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  1. When I click in the Spotlight icon it still loads Spotlight search. I am looking for a non-hacking way to link Spotlight menu bar icon with Alfred. Any workaround?
  2. Background I often find myself landing deep within some website structure, e.g. http://www.thedomain.com/subpage/anothersubpage/imhere. I'd now like to press a keyboard shortcut to jump up to http://www.thedomain.com. Let's call it an ease-of-life feature. Problem I've tried for several hours to get this workflow going, but have realised that my programming skills are too weak/non-existent. Steps (according to my n00b mind) Get URL from active browser tab (this is the part that's running, thanks to input from this forum. It's using an Applescr
  3. Can I activate Powerpack on both home and work computers with a single purchase? I can see the advantages of Powerpack, but I don't want to make separate purchases and my workplace won't pay for activating Powerpack. Thank you.
  4. Hi, I'm tying to get my first workflow up and running. However I get an exception when using alfred-workflow. I'm trying to save a keychain using wf.save_password('ha_password', args.apikey) The exception that i get: [2018-03-21 14:19:55][ERROR: action.script] . 14:19:55 workflow.py:2057 DEBUG ---------- Home Assistant ---------- 14:19:55 workflow.py:2074 ERROR Unknown Keychain error : security: SecKeychainItemCreateFromContent (<default>): The user name or passphrase you entered is not correct. Traceback (most recent call last): File "/U
  5. I email my PA a lot and wondered if there was a quick way to email a specific person. Send an email is great but would love to have a shortcut which sends it to her!
  6. Hi, I created a custom search to show all gmail messages with a specific label, which works well (https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/#label/{query}) However, I would like Alfred to suggest labels based on a custom list (e.g. a text file with all the labels). In other words, I would like to 1) type the keyword, 2) type space, 3) type the first letter of a label and have Alfred suggest all the labels beginning with that letter, so that I can select and send the {query} string. Is there a similar workflow I can edit, or would anyone have pointers on how to accomplish this?
  7. Hi, I'm trying to make a workflow that does the below but I am not sure how to achieve it. In short, I want to be able to add some text in Alfred and have it append this to a particular file. I'm just trying to make it easier to keep a project log. For this example, let's say that I have two projects that I am working on. Let's call the projects "apples" and "oranges". I'd like to be able to: Type 'log' into Alfred Enter a keyword to specify which project the entry relates to (e.g. "app" or "ora"). Then type some text. W
  8. Hi there, I'm a very satisfied Alfred customer for years. I recently did a fresh installation of High Sierra including Alfred 3. On this new machine I've run into the following problem: When I use Alfred to start/activate another app and the same app was already the active app, the app does not get the keyboard "focus". By "focus" I mean the following: I cannot use any keyboard commands from the app. E.g. the cursor keys do nothing in Safari, CMD-W does not close the window and so on. This only happens if the app was active when invoking Alfred. I another app was active and the new
  9. Hi All Apologies if this has already been dealt with (I have searched and not found any conclusive answer on the forum). Is there a way to have curly bracket placeholders other than {query} - specifically {clipboard:0}, {clipboard:1}, {clipboard:2}, ... - evaluated within a php script? It appears that {clipboard:7} does not get evaluated upon initialisation like {query} does, but rather remains a placeholder right up to the moment where it is passed to some Alfred output such as Large Type, and only then is the clipboard value retrieved from the DB. Code example: $query = "{query}
  10. I have a workflow where I want to provide a list of applications so that an application can be selected and the workflow continue. I want a list of the current running applications so I'm using a Script Filter. My question is how can I load the icon of the app to show it in the list rather than the icon of the workflow? I can't seem to find out how to programmatically load it. Here is the AppleScript I'm using with the Script Filter: on run argv tell application "System Events" set runningProcesses to (name of every process whose background only is false) end tell
  11. Here's what I'm trying to do: I frequently capture information and store it in Ulysses for research on writing projects. I typically copy/paste it into Ulysses in the appropriate group. I created a workflow to automate this via Alfred. The workflow takes the contents of the clipboard and passes it to an Openurl to use Ulysses x-callback-url to add a new sheet. So far, so good. Frequently I copy/paste content that is online, and I want to keep the url of the content for later research. In order to automate this as much as possible, I used clipboard history. I copy the url, then copy the co
  12. Hello! I know I'm missing something basic here - I have a workflow that works great on my computer and I'd like to finally export it out to install on another computer. Because it's just a bash script that references the ffmpeg binary (installed in /usr/local/bin via homebrew) I've copied over the ffmpeg binary to the workflow folder and got it to work - on my computer. When I install it on another user's computer I get the error "Library not loaded: /usr/local/Cellar..etc." which makes sense since that user hasn't installed homebrew nor the ffmpeg. What I'm looking for
  13. Hi, I am trying to open a chrome extension page by adding a custom binding in the Web Search section. This is how its setup: Unfortunately when I try to trigger the custom binding, I get the "There is no application set to open the URL chrome-extension://..." prompt message. When I "choose application" and set it to Chrome, it works. But if I have to "Choose Application" every time I trigger this binding, that would make this a cumbersome process. Looking elsewhere in Alfred, I found a setting that I thought could resolve this issu
  14. Hi My default browser is chrome but there are some sites that i want to open in firefox. Is there any way to make alfred always search Firefox, even though chrome is the default browser ? Or any way to make specific searches (ie Youtube searches) in alfred that always open in Firefox? Either Solutions within Alfred or third party applications would both be appriecated. Thanks, Dan
  15. Tiny question: is it just me or is the shortcut "ctrl+1" not available as a hotkey in a workflow?
  16. Hi all, I'm looking for a Wordflow which would act as a shortcut to merge all finder windows. Currently, I've gotta go to the Finder bar, tab Window, and then Merge All Windows. I know this isn't a big deal, but if I could create a command or something, that'd be sweet. Does anyone know how I might accomplish this? Thanks in advance.
  17. Hey guys, I might be an outlier but I think it would be cool to type in a bitcoin address into the search field of Alfred and have it automatically go to the transaction history of blockchain.info or some other block explorer website. In theory, this shouldn't be too hard to do... Maybe...
  18. Hi, I wasn't able to find the answer to the following question online: I created a workflow for sharing links from google drive. It's basically a File Action followed by a python script that uses this library. I'm then copying the resulting link to the clipboard. Now, I would like to be able to select some options before the script is run and go to a second scree where I could select access rights (e.g., owner/writer/commenter/reader). In the same way that you can select "Open with..." with File Action and then select an application: In other w
  19. Hi there, I am trying to create a workflow that unmounts a AFP network volume before Shut Down. I am using diskutil unmount command. Here's my workflow which doesn't seem to correct. When I execute diskutil unmount on the command line, the volume is unmounted successfully. Can anyone help me out with this? Language: bin/bash diskutil unmount /Volumes/myvolume
  20. Hi, Is there a way I can use Alfred to create a public link to iCloud Drive files via a keyboard shortcut within finder? At this moment the process of creating a link is hidden behind way too many clicks. Thanks!
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