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  1. issue: - many snippets are hard to organise - there is no way to document what a snippets is doing feature req: when creating snippet add a new field called 'comment/doc' that can be used to store some text like description or some kind of documentation along the snippet code itsel. this filed should not be pasted when snippet is executed but rather be used to describe the snippet
  2. hi, im using snippets. when i press 'viewer hotkey' shortcas a popup window opens and i can type to look for my string. This works almos perferctly. The problem is that the serach doesn't look for the keyworks. Examle snipper: name: xen ssh hv api keywords: sshr ssh hv api Snippet : fu... Now when you try to search and type - ssh u find the snippert - sshr u don't find the snipper When u now change the order of keyworks to (see the sshr is first word). YOu can search using 'sshr' and it finds this keyword. keywords: sshr ssh hv api Please fix this so the ke
  3. With workflows, I can add multiple triggers to a single action. So, for example, I can launch an app using two different keyboard shortcuts. With Clipboard History/Snippets, the keyboard shortcut choice is sort of baked into Alfred in the "Viewer Hotkey" field under Clipboard. Is it possible to assign a second keyboard shortcut to that action? Thanks, Pat
  4. Because I use option + spacebar to activate Alfred, I often accidentally hit option + s rather than just s for activating snippets, so what comes out is ß. It would be great if there could be more than one snippet keyword allowed, so I could assign both s and ß - this would eliminate the problem!
  5. I made a nice Alfred workflow for searching through a folder of plain text file snippets that copies the contents and then inserts it into your current focus point. Additionally, it's easy to see, search, and set Mavericks tags on the snippets. Since the whole storage of snippets is done with the file system, it makes it really easy to add and edit the snippets with other means. Go check it out!
  6. I feel like there must be an easy way to do this, but I haven't figured it out -- can I assign a hotkey to a snippet? e.g. pressing Ctrl+F5 would paste a snippet into my document, without bringing up the Alfred menu. Thanks.
  7. Snippets Simple, document-specific text snippets Version: 1.2 Download on Packal Have you ever been taking notes and realized that certain terms or phrases were going to be used repeatedly? You don't have the time or really the desire to create all new TextExpander snippets for these terms or phrases, but you'd also really like to shorten your typing. That's where Snippets comes in. Snippets is a dead simple Alfred workflow that allows you to use simple snippet syntax while writing, and then seamlessly convert your text to its full glory. The set-up is simple. As you're ty
  8. OSX: 10.9.3 Alfred: v2.3 (264) I tried to search my snippets today, and don't get any results: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s25/sh/8b634296-5b66-4bd3-9c5b-69af090c6d6e/89ffa57f246fa6cb3518c74ea86b351e
  9. It would be great to have more than one keyword. Snippets are a good example. At present you can have only one keyword for snippets, the default which is "s." But because I use the alt key to activate Alfred, I often accidentally put in ß. So it would be great, for instance, to be able to specify that for snippets the keyword could be: s, ß So that either would activate snippets. This ability to have more than one keyword might be helpful for other keywords too!
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