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Found 35 results

  1. Hey Andrew, I just did a clean install of OS X Mavericks 10.9.1 and did a fresh clean install of Alfred 2.1.1, too (no workflows, plain fresh and clean), and whenever I try to change a setting or import any skin, on next launch the setting is reset and the skin is gone I have tried repairing disk permissions with no luck, then tried changing the permissions myself with no luck either, then tried enabling sync and set to sync in non-dropbox folder then in dropbox and none worked either I can't do anything without Alfred, so what is happening? Could it be that Alfred is not fully compatible with Mavericks? After trying to "debug" the problem, I noticed the several things: 1. inside the "Alfred.alfredpreferences" package, the file "prefs.plist" found in ./preferences/appearance/options correctly shows that "hidehat=true" & "hidecog=true", which means the settings are persisted 2. however, as soon as I quit and relaunch Alfred, both the hat & cog are visible again, even though the previously mentioned file still shows "hidehat=true" & "hidecog=true", which means that Alfred is not reading the settings it just saved even though the settings are correct in the files on disk.. 3. next test: importing a skin; after importing any skin, it gets saved to the "prefs.plist" found in ./preferences/appearance of the "Alfred.alfredpreferences" package, and gets applied right away 4. but, after half a minute or so upon applying the theme, when I open alfred the theme has changed to the default and inside Alfred's preferences window the theme is gone, even though it still shows up in the previously mentioned "prefs.plist", which means again that Alfred doesn't read its own settings after it persists them?? So the conclusion is this: Alfred saves every setting I make, every change I make, but as soon as I quit/relaunch it all settings from disk are completely ignored. Why isn't Alfred reading the settings it saved? Maybe it's related to Maverick's new & more aggressive preference caching?? Because if a clean Alfred installation on a clean Mavericks installation doesn't work, then it's clearly that Alfred isn't Mavericks-ready yet... I really need Alfred to work, because I refuse to see it become wasted money P.S. while reading the forums, I noticed one other person say this exact phrase: "It seems as though Alfred was saving the settings to that location, but then not reading them back from there." - this confirms that Alfred is not reading back the settings it saves on Mavericks
  2. Nloc - network location switcher for Alfred I use the OS X `network locations` feature quite often. It allows me to comfortably switch between networks, without setting the proxies, DNS and other parameters every time. So I wrote this workflow to do it even faster. Usage: nloc network_location_name Workflow supports autocompletion of known network locations: Download: Up-to-date workflow bundles can be downloaded here. NOTE: Due to changes in security policy on OS X 10.8, system _will_ ask you for your password after executing the workflow. OS X 10.7 system won't ask for your password since it doesn't require the `networksetup` command to be executed with super user privileges.
  3. I have never been able to access any of my OS system preferences from Alfred. I have ensured that the "Preferences" is checked under "Essentials". To do my own troubleshooting, I have unchecked that before, quit alfred, and then restarted my computer, restarted alfred and then tried again all to no avail. I'm used to just trashing preferences in these scenarios, however, I do not want to lose all my precious Alfred settings, folders to search, file types to index, etc. Are there other options that I'm just overlooking? I'm running 10.8.4 and running Alfred 2.0.7 (although this has been an issue since v1 I believe). FWIW I had originally downloaded Alfred from the App Store. Thanks.
  4. Would be wonderful to implement workflows with Preferences into the Alfred Feature Preferences. Workflows like Dropbox Evernote Notes with New Text File UniCall and others...
  5. Hi guys, wouldn't it be useful if the user would directly get to the preferences of the workflow that currently is triggered (keyword is entered into Alfred) when opening them? When some workflow doesn't behave how I want it to, then I'll open the preferences, but I always have to search for it first – this repeated itself often enough that I think there should be a solution for it ;-) Cheers!
  6. hello, after editing and quitting my preferences they go back to default. even after a restart. sometimes some points like 1password bookmark settings are kept but go back to default after restart. i upgraded from afred 1 to alfred 2. my language is german. i'm on osx 10.8.3 and alfred 2.0.1 (173) thank you.
  7. I think every Alfred power-user is keyboard Geek. We want to navigate through OS X using keyboard shortcuts as much as possible because it is fast as hell comparing with mouse actions. So why don’t make navigating through Alfred Preferences tabs faster by using keyboard shortcuts to switch them? I really like the idea of switching tabs in Mac App Store app using Cmd+1 … Cmd+5.
  8. Hi, I've been using Alfred for forever and practically can't work without it. I upgraded today to v2 and had a very bad upgrade experience - Migration did not restart Alfred nor shut down Alfred v1, the features tab did not load and currently I'm stuck with a non functioning Alfred and the preferences window never loads and always crash. What I did - - I downloaded Alfred Alfred_2.0.1_173 (and upgraded to the Mega Supporter license), Installed it, pressed the Migrate button but Alfred did not restart. - Restarted manually, quitted Alfred v1 manually, Alfred v2 loaded but I got an empty features (Can't remember if thats the right tab name) tab in the preferences. I thought maybe the migrate went wrong and migrated again, same result. I then went to look through the Advanced tab thinking I might find a solution there, and while at it turned on the sync, creating an "Alfred" folder in my dropbox and moving my preferences there. Again, Alfred restart did not work and I restarted manually, Since then I can't open the preferences and Alfred itself only opens the text window but it doesn't function. Thinking it's the sync that killed Alfred I tried to delete all my alfred.alfredpreferences files, tried to delete com.runningwithcrayons.Alfred-2 and com.runningwithcrayons.Alfred-2.plist files and reinstall Alfred... nothing works. I'm Alfredless. I stopped and went here because I don't want to delete any Alfred v1 file accidentally and lose All my presets. Also, I found the crash report logs but I don't know how to analyse them (can't find an 'upload file' button here so I've put the latest one in my dropbox) - https://dl.dropbox.com/u/1119485/Alfred%20Preferences_2013-03-18-000225_Toms-MacBook-Air.crash Please help.
  9. I just created a new Keyword to AppleScript workflow and tested it and everything works. BUT I don't see the workflow in the list of workflows in Alfred's preferences. Search doesn't find it either. And yet it still appears when I type in the keyword. Not sure if I'm missing something or if there's a bug here, but wanted to flag it.
  10. Hi, I love the new Alfred 2 and using it on a daily basis. I have two suggestions on Alfred features. 1. Alfred Preferences windows always appears sticky to the bottom edge of my screen. Is it intentional? I prefer it to stick to the top edge (right below the menu bar) of the screen. My specs in case you need it: Macbook Pro 13" Retina. 2. I created myself a workflow to show/hide/open apps with hotkeys. However, I have to double click the Action icon to see which app is on the list. Is it possible to have a title for an Action, say "Launch Finder"? This way I can see clearly the hotkey is responsible for which app. Hope that I can give some good suggestion for the development of lovely application. Thank you so much for your effort creating the app.
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