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Found 4 results

  1. I’m fairly green when it comes to creating my own workflows, but more often than not I manage to figure things out. But in this case I am stuck. I’m using an app called DeskConnect on all my devices (laptop, iMac, iPad and iPhone) to send files, clipboard etc. from one device to another. If I want to open a pdf I have on my phone with my laptop, DeskConnect makes it seamless and easy. And even better: if I am on my laptop and google to find the nearest plumber, I can mark the phone number and send it to my iPhone (via an Automator Service). It pops up as a notification, and dials the number on my phone as soon as I swipe the notification. Now, what I’m after is this: When I search for a contact in my address book with Alfred, I normally get an option to for instance copy the marked number. I want to also have an option to send this number to my phone. In short, I want Alfred to incorporate the Automator Service I have created into their Address Book feature. I have no idea if my explanation makes any sense, but I’m hoping someone gets what I’m trying to achieve.
  2. When I search for surnames made by two parts (like "De Mauro", "Di Cola", "De Bonis",etc), Alfred is not able to find them, while Spotlight regularly finds them. Is seems like if Alfred associates the first part of the surname ("Di") to the name. This problem arises every time I search for this kind of surnames. I am using Alfred2 v2.1.1 (227) and Mac Os X 10.8.2.
  3. Hello there Alfred users, Since I dont know how to script I was wondering if someone can create this type of workflow: The idea is simple, I want to be able to search for a name in my contacts app via keyword and after send it to omnifocus as a new task in the inbox. Th same idea could be applicable to email as well. What I mean is search for a contact, view it in alfred, copy phone number or email, copy to clipboard, go back to alfred where you can add a task that you will send to omnifocus where you will have a new task with email or phone in attachment. Now if I am thinking about it, is not that simple. Can this be done? its to complicated? Best regards, Leonard
  4. Is there a way to search the address book and perform an action on an entries phone number? I'm looking at doing a workflow to connect to my phone so it's easy to call numbers. I'm content on working out what to do if I need to enter a number manually but would also like to be able to do something like: 1. Enter "call Adam" 2. Alfred returns matching names 3. Hit enter on right name 4. Alfred returns all numbers 5. Hit enter > script kicks in to send to phone. I know we can already search the address book natively. I don't know if we can add actions to that to kick in a script/workflow? Any thoughts or suggestions let me know Cheers! Adam
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