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Found 7 results

  1. This Alfred workflow opens a new Notion window when supplied the keyword "nn". The Github repository for the workflow can be found here. To download the Alfred workflow directly, click this link. This workflow was made for Mac OS using Apple script (which you can see in the Github repo).
  2. This workflow is set to open Gmail by default, but can be easily configured to open any webpage by changing the URL in the Apple Script within the workflow. Configuring the workflow in this way requires almost zero programming knowledge--you just go into the Apple script of the workflow and replace the Gmail URL with whatever URL you want the workflow to open. You can also, of course, customise the keyword to match whatever URL it is you want to open. To use this workflow out of the box, type "gm" into Alfred and Gmail will open in a new Safari window. This workflow can be adapted to open any page in Safari; all you have to do is change the link in the Apple Script. The Github page for this workflow can be found here, and you can download it directly by clicking this link. The Apple Script used can also be found in the Github repository. This workflow was made for Mac OS using an Apple Script.
  3. This Alfred workflow opens a new Safari tab with keyword "ns", and Google searches whatever you type after "ns ". If you don't type anything after "ns " (as usual, there has to be a space after the keyword), it just opens to the generic Google Search page. e.g. If you write "ns snoop dogg", a new Safari window will open the Google search results for "snoop dogg". If you only type "ns" into Alfred, the workflow will simply open a new Safari window. The Github page for this workflow can be found here, and you can download it directly by clicking this link. The Apple Script used can also be found in the Github repository. This workflow was made for Mac OS using an Apple Script.
  4. It works with Script Editor, but not with Alfred. I'd appreciate it if you could tell me which part I need to modify. Thanks in Advance!
  5. Hello guys! Just wanted to share workflow I created for Mountain Duck app. Heavily based on Cyberduck Favorites by Kasoki Just use "md" and "mt" keywords for searching your bookmarks list of ftp\sftp\basically any type of server to quickly mount\unmount or ssh to it. It's based on apple script menu bar item click integration, but is very reliable, at least for me. Workflow GitHub Happy for any kind of feedback
  6. Dear all, I would like to use Alfred 2 to start a specific Apple Script in Omnifocus. I tried to build a workflow, but I was not successful. I use a keyboard trigger, which should only work when Omnifocus is focused (I have adapted "Related Apps" accordingly). I tried it with "Run Script" (using oascript with either coping and pasting the script and also by using the the path to the script) and I tried it with NSAppleScript (simply copy and pasted the script right into it) and it did not work :-( Any suggestion? Thank you very much for your help. All the best, Helmut PS: Here is the script. It works when I call in Omnifocus. -- Downloaded From: http://c-command.com/scripts/omnifocus/defer-to-tomorrow -- Last Modified: 2014-05-22 on run {} repeat with _action in my selectedActions() my processAction(_action) end repeat end run on selectedActions() tell application "OmniFocus" return my filterValues(my selectedValues(), {inbox task, task, available task, remaining task}) end tell end selectedActions on selectedValues() tell application "OmniFocus" return value of selected trees of content of first document window of front document end tell end selectedValues on filterValues(_values, _classes) tell application "OmniFocus" set _result to {} repeat with _value in _values if _classes contains _value's class then copy _value to end of _result end if end repeat return _result end tell end filterValues on processAction(_action) tell application "OmniFocus" set _action's defer date to my calculateDate(_action's defer date) end tell end processAction on calculateDate(_oldDate) if _oldDate is missing value then return my midnightTomorrow() else return (my midnightTomorrow()) + (time of _oldDate) end if end calculateDate on midnightTomorrow() set _date to current date set day of _date to ((_date's day) + 1) set time of _date to 0 return _date end midnightTomorrow
  7. Hi, I love using nodepad++. Sadly I really often need some other IDE to to something. My workflow looks the following: save file in sublime change to some special IDE (in this case RStudio) Do something to import the file (in this case run source('~/.../functions.R') I really don't know wether it's good or bad that I did not find anything regarding this but: How can I do stuff within some program (here sublime) using Alfred Workflows? Using Applescript? Thanks for any help (and I really hope this question is not to stupid, but I did not find anything...)
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