is good but when I press "enter" on the music I want to listen : the window is hidden (which is normal) and iTunes ... stays quiet. Like anything append. I can't really say the stuff that could have change this comportment (it did work at the beginning). Maybe installing Mavericks. I am using a Macbook Pro Retina with OSX 10.9.1 (Mavericks) and Alfred v2.1.1 (227). Do not hesitate to ask me if informations are missing.
  10. https://www.dropbox.com/s/g7dzwz2yei5q2ud/Up%20Next.alfredworkflow My very first workflow. Hope you guys like it. It's definitely not the most elegant way to do this but hey it works. Plus I have no prior experience with scripts and codes and all that stuff so this is like a great achievement for me already hahaha. I probably wouldn't have any time to maintain and update this so I'm sorry but no support would be given for this. All the instructions are in the readme (I hope). Feel free to change it as you see fit.
  11. Hi, I often use iTunes to control a set of airplay speakers in the evening. In the morning, I then try to use the mini-player to start some tracks to play through the computer speaker. However, because iTunes is set to use the airplay speakers, nothing happens. Is there some way to change the airplay device for iTunes via alfred? If not, could this serve as a feature request? Thanks! Derek
  12. I can't seem to get the keyboard shortcuts (outlined here) to work, i.e. bringing up the mini player and using ctrl-cmd-right won't skip to the next track. I seem to remember them working awhile ago. I'm on 10.8.5 and latest version of Alfred 2 powerpack. Am I required to set up a workflow for these hotkeys, or is something else going on?
  13. Hi! Almost every time I call the iTunes Miniplayer and start typing I see the following error in Console.app: 05.11.13 17:58:23,767 Alfred 2[18530]: [ERROR] AppleScript Error: { NSAppleScriptErrorAppName = iTunes; NSAppleScriptErrorBriefMessage = "Can\U2019t get container of container of current track."; NSAppleScriptErrorMessage = "iTunes got an error: Can\U2019t get container of container of current track."; NSAppleScriptErrorNumber = "-1728"; NSAppleScriptErrorRange = "NSRange: {0, 0}"; } Everything functions as it should, though - I can browse, choose songs, play them... everything's normal except for the error. I'm sure it's nothing to worry about, but I still wanted to mention it OS X 10.8.5, iTunes 11.1.2, Alfred v2.1 (218)
  14. Hi, is it possible to implement automatic scoring/rating of music based on e.g. playcount, track skipping behavior etc. like done in amarok/ clementine? That would be a really nice feature though. How is the alfred itunes library organized internally? Thanks, Matthias
  15. Hi all, I've created a workflow that searches your iTunes library for lyrics that you type and starts playing the first match it finds. See it action and download here: http://samrayner.com/posts/alfred-lyrics Your tracks in iTunes will need to be tagged with lyrics in order for the search to work. There's a great little Mac app called Get Lyrical that automates it for you but it may take a while to do your whole library: http://shullian.com/get_lyrical.php Enjoy! Sam
  16. I use the mini player all day to listen to music. Because I use apples AirPlay technology, it is not possible to control the volume over the media keys on my keyboard (this only changes the volume of the inside speakers). It would be great if the mini player would get a volume control, so I don't have to open iTunes every time, to change it. I have done a quick concept how I could imagine implementing it. Cause mini player only uses the enter key to navigate, it would be simple to use the left and right arrow keys to control the volume. Either just when you have selected the volume field, or everywhere. What do you guys think about this idea?
  17. Does anyone have a workflow for pushing the iTunes app update button? I do this action every day and it would be nice if someone developed a workflow for that.
  18. iDevice Sync - v1.2 An Alfred 2 workflow for syncing your iDevices individually. Github repo or Direct download I highly recommend downloading this from Packal as they provide an updating feature for future versions of the workflow. http://www.packal.org/workflow/idevice-sync Features: A simple workflow that allows you to sync your iDevices by name. The workflow is triggered by the keyword "sync". Upon actioning, the workflow searches for all connected iDevices and lists them by name in an Alfred window. Actioning any of the iDevices in the list will tell iTunes to begin syncing the chosen iDevice. A notification is returned via the default notification system when the sync is complete. Known Issues: The method used for triggering the completion notification is a little hack-y and may be unreliable in some sync attempts. This will be improved as becomes possible based on the scripting ability of iTunes improving (unlikely).
  19. It'd be neat to be able to use the mini player to add the currently playing song to a particular playlist. I'm sure it'd be possible to create a workflow to do this, but I wouldn't know how to go about making a script filter (I intend to remedy that when I next have time ), and it seems like something that might be more appropriate as a built-in feature. Just a thought :-)
  20. The iTunes mini player is an awesome feature, however these days most of my music listening is done through spotify. It would be awesome if the existing mini player was extended, or a new mini player was created that could control spotify.
  21. Hi! It would be great to have the possiblity to play the next & previous album in iTunes. It's possible in iTunes when clicking on the next or previous button while holding the alt-key. I use this extensively when playing random albums to skip a album. M.
  22. Is there a workflow that I can use to type 'next' and 'previous' to go to next and previous track when a song is playing in iTunes?
  23. A little and simple sync workflow... i am tired to sync my devices manually and i dont want to wait until they are connected to charger. so with this i can sync them when i want to, for example when imported new music... nothing complex but i needed it in my daily use. itunes has to run an devices have to be connected(also wireless)... there is no routine for checking if they are available or something, when i have time i will add it... feel free to change it and repost it :-) hf buzr direct dl: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/10113520/Sync%20your%20iDevices.alfredworkflow
  24. Hi! I have usually activated the random mode on iTunes so, I've just realized about a bug selecting songs with the mini player. If I search a band > an album > and then select a song, iTunes plays a random song from the album I was looking for, but it's not the song I selected. As I said, this happens in iTunes' random mode. If I disable random mode, it works great.
  25. I love the new workflows, and I use it to rate my unrated songs. I created a Workflow that rates the current song and plays the next. The only problem is: it is highly unreliable. I have an intelligent playlist in iTunes which contains only the unrated songs. In prior versions of iTunes, when a song was rated, it disappeared from the list and the next was played. But in the current version, playback stops. So I use I workflow which rates the song and issues a "Play/Pause" action. But 1 in 3 times, this command is issued before the rated song is purged from the list by iTunes, and so playback stops. So: please add a "play" action to the workflow commands. Thanks for considering this!
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