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Found 44 results

  1. Is there a way of setting up Alfred so that when I do a search for a contact using Alfred, that I can actually open the contact in the Contacts app? It currently give me the option to open it in Alfred, but I'd like the option to open the contact in the actual Contacts app. Thank you in advance! -Jim
  2. Hi guys, is there any way to only search for contacts if you for instance type "c" first (or any prefix). Like "c john smith" would give me the contact viewer with john smith, while just "john smith" would simply launch the browser/search engine? (I don't want to enable "contacts" in default search results, because it would clog up the results, but I would also like the built-in contacts handlers).
  3. Is it possible to configure Alfred to always use Google Contacts when searching Contacts? As a heavy Google user, currently I have to export from Google Contacts to Apple Contacts app to ensure Alfred recognizes my contacts. I'm curious if there's a workaround. Thanks for any and all help!
  4. Why alfred is keep asking for contacts access with every boot? Also, when you say okay, it is still now able to search contacts. I have checked all security and privacy preference and alfred feature checkbox and regular check points. Still same issue. i also downloaed the version directly from alfred website. any suggestion?
  5. How do I set up a workflow to choose a specific contact in Contacts and send that person a message via the Messages app? (Akin to how Alfred allows a user to email a specific contact.) I started a new workflow that launches the Messages app, and I tried to add a Contact Action, but that doesn't exactly work: Contact Action comes before, rather than after, Messages -- and I want Messages to start first and enable a specific contact to be used as the input. I welcome advice and suggestions. Thanks!
  6. Damien  Cuvillier

    Search Phone Number

    Hello I'm a new advanced user on alfred with powerpack. I use also contact module. A missing feature would be to be able to find in contact details. Some use cases : * looking for identity on a missing call : I can not look for a contact from its phone number * looking for a company contact, when I've forgotten his name * looking for a note : I look for a contact from a keyword stored in contact notes Would be great if it would be available, in particular linked with Google Contacts. We can find this feature, for example, in dashboard pane in macos with contacts widget. This feature is available on Contact Filter plugin but is not resilient : not available to have a kind of "LIKE" operator : if phone number is stored as "+337 27 36 356 22", you will find nothing if you type "7273635622" or "+337273635622" ... Regards
  7. As the title says, every time I start my computer or Alfred, it keeps asking for accessing to Contacts: AFAIK, this box should only pop up the first time Alfred starts. Can anyone figure out what happened? Thanks,
  8. I love contacts preview and the fact that I can search for a person through Alfred and get a quick glance over where the person lives, what his social media accounts are, his website and notes I made. The only thing I wish if Alfred was more intelligent about these links. For example here is my Contact card : I can make actionable urls and that is great but I just wish that clicking on the twitter handle of the contact would bring up TweetBot with that profile name, if user has no Twitter Client, than a webpage opens. I use this to open url links in TweetBot (http://robmathers.github.io/tweetbotlinks/) so perhaps if you make that field actionable with url, then TweetBot will open for that link. I wish to have it work for LinkedIn, Facebook and Flickr. You can skip MySpace Thank you. I also really wish there was a modifier hotkey to go from here : With a modifier key, straight to Contacts app itself with the user in focus. I also really wish to make a contact filter action that when activated will only search through my contacts. I have a lot of contacts in the Contacts app and I don't want to mix my Alfred search with contacts but I still want to search for them. A dedicated contact search filter would be amazing. I hope these are all possible to do. Thank you a lot.
  9. Contacts Feature: I would like to copy both the person's name AND their address from Contacts. Currently you have the option to copy the person's name to the Clipboard and another option to copy the address to the Clipboard, but not both... I cannot seem to get the Clipboard merge to work to combine both the name and address, but even if I got that to work, I'm having to re-initiate Alfred a second time which is cumbersome. Thanks! Love Alfred 2.0! Stan
  10. Hi, I'm on OS X 10.10.5 and Alfred is on v2.8.3. I've noticed that Alfred doesn't search Contacts with an accent-insensitive collation like Spotlight does. I have a contact entered as "Rob Muñoz". Using Spotlight, I can search with "Munoz" and he will come up. Alfred won't do the same. Now the interesting thing is Alfred's folders and files search logic does seem to use an accent-insensitive collation. After creating two folders named "TestFolder" and "TestFölder", both will show up in a "show" or "open" search when using the terms "folder" or "földer". So, it seems the issue may be specific to Contacts alone. Thanks for an awesome product! Best, Trevor
  11. We could use an AppleScript like this for Chrome. I modified this simple script: https://github.com/mobjack/MacChromeCalendarFocus Still having a little trouble focusing the correct window. If anyone can help on that please let me know what's missing: tell application "Google Chrome" repeat with w in windows set i to 1 repeat with t in tabs of w if URL of t starts with "https://inbox.google.com/" then set active tab index of w to i set index of w to 1 tell application "Google Chrome" to activate tell application "System Events" keystroke "c" end tell return end if set i to i + 1 end repeat end repeat open location "https://inbox.google.com/" tell application "System Events" keystroke "c" end tell end tell tell application "Google Chrome" to activate
  12. Alfred 2.8.3 (433) / OS X 10.11.2 As noted in this thread, Alfred doesn't find contacts from Google accounts in normal (non-Spotlight-metadata) mode. I've confirmed it with my own Google account. It appears to be an issue with Alfred, as my MailTo workflow, which uses the AddressBook API, finds 'em just fine. Spotlight metadata mode works just fine with Google contacts.
  13. I can see in the Preferences that I can set another app to open a contact, other than Apple 'Contacts'. But I don't know how! The URL Handler field in Contacts preferences shows "addressbook://{uid}" I want to open contacts in BusyContacts, but I have discovered that I don't just put "BusyContacts" where the field has {uid}. So what do I do? Thanks, Kevan
  14. Hello, since Apple has removed the Pages.app function to fill out placeholders by drag'n'drop a contact-card from Address-Book.app, I wonder if anyone has created a workflow to substitute this kind of function. I will try to describe the workflow by giving it the name "Contact to Pages" Workflow 1. Setup placeholders in Pages e.g. "city": - in Pages select a word and go to Menu -> Format -> Advanced -> Define as placeholder text - now switch to the right panel -> More and remane the Script Tag "None" to "city" 2. Fire "Contact to Pages" workflow in Alfred which will prompt another entry to search for a contact 3. After finding the contact hit "Return" and the contact data will be filled into the placeholders fields which contain the appropriate placeholders. - in this case only the "city" of that contact will be filled Do you get the idea? I think especially for people who need to write letters a lot using Pages.app, this would save a lot of time. (sorry for my bad english, I'm from Germany) I searched the forum and other resources but didn't find a workflow like this. My programming skills are not existing unfortunatly. Have a perfect week, Sascha
  15. JorgeLuisBorges

    Can't Send an email

    HI Sending an email doesn't seem to work. The search element works fine, but when I hit return on a contact it switches to my mail app and doesn't open a new email. This happens if I hit return on starting a blank email or if I have found a contact with Alfred and hit return. In both instances mail becomes the active app, but nothing happens, no new mail is started. I'm on the latest version of Alfred. I'm using Yosemite 10.10.3 (14D136), and Mac Mail Version 8.2 (2098) as my default mail client. thanks
  16. DJW

    Contacts App

    I have Alfred 2.7.1. I do not have the Powerpack. I have two contacts apps on my mac, the standard Apple Contacts and a product called BusyContacts. When I use Alfred to search for a contact, e.g. Joe Smith, and then I hit enter on it from the search results list, Alfred always launches BusyContacts, rather than contacts. The default app for VCF files is Contacts, not BusyContacts. If I have a .VCF file and double click on it, it launches Contacts, not BusyContacts. If I right click on the VCF file, it shows Contacts as the default app. Yet, Alfred launches BusyContacts. How to I change Alfred to launch Contacts, not BusyContacts? Note, if I drag BusyContacts to the trash, Alfred launches Contacts but as soon as I put it back, Alfred launches BusyContacts.
  17. I'd love the ability to create an email to multiple contacts. Is there a way we could have something like the file buffer for email addresses and then place all of them in the "to:" field?
  18. Is there anyway to change the command-o option from using the Mac Contacts App? I'm using another app (BusyContacts) as my primary contact app and would like to launch it if I seach for a person and want to "Open in Contacts".
  19. I am trying to figure out how to link a contact lookup in Alfred to Keypad http://www.getkeypad.co/home.html so that I can open alfred, type Fred, have Fred Randerson's contact #s come up, select one and have it pass that # to Keypad to dial. Can anyone help? Thanks!
  20. Edit : Updated this to make more sense We use Ringcentral at work but the RingCentral app for Mac is horrible, IMO. I've been playing around with the API where you pass variables in the URL and it will dial the phone number for you. See below for the example of what it looks like: Note: The URL is correct I've changed all my values. https://service.ringcentral.com/ringout.asp?cmd=call&username=8005551212&ext=123&password=password123&to={query}&from=4155551212&prompt=0 Now I can get this to work, for the most part, from doing the following. Go to features Click Contacts Click the + for custom actions Field = Phone Action = Pass to URL Scheme Then I put the above line in the next box This works. I use Alfred to look up my contact, click the phone number and it opens up a web page, passes the URL complete and dials the phone. Two Issues I have that I hope I can get some help with : I really would rather not have a browser open. Is there a way that something can be done behind the scenes without the browser opening to pass the URL (this might be a dumb question but I figured I would ask). RingCentral, for some reason, even though I'm passing my credentials via the URL still wants me to have a session cookie in the browser otherwise I get an invalid username and password. Seems kind of strange but it might be a RingCentral limitation. Thanks for the help Josh PS. While I love this program it's absolutely killing me trying to find new ways to use Alfred to improve my daily work.
  21. Hi ! I've looked through the forum and there's a lot about displaying contacts, but unfortunately I'm not sure it answers my question: I would like to search only in contacts but in any field of contact cards. I specify in all my contacts their skills (I work with a lot of Freelancers). Currently I use Alfred2 with contact and it works if I type 3 letters of a first or last name, but not if I type 'Motion' to find a motion designer whose name I can't recall. Can you help me, please
  22. Hi I know in preferences I can set Alfred to open contacts (which is what I usually require - love the large print option) or have Alfred open the contacts application. I recently searched for a contact, noted that one of the attributes was out of date and so wanted to open the contact and edit it. I guessed that the Function key would provide a list of actions that could be performed on the record, as it would when it finds a file, and I could open the contact in Contacts. But it didn't. It's quite possible that I'm missing something obvious: there is such a lot to Alfred now, and I keep discovering new things. But the option to open a contact that is presented in Alfred would be really useful. To me at least ;-) Many thanks. TJ
  23. I have DeskConnect setup on my Macbook and love using it with Cobook to look up contacts, find their phone number, and select "Dial with DeskConnect". DeskConnect is registered as a service to do dialing, just like Skype. Is there any way to get similar behavior with Alfred on contacts? Alfred is faster at looking people up, I just can't get it to Dial via DeskConnect.
  24. When I use the file "Email to" option I am seeing duplicate contacts because it is displaying my Exchange contacts as well as my iCloud Contacts. I have solved the problem for my Contact workflow and default results in Alfred by enabling the option under contacts to "Use Spotlight metadata for searching Contacts" and excluding the Exchange Contacts directory from Spotlight. I do this because I duplicate my contacts for Exchange in iCloud since syncing between and iPhone with pictures and fields works much better with iCloud than Exchange. The only reason I even have Exchange Contacts enabled under the Exchange account is so that I can gain access to my Global Corporate Directory in Contacts and Mail. In addition I need contacts in Exchange for when I use Outlook on rare occasions. I would think that the option I have selected would apply to all of Alfred results including the "Email to" option and not just the default search results.
  25. I’m fairly green when it comes to creating my own workflows, but more often than not I manage to figure things out. But in this case I am stuck. I’m using an app called DeskConnect on all my devices (laptop, iMac, iPad and iPhone) to send files, clipboard etc. from one device to another. If I want to open a pdf I have on my phone with my laptop, DeskConnect makes it seamless and easy. And even better: if I am on my laptop and google to find the nearest plumber, I can mark the phone number and send it to my iPhone (via an Automator Service). It pops up as a notification, and dials the number on my phone as soon as I swipe the notification. Now, what I’m after is this: When I search for a contact in my address book with Alfred, I normally get an option to for instance copy the marked number. I want to also have an option to send this number to my phone. In short, I want Alfred to incorporate the Automator Service I have created into their Address Book feature. I have no idea if my explanation makes any sense, but I’m hoping someone gets what I’m trying to achieve.