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  1. (I'm not entirely sure if this is a bug or if I'm just missing some configuration option. Apologies if this is the wrong place to file this.) Since upgrading to 1Password 8 and its newer Safari extension, I've noticed that passwords I copy from the Safari extension's popup using the "copy" button appear in my Alfred clipboard history. I am used to items from 1Password always being hidden from the clipboard history for security reasons. However, the copy button from the new extension does not get this same protection. Is there any way to get these clipboard items to be hidden as well? I am running 1Password 8.8.0, 1Password for Safari 2.3.7, Alfred 5.0.1, and macOS Ventura 13.0 Beta (22A5311f). (Although I believe I noticed this problem before installing the Ventura beta, when I was still on Monterey.)
  2. One of my favourite features is the integration of 1Password. Typing 1p followed by a url saved in 1password is perhaps the best feature ever. For some time now, I keep running into an issue that with Safari active and tab(s) open, evoking 1p and url doesn't open the login page. Activating Finder and repeating the process works—a tab is added and the URL specified opens. This has not been always the case and with all the changes 1Password had recently made, this would wery well be an issue in their court.
  3. Hi. I'm trying to figure out why Alfred doesn't auto-populate my login credentials into a website. 'll type in 1p and hit 'enter' after I select my login but Alfred takes me to https://www.facebook.com/login without auto-populating anything. I'm using Chrome browser, do I need to download the 1Password Chrome extension for it to auto-populate? The first two screenshots are my settings in Alfred, the last two are from 1Password.
  4. With Alfred's Dark Appearance, the light 1Password icon looks great: With Alfred's Light Appearance, the 1Password icon kinda disappears: It might look better with 1Password's dark icon variant?
  5. I've been using the non-subscription version of 1Password for awhile now and it's worked seamlessly with Alfred's built-in integration. However, I just signed up for a trial account of 1Password to see the differences between the new browser extension (1Password X) and the "classic" browser extensions. When using Alfred with 1Password X, I have to enter my 1P master password twice. The first time to unlock the 1Password desktop app which then loads the website in my browser. Then again to unlock the 1Password X extension so it can autofill my login details. Is there a way to avoid having to enter my master password twice?
  6. any chance to get the fuzzy search working in Alfred for the integrated 1Password feature? i try to do everything through Alfred, but the 1Password search is quite painful currently. i could spin up a workflow but probably it'd be better in the integrated version?
  7. For some reason Alfread's 1Password feature has stopped working for me. In Alfred Preferences > Features > 1Password it says "Unable to find 1Password Data". If I click Advanced, Discover Automatically is ticked and it's looking in /Users/james/Library/Caches/Metadata/1Password However, the correct location of my 1Password vault is /Users/james/Dropbox/1Password/1Password.agilekeychain Entering this path instead (or dragging and dropping the file into the field), doesn't resolve it, and it still says "Unable to find 1Password Data" . If I delete /Users/james/Library/Caches/Metadata/1Password and try ticking Discover Automatically again it just says "Unable to find suitable 1Password data path" In 1Password Preferences, I've verified that Enable 3rd party app integrations is ticked and I've tried toggling it off then on again. I'm using 1Password 6.8.4 and Alfred 3.5.1 on macOS 10.13.1 The only thing I can remember doing since it was last working was upgrading to 1Passwords hosted account plan, and then reverting back to my locally hosted vault in Dropbox. Any further suggestions?
  8. Hi, Alfred and 1Password 7.0.BETA-8 doesn't work together with "open and fill". 1p devs say: in the url should see two items: onepasswdfill=<longrandomlookingid> and onepasswdvault=<longrandomlookingid> but there is only ?onepasswdfill=.... Cheers Fritz
  9. Got a real headscratcher. We're noticing odd behavior with some 1Password items that have been deleted, but still seem to be hanging around in a cache somewhere. See screenshot. The first result is the intended 1Password result, and the only WP (WordPress) login for this site in our 1Password database across all vaults. The second result is an old 1Password result back from when we were creating the site on a dev. subdomain. It has long been deleted, and does not reside in any vault. We've emptied the 1Password trash several times, nothing is in it. Oddly, the fourth result is identical to the first result, even though there is only one occurrence of it in our 1Password vault. I've tried forcing Alfred to re-sync with 1Password, but no dice. All three of these results appear in the Alfred 1Password Preferences screen (see attached), but again, only one of them resides in our 1Password vault. It's not like Alfred has lost the connection -- we add and change new logins daily, and they sync across all devices. This has been a months long frustration that we're finally seeking help for. I'm sure you hear it everyday, but Alfred is (literally) life-changing. I won't work on any new client machines until they buy an Alfred license!
  10. For some reason this stopped working for me. I can pinpoint when exactly but some updated ago. I specifically removed 1password from the ignore apps of Advanced tab of the Clipboard's preference but now nothing that I copy from 1Password is shown in the history regardless of this setting. I tried resetting the setting and removing 1Password again. I even tried removing every single app there and still 1Password entries are not shown on the clipboard. I use this very heavily. Any ideas? OSX macOS Sierra 10.12.5 (16F73 Alfred v3.4 [850]
  11. In Alfred preferences, under 1Password, I have checked “Enable 1Password Bookmarks” and entered a keyword “1p” In Alfred, I have enabled integration in 1Password by going to “Advanced”. There I placed checkmarks in “Integrations” - Enable Third Party Integrations, and “Web Browsers” - Verify browser code signature. I have set up an Alfred hotkey. After launching the Alfred hotkey and typing 1p BOOKMARKNAME, the bookmark is not recognized, website opened and the 1 Password stored password username entered.
  12. Hello! I am trying out the new 1Password subscription that came out a few weeks ago. With the subscription, the password information is synced with 1Password servers. Since then, I am not able to use Alfred 1 click bookmarks. I do have "Enable 3rd party app integrations" checked in 1Password, and I have "Enable 1Password Bookmarks" checked in Alfred. I also tried copying the JSON path in 1Password and inputting that path in the advanced settings in the 1Password preferences, but nothing is found. I have searched everywhere for an answer, but I can't find anyone else with this problem. Any idea why this isn't working? Any help is appreciated!
  13. 1Password integration is already awesome, but it would be even better if we could open the logins in 1Password instead of opening the Webpage. Like search with "1p my_login". Then have an alternative action to bring up 1Password mini with the same query. Maybe even extend searches for other items as well, like Favorites, Credit Cards etc. This script could be feeded with the query osascript -e 'open location "x-onepassword-helper://search/{query}"'
  14. Hi, I want to create a workflow. Somewhere into the workflow I want to open a url which is saved into 1Passwort with its username and password. When I open in with 1P .... then the website will be opened into a new browser tab, and the username and password will be filled into the fields, and it will be login automatically. But how can I integrate it into my workflow? Thanks for help, Mondy
  15. Hi, I am using the latest version of Alfred 3.1 Build 718, Tuesday 30th August 2016 including the Powerpack (which simply ROCKs!!) :-) Now, I am a professional web designer, and I have right now 727 1Password Bookmarks, because of the many Credentials I need to keep in place for clients and such. Now some of these bookmarks are bookmarks I would never need being able to call them on Alfred. These are for example FTP-Credentials. I simply store them in there too, to have all in one place. But as soon as I enter a domain, also these FTP bookmarks of 1Password show up, which makes it pretty confusing. So my question is, if there is a possibility to filter the1password bookmarks, that are going to be shown in Alfred. In my specific example, I would filter out all FTP Passwords, which would then help me to find for most domains I have the login credentials much faster, without the confusion of the double domain entries for FTP/Login Credentials. So if there is away, how to achieve this that would be really helpful, making my work flow even faster, without the described confusion. If there is no such way, please let me know where I can suggest this in order to have ever Alfred-Users life getting a little easier. :-) Thx, Arne
  16. Hello, with the new Firefox 48 multi-process the 1Password integration of Alfred is broken (tested with Alfred 3.0.3 on OSX 10.11.6 and 1Password 6.3.1 and Forefox 48 with multi-process enabled (1P add-on version 4.5.8). The reason for this seems to be the not working 1-Click Bookmarks of 1P within Firefox 48. See also this thread on the 1P-Website. When entering "1p urlname" in Alfred, the browser is opened and the url is entered, but the website does not load and stays white. For a few moments you can see the loading spinner, but nothing happens. The master-login screen of 1Password is not shown. Nothing happens when clicking on the reload-button of Firefox.
  17. I recently noticed that the 1Click bookmarks feature does not seem to work for passwords stored in a 1Password family account (https://1password.com/families/). My suspicion is that for these types of accounts there's no bookmarks-default.json file. Is there a workaround in Alfred for this issue? Or is this something that 1Password needs to address?
  18. Hi, I've got 1password talking to alfred to the extent that I can search 1p (name of 1password bookmark) and trigger a login. But I'd like to be able to add the 1password bookmarks to workflows. Reading through previous forum threads, my understanding is that I would need to find the bookmark in 1password, drag it to the desktop, and then drag it into an action block "luanch apps and files". But when I select the login in 1password and attempt to drag it anywhere (desktop or into "launch apps"), nothing happens. How can I get a specific bookmark o become part of a workflow? 1Password 6 Version 6.2 (620012) AgileBits Store Alfred v2.8.3 (435) thanks
  19. HI, Is it possible to determine wich 1password url is opened in which browser? I do have a lot of logins saved, but some site are only supporting Chrome, other Firefox etc. Now when i search in alfres it opens always the 1password url's in my standard browser. I would love have the oppertunity/workflow to change that. I'm able to open standard url's in different browers, what i'm looking for is specific for some 1password urls.
  20. Not sure if this is a bug or not but Alfred does not seem to search outside the primary 1Password vault. I have two vaults. Is there a way to change this?
  21. When 1Password is locked on my machine the powerpack seems to work fine. It loads the site, and opens up 1Password mini in my menu bar and prompts for the master password. Once I authenticate it logs in as normal, works great. If I then logout of the website and try it again it opens the site in the browser and nothing more. Once I "lock" 1Password the functionality operates as it should for any website I have in my vault. Alfred - 2.8.2 (432) 1Password - 4.4.2 (442010) - Mac App Store OSX - 10.9.5 (13F1507) - Mavericks
  22. Hello While I have seen this issue posted previously and resolved, it appears to have returned. I have successfully used 1Password with Alfred for a number of years, but it has 'stopped working' for me recently - the 1Password bookmarks are not loaded into Alfred and instead I see the error "unable to find 1password data" in Alfred Settings -> Features -> 1Password (Red text in lower right of window) I have the "Enable 3rd party app integrations" option turned on in 1Password and I have the bookmarks-default.json generated in the expected location: ~/Library/Application Support/1Password 4/3rd Party Integration/bookmarks-default.json In Alfred I have tried both enabling autodiscovery and also entering the above path manually, but the "unable to find 1password data" error remains Software versions reported as follows: Alfred 2.8.1 (425) 1Password 6 Version 6.0.BETA-2 (600002) OSX 10.11.2 I appreciate I am using a beta, however I have seen no references anywhere to Agilebits changing their 3rd party integration support and have successfully run with their betas before. I would appreciate any suggestions
  23. The 1Password Bookmark feature presents an "choose application to open the link" dialog every time, and then after choosing Chrome, it just opens a blank tab. 1Password is fully operational on my machine, and Alfred web search also works with Chrome -- so I think this is limited to the Alfred/1Password integration. OSX 10.11.1 Alfred 2.8.1 (425) + Powerpack Chrome 46.0.2490.86 (64-bit) 1Password 5.4.1
  24. Hi All Is there a way to insert a 1Password search result directly into the selected field? At least is is possible to copy the password to the clipboard with a few clicks of the keyboard. Gmail recently changed their log in process. It now spans over two screens, 1 for email then another for password. With the 1Password mini app running I constantly have to right click in the field, call up the app, type the Gmail I'm using then hit enter. If I call up the 1pass mini app with a hotkey it will open a whole new window and start the log in process from the beginning. I have the same experience with Alfred's 1Password integration. I'd like Alfred to automatically bring up the gmail login page, fill in the emails address and then if I have to search for the password again insert it directly into the password field (least have the option of copy and paste). This would be useful for other situations where the app doesn't allow you to rightclick in a password field. 1password mini app doesn't allow you to navigate with keys alone, so to copy the password to the clipboard you have to hover over the password with your mouse and copy it. This becomes a big hassle on those days where you seem to do little other than logging in to accounts.
  25. Hi, I would like to use the 1password feature in a workflow in order to connect to a website and after that download my bills. Does anyone knows how to do? Thanks Mat
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