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Found 120 results

  1. I have alfred on two computers. I changed the theme on one of my computers and the other one didn't change. I have already set up dropbox and preferences to sync over that. This makes me conclude that themes are not set up to sync like workflows are set up.
  2. Rayless Rayless is a subtle dark theme for Alfred 2 Follow the steps on the repository page to get this awesome theme! Get it on Github!
  3. Hi peeps, I'm really excited about the new iOS, so I decided to make these themes for you New iMessages like Download here! New Siri like Download here! And my favorite one, New iPod app like Download here! I hope you like it!
  4. Download Giant Goldfish Light Theme Preview:
  5. Monokai - http://cl.ly/3d1g1k3N3I1u Monokai Blue - http://cl.ly/3l1U0k332Q3X The themes are based on Monokai for Alfred by Idea4IT.
  6. 234

    iPod like

    Here is my new thème... ...Inspired by Download here
  7. 234

    Red Touch

    Donwload here !
  8. Hello there, I didn't really find any themes that i really liked, and since i use this app a lot i decided to create some themes. I made 2 themes that are really minimalistic since that is what i like the most. I hope you enjoy these skins as much as i do. Enjoy! Supermassive white skin Download Supermassive white/red skin Download
  9. freshfish

    Drive theme

    Drive theme: http://cl.ly/0s3G2K1T1L0F Theme based on the Google app colours.
  10. mjv

    Kindle Theme

    A theme inspired in the Kindle colors... Download: http://d.pr/f/NgoW
  11. Lime: http://cl.ly/2k1Q1C2F2V1V Here's the theme I use. It's simple, clean and colourful. It's wide, too, because I like to see instant results from, say, Wolfram or Google Translate. Enough detail without being cluttered. If you want it more subtle, just make it grey and thinner. But then it wouldn't be lime, would it? I hope you enjoy! Sublime: http://cl.ly/3N0P2T321N3k A blue version as requested
  12. osta


  13. Minimalist Efficiency (ORIGINAL) ** Please LIKE and DOWNLOAD below ** Download HERE: http://tinyurl.com/q6elmv8
  14. Hi everyone, Have a request - would it be possible for one of you theme gurus to create a theme that looks like the OSX switcher (CMD-TAB)? Or just point me to a theme that's already made? I've checked around and can't find anything that matches what I'd like. Thanks in advance! Ryan
  15. vitor


    Here’s the theme I made for myself. Link shorteners cut my name (probably because of the “í” and “ã”), so that is why you’ll see “Unknown” in the name, but I think the important parts of the theme are there — if you notice anything different from the screenshot, please let me know. Download
  16. pstadler

    King Dark

    A simple dark theme. Enjoy. Download
  17. paula

    Hyperdock Theme

    I wanted a theme that would integrate with other utilities on my Mac, especially with HyperDock's preview windows. Download (Edited with new image so you can more easily see the transparency.)
  18. Hi Chaps, I have a strange orange background. I have an equally strange blue-green Alfred theme. The colours are supposed to contrast nicely, according to some algorithm on some website somewhere. The algorithm in my brain agrees. Screenshot Download Enjoy!
  19. ok, I hope you like this theme. I think is one of those theme that can be called System Sweet or Sweet Alfred... My Wife loved it. Enjoy. Download here: http://bit.ly/YCRgjk UPDATED: LINK FIXED
  20. For all the Barcelona fans. Hope you like it! Para todos los inchas del Barcelona. Ojalá les guste! Download
  21. josh_fuggle

    Desert Theme

    Hi all, I have created a theme for Alfred 2 that is based on the desert theme that can be found in gVim and MacVim. You can download it here: https://github.com/josh-fuggle/Desert-Alfred2-Theme I you like the theme, then please star the repository (found in the above link). Screenshot:
  22. I made this guy a while back during beta, but I couldn't figure out how to export themes. Oh well, here's what I made: What it looks like when launched: When you type something: With multiple items: Blog post discussing some design decisions Download
  23. for fun!! down it
  24. onto

    Subtle Blue theme

    Hi all, here's my subtle blue theme. Feedback? Download: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/3304376/German%20Blues.alfredappearance Screenshot: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/3304376/screenshot_blues.png
  25. apb123


    I have just bought Alfred. Fantastic I love it. My first theme A combination of green and yellow.. Grellow https://www.dropbox.com/s/zpcypqw6x11h1bx/Grellow.alfredappearance
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