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  1. Hello together, I have a problem with searching for apps. Example Searching for "Mindnode) Spotlight: yes Alfred 3: yes Alfred 4: no I tried to troubleshoot: - Excluded the App-Folder in Spotlight-Preferences - Clear Application Cache - Rebuild macOS-Metadata - Uninstall Alfred 4 Nothing helped. Has anyone a clue? Kind regards (and sorry about my bad english) Mark
  2. Is it possible to create a shortcut name to launch an app? I've a new mail app and I'd like to launch it instead of my current Apple Mail when I type 'mail'. How might I do this?
  3. I have a app1 in Desktop1 I have a app2 in Desktop2 I bring up Alfred in Desktop2 and type app1 I hit Enter But app1 remain in Desktop1 and not move to the Desktop1 I am sorry that my English is so bad😭 If you cannot understand, plese click googleDribeURL and watch( the meaning of "デスクトップ1" in the video is 'Desktop1' in English) I'm looking forward to your response!!
  4. Hi there, I would like to build a little workflow, where I can choose between the running instances (documents) of an application. Let's say, there are 3 documents open in one app (in separate windows). Can I build somehow a filter, that shows those opened windows and cycles through them, so that I can choose the one, that I want?
  5. With Alfred 3, I would drag a file for the Alfred search results, and it would copy the file to my desktop. With Alfred 4, I just discovered this now moves the file to the desktop. I hope I haven't lost too many files to this. I looked through the preferences, and I can't figure out how to change the "dragging to desktop" behavior trigger. Any ideas?
  6. My steps: 1. Checked "Clipboard History > Advanced > Auto-paste on return" option; 2. Select a clipboard history in Alfred; text doesn't paste. It's only copied to clipboard. I have to type cmd+c to paste it.
  7. I bought a powerpack license(£39) yesterday, and I have received an email about Alfred Powerpack Receipt. However I have never received the other mail with license. I have tried to send an email but no reply. Please send license to me as soon as possible.
  8. I'm trying to create a script filter that presents the last 3 items from the clipboard history and takes an action on them. E.g. {clipboard:0} {clipboard:1} {clipboard:2} etc. My language is bash for now (yes I know I should be using a real language, but this is just for POC) Here's what I have printf '%s\n' "<?xml version=\"1.0\"?>" printf '%s\n' "<output>" printf '%s\n' "<items>" printf '%s\n' "<item arg=\"{clipboard:0}\" valid=\"YES\">" printf '%s\n' "<title>{clipboard:0}</title>" printf '%s\n' "</item>" printf '%s\n' "<item ar
  9. I am trying to automate some things from an external app (Bunch) Are there URL schemes available to call a select Alfred command from outside Alfred? e.g. alfred://run?command=NameOfCommand
  10. Hi, "System" doesn't work for me. All actions are active. But nothing is coming up. Any hints? Thanks...
  11. Hi there, I am relatively new to Alfred workflows and I could not figure out yet, how to pass more than one variable - from let's say an osascript(JS) - back to the Alfred workflow, so that I can use them there as {var:var1}, {var:var2} and so on. Sorry, if this question has been already answered, but I did not find it... Kind regards, Kay
  12. I have Alfred V 3.82 and Powerpack. My Powerpack, containg the license info is using an old email address that I no longer have access to. I need help changing my email address so that I can upgrade and then receive the new information/license via email. Thanks
  13. I am a mega user!!! (...) I found the snippet feature very useful. Just a little suggestion~ Different Snippets set be applied to different apps: The spirit of snippets is to quickly input repetitive commands, which will result in large amount of short commands (e.g. tm stand for "Tomorrow", "cal" stand for calendar). Moreover, the snippets will be used in different applications, which have vastly different commands and features. But if snippets don't identify which app it is working on, then there will be many clashes like for example if I want to input "calculator"
  14. mac os 10.14.5 alfred 4.0.3 All removal operations in the software will report errors couldn't be moved to the trash.
  15. I see that using the ! command in Alfred will open a new Terminal Session. Is there a way to have Alfred pass the text into the current Terminal session window? Thanks.
  16. Hello,everybody! I write a javascript in alfred workflow, try to return the json and copy the result to clipboard at the same time. Could anybody tell me how to make it?Thanks~ function run(argv) { var temp = argv[0]; var num; num = temp * 1000; return JSON.stringify({items: [ {title: "The number is :", subtitle:num } ]}) //return num;//It dosn't work. }
  17. I want to copy something like wp-content/plugins/event-tickets/tests/restv1/TicketNotAccessibleCest.php and convert it to codecept run tests/restv1/TicketNotAccessibleCest.php and paste it the "event-tickets" part is variable, which is why I used regex to match \w When I run with debugging on, it's like the Clipboard (what I think should be {query}) is blank. Screenshot: https://cl.ly/120d35b1fd91 Is that a bug or an error in my workflow? Workflow is here: https://cl.ly/005392a2a9cd Thanks for helping!
  18. Hi, I wonder if there is a shortcut key (or another convenient way) to create a snippet from a clip in history. If not, it'd be nice to have one. Thanks!
  19. Alfred's preferences menu states "Applications are always included in Alfred's default results". I took that to mean that I could safely remove the /Applications folder from the search scope. It turns out that if I do that no applications appear in the search results. I am not sure whether this is working as intended or is a bug. If working as intended there needs to be a simple UI change to highlight the dependency between having /Applications in the search scope and applications appearing in the default results. I read the UI as implying that these were independent. In my case in
  20. Hello. I wrote this code for python 3 before discovering that it is not supported by Alfred. Ever since, I have failed to convert it to python 2 and to be able to incorporate it in a workflow. This is the original script that was working just fine: #!/Users/Me/anaconda3/bin/python import feedparser d = feedparser.parse('https://www.aliftaa.jo/PrayTimes.ashx') print(d['entries'][0]['title']) print(d['entries'][1]['title']) print(d['entries'][2]['title']) print(d['entries'][3]['title']) print(d['entries'][4]['title']) print(d['entries'][5]['title']) I changed the shebang to (
  21. “Alfred_4.0.3_1092.dmg” can’t be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software. This software needs to be updated. Contact the developer for more information. That is what I get when I try to install Alfred. Any help with that please?
  22. Hi, Recent changes to Dropbox means that I cannot use it with my new Mac as I'm over the 3 device limit. What's the best app to use for syncing files Alfred Preferences? Thanks.
  23. Hi, Is there any way to remove or edit single clip in clip history? Thanks!
  24. Hi, Is there an easy way to search files only within a folder by names or content? Would be great if I can assign a keyword to it too! Thanks!
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