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Found 1 result

  1. Greatly improved workflow re-written in Rust. Check out the github page for installation and new features such as popular tag suggestion link preview deletion... Automatic workflow updates Install it from: Github: https://github.com/spamwax/alfred-pinboard-rs/releases/latest https://github.com/spamwax/alfred-pinboard-rs Update (2019-06-21) 0.15.5 Add option to either show TAGs or URLs in search results. Fix multiple issues related to release of Alfred 4 pcheck should now force a network call regardless of when last update check was done. Add a combo modifier for search result to copy URL to clipboard. Fix: deleting a bookmark was not working. Full CHANGELOG Update (2018-06-04) 0.14.0 Add support for automatic update of workflow Fix a caching bug Update (12/08/2017): v0.5.0 Add support for dev version of Safari & Firefox (thanks to https://github.com/grusch-it) Add support to set toread flag of bookmarks. Just add toread to description/note (after semi-colon) p tag1 tag2 ; note toread Update (01/28/15): Another attempt at fixing openning browsers (thanks to https://github.com/grusch-it) Removed unecessary browser settings from workflow. Update (01/26/15): Fix the broken option settings due to an incomplete pull request merge Fix not getting title of the Firefox tab Update (11/25/14): Add support to automatically pick the most front browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Chromium) Show the 'New Tag' item at the bottom of tag suggestion list Update (08/10/14): Add (kind of hacky) support for Firefox Update (07/12/14): Add support for Chromium browser Add options to perform search on tags only Add support for private/public bookmarks Add support for auto-updating the bookmarks cache after posting a new bookmark. Download link: http://goo.gl/55917Z Update (01/29/14): Bug Fix: searching should be case sensitive now. Update (12/15/13): Added (fuzzy) search capability. User friendlier approach to specifying workflow's settings. I am planning to add more features such as Delicious API support. For details and features please visit https://bitbucket.org/listboss/go-pinboard/wiki/Home I mainly wrote this so I can learn/practice Go (golang). It uses an Alfred workflow helper that's also written in Go. The helper is similar to what Dave has for php: https://bitbucket.org/listboss/go-alfred Some screenshots:
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