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Found 5 results

  1. Hey folks, I'm wondering if anyone can help me with this, I have pretty simple script to un-minimize all windows of formost application. tell application (path to frontmost application as text) try set miniaturized of every window to false on error errorMessage display alert errorMessage try set collapsed of every window to false on error errorMessage display alert errorMessage reopen end try end try end tell I bind this script to Hotkey (I tried both "Run script" /usr/bin/osascript and "Run NSAppleScript"), but It's not working as in AppleScript Editor. For example for Finder with Alfred workflow, I'm getting error message "Finder got an error: Can’t set |collapsed| of every window to false." That is not happening when I'm testing this script in AppleScript Editor.. OSX 10.9 Alfred 2.1
  2. I am currently using the latest buld of A4, along with the latest release of Catalina on my Macbook Pro. When i enter in the keyword to search for emails in Apple Mail, Alfred always shows only my fallback search options. I have taken the following steps to troublesheoot: - Deleted and reinstalled the workflow - Made sure i am on the latest release of Alfred and MacOS - Granted Full Disk Accesst o Alfred in the security settings - Double checked that my emails are showing up in spotlight search - Enabled 'search all file types' in Alfred ettings - Confirmed that the workflow is searching in the correct folder where my emails are saved When i head over to System Preference > Security and Privacy > Automation, I can see that Alfred has requested access to other applications such as Evernote, Fantastical, Music, System Events etc, but there is no mention of Mail or Notes on this preference pane. Could this be causing some issue? I am also having this very same issue when trying to search for my saved notes in Apple Notes. I was facing this issue in Alfred 3 on Mojave as well. I am not facing any issues with any other Workflows - I have various other workflows installed which are all working absolutely perfectly. Will greatly appreciate any spport on this.
  3. I liked a workflow I downloaded called Advanced Google Maps Search I would like to re-build it to work on Apple Maps I am not a coder and would like to know if something other would like and if there is someone who can direct on how to do it? Thanks
  4. Hi peeps, I'm really excited about the new iOS, so I decided to make these themes for you New iMessages like Download here! New Siri like Download here! And my favorite one, New iPod app like Download here! I hope you like it!
  5. 234

    iPod like

    Here is my new thème... ...Inspired by Download here
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