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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, I have replaced my OSX addressbook with BusyContacts (BC) and setup the URL Handler in Alfred accordingly to: busycontacts://show/{uid} However, many times the connection between Alfred & BC seems to be "broken", as no contacts are displayed in Alfred even when I type the complete name. I have checked the console and found the following entry recently: 17.08.16 07:45:27,311 com.apple.AddressBook.ContactsAccountsService[13116]: [Accounts] Current connection, <NSXPCConnection: 0x7f8db8622a30> connection from pid 13927, doesn't have account access. 17.08.16 07:45:27,312 Alfred 2[13927]: [Accounts] Failed to update account with identifier FE6FD329-5364-4F7C-819B-D4FDEA735425, error: Error Domain=ABAddressBookErrorDomain Code=1002 "(null)" I wonder if this may help to analyse and fix this bug? Thank you and have a perfect day Sascha
  2. I've been having trouble with Alfred & BusyContacts for a short while now, and I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. Prior to today, when I searched for Contacts using Alfred, It would show me the contact, and if I wanted to open it, it would switch to BusyContacts, but it would not show the contact - BC would remain on whatever contact was currently open. That is what I was coming here to fix. Just some background - .vcf files are associated with BC and my url scheme is busycontacts://show/{uid} and Open Contacts in Alfred is checked. I found this information http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/5550-busycontacts-integration/?hl=busycontactsand started to follow it to see if it would help. It says to uncheck Use Spotlight metadata for searching contacts. I did this, and now searching for a contact in Alfred doesn't search for Contacts. And if I re-enable it, and search for a contact, it tells me, in the results, that if I hit enter it will show the contact in Alfred. But it doesn't - it switches to BC, which doesn't show the contact I was searching for. Summary - Alfred doesn't show the contacts like it has been told to do, and BusyContacts (I know this is probably a BC problem) doesn't either. How do I get Alfred to at least show me the contact I'm looking for again?
  3. I have Alfred 2.7.1. I do not have the Powerpack. I have two contacts apps on my mac, the standard Apple Contacts and a product called BusyContacts. When I use Alfred to search for a contact, e.g. Joe Smith, and then I hit enter on it from the search results list, Alfred always launches BusyContacts, rather than contacts. The default app for VCF files is Contacts, not BusyContacts. If I have a .VCF file and double click on it, it launches Contacts, not BusyContacts. If I right click on the VCF file, it shows Contacts as the default app. Yet, Alfred launches BusyContacts. How to I change Alfred to launch Contacts, not BusyContacts? Note, if I drag BusyContacts to the trash, Alfred launches Contacts but as soon as I put it back, Alfred launches BusyContacts.
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