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Found 14 results

  1. The image below shows the idea. Using Alfred remote as a trigger to activate all the assigned midi messages would be a perfect use case scenario. I would also like to see OSC support and that way I could also control Blackmagic Atem Switchers the same way. I've tried using sendmidi and sendosc via terminal but I have had no success in getting either to work for me. Having built in integration for midi, like keyboard maestro, makes this process so much easier to implement and extremely flexible. It could make Alfred a go to app for audio and video engineers like myself. Thanks to anyone who can resolve this or write up the code and have it built in to Alfred itself. Cheers
  2. Apologies if I missed the functionality I want somewhere in settings or here in the Forum, but I want to use Alfred Remote (iOS, over WiFi), to turn my Mac Bluetooth off (or on). My Mac, lid closed, over there, will connect to my WiFi headphones when I turn them on, when I want to connect to my phone instead. So I have to go open the Mac, go to prefs, turn off Bluetooth. It would be great if Alfred Remote could turn BT off/on : ) Thanks for any pointers. Cheers
  3. Keynote Remote Manage your presentation of Keynote with Alfred Remote iOS App Support Open Keynote, Start presentation in fullscreen, resume presentation and move to back next slides How to install Download package in this link and open with Alfred 2 and then go to Remote tab click in + button > workflow and click in Keynote Remote menu. Enjoy Screenshot
  4. I know there have been many discussions related to the topic & there is a clear statement from Alfred's mum that as they are only 2 people working on development they won't be able to create Android Remote. But I think I have a solution which involves very less or no coding. But it will be using a third-party app, Unified Remote. I was trying something recently and saw could do a lot of things using Unified Remote (Paid one) on my Mac for example launching the apps, launching the Spotlight, many more things. So I created a simple quick action thing, so when I click on it, it holds the option + spacebar and launches Alfred on my Mac. Then got the idea @Vero or someone from the community can build a remote in the Unified Remote app that can be used to control Alfred.
  5. This forum has seen a lot of posts recently (including my own) which are basically geared towards allowing Alfred to replace TextExpander in the wake of the Smile pricing/sync kerfuffle -- ideas like allowing tabs/form filling, input within snippet expansion, snippets triggering workflows/scripts, case sensitivity in snippets, etc. Thinking about what it would take for me to be able to replace the 250+ snippets I have in TE with Alfred snippets, there are two killer features....1) is snippets to trigger scripts (mostly for date math)....I suspect this is in the works....2) is the ability to use my snippets on iOS. As far as I've seen, this hasn't come up, but it seems like an area where Alfred could really raise the bar. Smile has a pretty widely adopted API ( https://smilesoftware.com/textexpander-ios/apps) but the TE keyboard itself is pretty slow and generic. So I'd like to see an Alfred iOS keyboard, either as part of Alfred Remote or a separate app. It could just do snippet expansion on iOS using Alfred's synced snippets. If it could run scripts, this would be even better. And for the icing on the cake, maybe it could communicate with Alfred on OS X, run a query and return the results (the kind of two-way communication I think people were hoping to see emerge with Alfred Remote). OR....now that Smile has lowered their price on TE 6 to $20/year for existing users, and $40/year or so for new users, maybe it would make sense to not invest development resources into snippets. For me at least (as an existing user) the revised TE pricing makes switching a lot less urgent and compelling -- the main concern is the need to rely on Smile's sync service. Hence the subject line....if Alfred is going to go all in with snippets and replace TextExpander, it seems like an iOS keyboard is going to be necessary for many users....if that's not on the roadmap, it might not be worth prioritizing snippet features. Thoughts?
  6. I've added a category to Packal to help track workflows that offer Alfred Remote functionality. Here is the category: http://www.packal.org/tags/alfred-remote. So, when you add your workflows to Packal, make sure that you check that box if you want it included there.
  7. Remote Key for Alfred Remote Unlock Mac with Alfred Remote 1. support wake up your Mac from sleep mode 2. the unlock password saved in Keychain Access * Replace string “24Says” by your Keychain Account Name download: https://github.com/24says/Alfred/blob/master/Remote%20Key.alfredworkflow enjoy
  8. I updated to Alfred 3 and now I cannot connect to the server via the Alfred Remote iOS app. iOS version info: 9.3.2 OS X version info: ProductName: Mac OS X ProductVersion: 10.11.5 BuildVersion: 15F34 Alfred 3 version info: v3.0 [652] My server shows up in the remote app when I click the ‘Add iOS Remote’ button in Alfred 3’s preferences, however, then it just sits at ‘Connecting…’ in Alfred Remote, and ‘Waiting for Alfred Remote…’ in Alfred 3. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the apps on both iOS and OS X. I tried removing the server and re-adding it. I tried disabling and re-enabling the server and restarting the server. I get the same results no matter what. If Alfred Remote does not work with Alfred 3, you should have given a warning that the remote app will break before prompting to upgrade.
  9. Hey all! Thus far I have figured out how to use Remote to control iTunes and how to use Alfred Remote to wake my Mac and then to launch iTunes, however the music will not start playing until I log in. I realise that I could disable to my password and it would work, but that is rather undesirable. If anyone has any advice I'd love to hear it! Thanks
  10. Hi, I've tried this very new Alfred remote thing. It makes me excited. But I currently found that I could only connect via "direct" I've done the suggested steps, checking the network, no firewall running, restarting both devices. I am able to connect using "direct", but my IP addresses are not static (an office Wi-Fi network). I do observe that the "Router" address of my MAC and my phone are not the same. Here are my answers to the troubleshooting questions. 1. Same Network? Mac: IPv4 : Subnet Mask : Router : Iphone: IP: Subnet Mask : Router : (different here!) 2. Network Type? University 3. Restart? Yes, both. 4. Can you IOS see your MAC? No, keep saying "finding Alfred" 5. Anything blocking network? No, firewall not on, nothing else I installed myself does that. Best, Hector
  11. I have an action on Alfred Remote whose title includes a ‘µ’. It shows up fine on the Remote tab of Alfred 2's preferences, but displays as a ‘glyph missing’ box on the iPhone. I can provide screenshots if you're unable to reproduce. I'm using: Alfred Remote v1.0 on an iPhone 5S running iOS 8.1.3 Alfred v2.6 on a 2012 rMBP running Yosemite v10.10.2
  12. Hi! I've created an Alfred Remote workflow for Netflix. With the workflow and its remote page, you can control the Netflix browser view (tested with Safari & Chrome). The workflow supports the following commands: Press play/pause Set the volume to 100%, 80%, 60% Increase/decrease the volume Fast forward/rewind Mute/unmute the volume Skip forward Press "continue playing" Go back to browsing (Stop Netflix) Play next Enter fullscreen mode This workflow should work if you watch Netflix in full screen mode in your browser. I've tested it with different (retina and non-retina) 16:10 and 16:9 resolutions. Packal page: http://www.packal.org/workflow/nf-remote Github repo: https://github.com/andreasgrill/alfred-nfremote If you have any trouble, please let me know! cheers, andreas Version History 1.5 Use cursor instead of keyboard for Play/Pause 1.4 Fullscreen button added, better icons for VolUP/Down + BackToBrowsing 1.3 Added Rewind/Forward VolUp/VolDown now uses hotkeys if possible 1.2 Added window autodetection through Quartz for multi-monitor support 1.1 Small bugfixing release 1.0 Initial release
  13. Here's a simple workflow that lets you use Alfred Remote (https://itunes.apple.com/app/alfred-remote/id927944141) to control your powerpoint presentations. Find it on Packal: http://www.packal.org/workflow/powerpoint-remote. Note: you need Alfred 2.6 to use this workflow. If you install this workflow on a version previous to v2.6, then you'll need to reinstall it after you install 2.6 in order to have the remote page available. The icons are a bit awkward, but here's a screenshot of the remote page.
  14. Hey, the new Alfred remote is great! I mostly use it on the iPad and there the buttons are very large and i would wish to add more rows and cols to one page so that I can trigger more than 16 actions from one page.
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