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Found 3 results

  1. Is there an action or hacky way to restore the previous contents of your clipboard after running a workflow that pastes a string (determined by `{query}`) into your front-most app? Example use case: I use unicode-symbols-search ↗ to paste unicode symbols into my frontmost app using `uni {query}`. I probably most often use this to insert the symbol "↗" (lol) after link text to indicate that the text is a link, and then paste the destination link afterwards, but if I use this workflow (or any workflow with the "Copy to Clipboard" action), the pasted string overrides the link I had in my clipboard. Checking "Mark item as transient in clipboard" to true doesn't seem to have the behaviour I'm looking for. Is there a way (or action) to restoring previous clipboard contents after "Copy to Clipboard" action? Quick example of what how I imagine this working here ⤵ Any help would be appreciated! (And another image of my "Copy to Clipboard" settings in this workflow attached)
  2. I'm building a workflow that will accept a string input and output the same string with some characters escaped using '\'. This is so the string can be accepted into a function which accepts regular expressions. I have a python script that does this perfectly and Alfred will do it perfectly as well up to about 60-70 characters. After that it just defaults to the "Search Google for {my string}". My question is a) is there a character limit on arguments passed into Alfred and is there a way to bypass it? Thank you!
  3. It would be handy to have an option for the "Copy to Clipboard" Workflow output to bypass Alfred's Clipboard history. Basically an internal version of the "Ignore Apps" option. It'd be nice to be able to keep clutter out of the history. In this case, I'm using an Alfred workflow as a basic text expander ( http://jdfwarrior.tumblr.com/post/40355737734/a-little-secret-in-alfred-2-youll-like ).
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