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Found 120 results

  1. IS it possible to switch a theme based on a hotkey or keyword? I am having a hard time finding this info in the forums,
  2. This is a simple theme that utilizes the blur feature under Appearance > Options (I personally turn it right up) with a frosted blue bottle style. Download Blue Bottle Theme from Dropbox
  3. I'm trying to programmatically set up some themes from a color palette I've found online. There are several variations of this color scheme that I'd like to convert to Alfred themes. The colors from the theme come in any format understood by the web, (rgb, hex, etc) but the color in the preference file looks like a datauri or something I can't figure out.
  4. Here's a quick theme mimicking the appearance of the new spotlight in Yosemite. Dimensions are near-perfect, type is as close as I can get. Yosemite Spotlight Theme
  5. My personal theme based off of Manchester United colors. Download
  6. GamerChase

    OS X Menu Bar

    Inspired by previous work, with the font and colours sampled from the menu bar in OS X. Now updated for 10.9, OS X Menu Bar v4 is designed to look like it came part and parcel with OS X Mavericks. Download it here.
  7. Here is another minimal theme I made in Alfred. Hadn't seen others that were closely like it so I thought I would post. Download: https://mega.co.nz/#!ERdVmYaJ!Z7WU6KtbLTMEON2F1bu5pN4kBpToSuqG22yp5IjQakU Note: There is an older light version of this theme that can be found here: http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/3557-space-minimalist/
  8. btbenjo

    Space Minimalist

    Here is a minimal theme I made in Alfred. Hadn't seen others that were closely like it so I thought I would post. Download: https://mega.co.nz/#!dYtBESDC!uk7kXZvzn2BXKZ7X4Rgdq-lp94IXNHOT9rAu4AhjyFY
  9. juanra

    Flat Alfred

    Hi all of you, I was looking for a theme that was aligned with the flat design philosophy but didn't find one that made me smile. I decided to make one from scratch, using Flat UI colors and OSX BlueGreen theme as a base. I want to do dark and light versions with every accent color but i need your help, so fork it on Github and help me. Here is my approach, I hope you enjoy it:
  10. A slightly transparent purple theme. Clean design, and dark hues. A little homage to Alfred's wondeful hat. Import theme
  11. When making my own theme, I find myself wanting to change the text selection color of the main search field. Is this possible?
  12. vistay

    Light Grey

    Hey, this is my first theme for Alfred 2. I hope you enjoy it! Download: http://timfengler.de/alfred-theme/
  13. As a followup in "The Minimalist" series to Almost White (far and away the most popular theme in the forums now!) and Almost Black I wanted to do something more colorful, but still very clean, minimalist, and modern. So here is a suite of themes based on the lovely work over at flatuicolors.com. Download Flat UI Blue › Download Flat UI Gray › Download Flat UI Green › Download Flat UI Orange › Download Flat UI Purple › Download Flat UI Red › Download Flat UI Turquoise › Download Flat UI White ›
  14. Hey Guys, I recently began using the amazing Spacegray Sublime theme by Gadzhi Kharkharov. I love the colour palette and decided to port the colours into Alfred and roll a theme. Thought I would share with with you all. I might make a light version of the theme too sometime in the near future. Hope you guys enjoy it! Download Here --> Spacegrey Alfred Theme
  15. There have been a few requests in response to The minimalist: Almost White v2 for a black alternative, so here it is. Download › I recommend these Appearance settings in your prefs to keep things clean.
  16. Since recent update v.2.0.8 (http://foryo.us.s3.amazonaws.com/random/Alfred_Preferences_20130923_132202.png) I opened my preferences to add a workflow, and noticed my theme reset to the default. At first I didn't know what happened then I realized it was everytime I reopened the perferences panel, and my custom theme was removed and all the Appearance settings were defaulted. I have searched this in the forum, and found a couple pages on this, and it referencing a dropbox issue, but I checked my dropbox logs and no conflicts are happening, and everytime I open preferences for Alfred it reproduces everytime but all the rest of my preferences are there, which is why I am starting a ticket. To reproduce the bug I set the theme to my custom theme (http://foryo.us.s3.amazonaws.com/random/Alfred_Preferences_20130923_132105.png) It works as normal I open the preference pain a second time. Appearance settings seem to default and removes the custom theme (http://foryo.us.s3.amazonaws.com/random/Alfred_Preferences_20130923_132240.png) Possible questions I am having Am I saving my theme wrong? Is my theme in the wrong place? Does Alfred sync appearance data? Looking forward to you ideas!
  17. I've been using the Smooth theme made by David Ferguson for some time and realized i needed just that theme with somewhat inverted colours. Credit goes to David. Looks like this: Download: http://j.mp/18i5KN6
  18. Dracula Dracula is a dark open-source theme for Alfred, SublimeText, TextMate, Vim and Chrome DevTools. Instructions and download links here.
  19. Guest

    Classic OSX

    Screenshot: http://cl.ly/S9Dj Theme: http://kcy.me/u7ot
  20. Calydon Inspired Theme. download here
  21. Available here!
  22. herr_john

    Drupal Theme

    I've build a Theme based on the Drupal colors. Hope you'll like it. Download (zip)
  23. Theme Name: Monokaï Created by: Kevin Py Download
  24. BabaOo

    Soba - BabaOo

    Soba theme download here ! Looks like this :
  25. Here is the link ! What it looks like :
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