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Found 41 results

  1. This workflow allow you to list and open your Dropbox Paper documents. You can download it from here: https://github.com/lorentzca/alfred-dropboxpaper-workflow/releases
  2. Dear Alfred users, Here is another screenshots workflow for Alfred. I created it while I has learnt how to write an Alfred workflow. Maybe you find it useful. Github: https://github.com/vookimedlo/alfred-various-screenshots Github - released package: https://github.com/vookimedlo/alfred-various-screenshots/releases/latest alfred-various-screenshots Alfred 3 workflow for taking various screenshots. Currently supported storages are the following. Local drive Clipboard Dropbox service with an ability to share a link to the uploaded screenshot. Transfer.sh service with an ability to share a link to the uploaded screenshot. 0x0.st service with an ability to share a link to the uploaded screenshot. File.io service with an ability to share a link to the uploaded screenshot. After uploaded image is downloaded, the file is completely deleted!!! Installation Install alfred-various-screenshots workflow. All further updates are handled automatically. Usage In Alfred, type ss, which stands for ScreenShot and initiates a submenu which offers three options. Screenshot - Area Screenshot - Screen Screenshot - Window By default, the screenshot is stored in a file located at your ~/Desktop directory. This could be overridden, either by pressing the ⌘ key, ⌥ key, ⌃ key, ⇧ key, or Fn key. ⌘ - instructs the workflow to put a screenshot to the clipboard. ⌥ - shares a screenshot via Dropbox and stores a sharing link to the clipboard. ⌃ - shares a screenshot via Transfer.sh and stores a sharing link to the clipboard. ⇧ - shares a screenshot via File.io and stores a sharing link to the clipboard. Fn - shares a screenshot via 0x0.st and stores a sharing link to the clipboard. Screenshot files will be named according to the following pattern screenshot_%Y-%m-%d_%H-%M-%S.png Y Year in full form (e.g., 2006). m Numeric month, a number from 1 to 12. d Day, a number from 1 to 31. H Hour, a number from 0 to 23. M Minutes, a number from 0 to 59. S Seconds, a number from 0 to 59. Default local screenshot folder ~/Desktop can be changed by the workflow DefaultLocalScreenshotFolder variable. Dropbox There is no need to install a Dropbox software to your MacOS. The only requirement is to log into the web Dropbox account and create an access token for the workflow. Such generated access token shall be placed to the workflow DropboxAccessToken variable.
  3. Has anybody found a good solution to search across multiple cloud platforms from within the Alfred search bar? I came across Findo today and like what it can do, but it would be so much better if we weren't forced to log into the chrome extension or website, but rather search from the Alfred search bar. Has anybody had a positive experience with any of these types of services? Thx
  4. Hello, I just upgraded to Alfred 3, and was able to sync my preferences on my first Mac (10.14) without a hitch. However, when I try to set the sync folder on the second Mac (also 10.14), the folder in Dropbox where my preferences are located is unselectable -- it is greyed out. The folder name is "apps." Again, I tried syncing on my second Mac, but the folder was greyed out. I set it up on my first Mac with no problems, but then was still unable to sync with my second Mac because the folder in not selectable. Any ideas why I would be able to sync on one but not the other? Thanks.
  5. Here's a workflow I use to work with text files (which for me live in Dropbox, but that's not a requirement). It has these features: Create a new text file Query: create {folder to create the file in}, followed by the filename in the resulting dialog Search across existing text files Query: grep {search query} Append a line to an existing text file Query: append {file to append to}, followed by text to append in dialog Prepend a line to an existing text file Query: prepend {file to prepend to}, followed by text to append in dialog More at http://matthewhealy.net/blog/category/text-tools-for-alfred. I'd love to hear feedback and suggestions.
  6. Hey! I am using the Dropbox auto-sync feature. How can I be sure that every time I change a setting it is saved? Both `Created` and `Modified` fields are set to the date I installed Alfred and the `Last Opened` is set to a couple of months ago where I probably double clicked the file. Is that normal? Thanks
  7. Hi guys, I saw that there are already 2 different Doprobx workflows. Unfortunately, I don't think they're really convenient: "Dropbox Short Links" (here) is able to get the link of any file located in the Dropbox folder, but doesn't work with a file that's not in the Dropbox folder. You have to copy/move the file manually then run the workflow. "To Dropbox 3.0" (here) is able to copy/move any file to Dropbox and get a public link, but works only with the Dropbox "Public" folder (which is a bit deprecated). I think that the Ultimate Dropbox sharing workflow would allow: To copy a random file to a specific Dropbox folder (e.g. "Shared Files") To generate a direct/share link for that file I am not a developer so anything related to Ruby is really hard to understand and I am not able to develop/write such a workflow I need... Does anybody out there have some time to do it? I know I ask a favor here, but I'm sure you'll do 20 times faster than me. :-) Thanks!
  8. Greetings, Alfred Community, I use several cloud file sync apps like Dropbox, GDrive, Evernote, and Box.com. Most of these tools add a context menu to my desktop Finder window, allowing me to instantly share a file and copy the share URL to the clipboard. I love to use Alfred to FIND all those files quickly on my desktop, but it would be awesome to be able to copy a share URL right from Alfred instead of doing "Show in Finder" and right-clicking the context menu. First world problems, I know, but we're all about speed in here, and this would make many of us extra speedy.... Thanks for reading! Ted
  9. Hello, Just purchased powerpack license and was wondering how to create workflow with keywords to pause and resume dropbox syncing?
  10. Falling in love with Dropbox paper for notes and brainstorming. I've created custom web searches for new google doc and new google sheet. Wondering if anybody can figure out the web search shortcode for making an Alfred shortcut for a new dropbox paper note? PS- I've just recently found out about Alfred So forgive e if this is a real simple question!
  11. I'm a new user to Alfred and think it's brilliant!. Can't find this requested before, but would it be possible to put Alfred prefs sync in a DropBox sub-folder - purely to follow my established pattern for app data. So far it seems only possible to do it at the top level of Dropbox folders. EG: ~/Dropbox/Apps/Alfred/Alfred.alfredpreferences rather than: ~/Dropbox/Alfred/Alfred.alfredpreferences
  12. Hello, I have seen this problem noted before. I want Alfred to be able to search for folders within my Dropbox file. 1. My folders are in Dropbox at the standard location on my harddrive 2. I have rebuilt my index (running macOS Sierra) - spotlight finds the folders as top hits instantly. 3. I have a simple File Filter work flow to find files. 4. I have a carried out all the troubleshooting steps outlined in "Troubleshooting indexing issues" 5. I also deleted Alfred 2 preferences and files left in Application Support A. If the folder is outside of Dropbox, Alfred finds the folder instantly. B. If the folder is one that I have opened, then it is found. This is true even after reloading the Alfred cache (which seems odd to me? Could the resetting the Alfred cache not be working?) C. If the folder is one I have not opened in the finder but inside Dropbox, it is found by Spotlight, but not Alfred. Any suggestions how to troubleshoot? I am guessing that the Alfred cache is not being deleted - but I am not sure that explains the behavior. Thanks, Mike Z
  13. Is there some way to exclude a certain workflow from syncing between my two computers running Alfred? I'm using Dropbox to sync Alfred. The reason is that when I access computer A from computer B via screen sharing, pressing ALT + SPACE will Show Alfred on computer B, and not computer A. So I've set up an alternative Hotkey to Show Alfred. But now I need to be able to only use it on computer A, and not computer B. Thanks!
  14. Hi all, I remember we used to have a way to copy to clipboard a sharing URL for the currently selected file in Finder, does anybody know how to achieve that now? The steps I remember are: 1) select a file in Finder (within dropbox) 2) press shortcut 3) link to share via Dropbox (which is a right-click menu item) is generated 4) link is shown by Alfred in big font 5) link is copied to clipboard. Thanks in advance for your help! Giovanni
  15. Hi guys, This workflow lets you quickly access multiple Dropbox accounts independently from standard the Dropbox client. This could be useful, if you have more than one Dropbox account or if you use Selective Sync a lot. Features Copy Dropbox link to clipboard to share files quickly Download and delete files from Dropbox Supports Dropbox API search Supports multiple Dropbox accounts Supports notifications Uses OAuth 2.0 to authorize the workflow Saves your access tokens securely in OS X's keychain GitHub: https://github.com/fniephaus/alfred-dropbox Download-Link: https://github.com/fniephaus/alfred-dropbox/releases/download/v1.0/Dropbox-Client-for-Alfred.alfredworkflow
  16. I have problems getting Alfred to show results from my Dropbox folder. In Default Reseults I have "Include folders in Home" selected and even added my Dropbox folder to the Search Scope (~/Dropbox). When I invoke Alfred, press space (to search for a file/folder), it doesn't show any of the content from the Dropbox folder. Any suggestions?
  17. I set up the screenshot workflow [1] and chose the wrong folder. Does anybody know how to change the folder afterwards? [1] http://www.packal.org/workflow/screenshots
  18. Manage Mailbox with Alfred. Initial release. A simple workflow with support for composing, searching and opening 'Later' and 'Lists' inboxes. Please don't hesitate to request features or make any other suggestions! Github Download
  19. OK so I have been working on a new version of Clinton's "Tabs" workflow and it has got me thinking. Currently I have a requirement to be able to configure persistent settings for that workflow and several other workflows including: My new version of Tabs (details of that to come later... working with Clinton on that) Asana Quicktask (Mannie Schumpert) AlfredTweet (are a few that just come to mind). Currently these store preferences in the appropriate folder under ~/Library/Application Support/... etc However I am increasingly seeing a need for enabling workflows to have data that can be synced between computers. It would be great to just have ~Dropbox/AlfredSync/Workflow Data/{Same structure as under ~/Library/...} then enable workflows to use this location using something like {syncedData}/bundle.id/ (i.e. as a variable similar to {query} in each of the script workflow steps. The alternate way is every workflow that wishes to enable such behaviour has to write a feature separately to manage this, manually changing the folder of only it's config but it seems like something that would be far more logical to have Alfred do (and far easier than having to write manual workflow steps to manage/update the configuration as I am currently seeing in my future. Many thanks LOOOOOVE Alfred.. IT RULES! Stu
  20. How do I turn off the search function that looks in Dropbox as well as my mac? Is that possible? I have several works files on my mac that I use every day. Once a week I copy them to Dropbox as a back up. Since starting to use Alfred when I search for one of those files it pulls up both - the one on my mac & the one in Dropbox (same file name). Is it possible to eliminate Dropbox from the Alfred file search? Or better yet, is it possible to create a workflow that automatically updates these 5 files every time I save them? I don't mind doing it manually .. just curious.
  21. I apologize if this has been covered in the forum but I'm looking for a workflow that appends text to a journal file located in my Dropbox/@text directory The text file name is Work Log: February 2015 and the format is as follows ##2015-02-18 10:42 AM: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit 10:43 AM: sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Basically the workflow would look for the filename and, if not found, would create a new month and then look for the date (if date not present then it is created) and append a timestamped entry under today's date. My idea is to use FoldingText to fold the individual days but to have all work log activities in a monthly text file. I'm having trouble figuring out how to get it to log under the correct date instead of just logging to the page. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  22. SEND To download, visit the Packal page Version: 1.2 This workflow allows users to quickly and easily send documents to the cloud service of their choice. Once configured (send:config), users can make use of either: hotkey file action keyword to either send a duplicate of the file to the cloud service (leaving the original where it is), or move the original itself to the cloud service. Configuration When you run send:config, 3 options appear: This will determine which cloud service you send your data to using the workflow. At any point, you can change your settings, but once set the workflow will always send the chosen file to this folder. Anyways, if you choose the Other option, you will need to name the service used: After this (or if you choose iCloud or Dropbox), you will need to choose the folder you will be sending to. The workflow will begin by telling you what you need to do: After this reminder, you will choose the folder: This is an example of having chosen iCloud, and the workflow will automatically take you to the Mobile Documents folder in your Library, where you will see all of your iCloud enabled apps have their own personal folders. Choose the one you'd like to send your stuff to. For example, if you use Readdle's Documents app on your iPad or iPhone, find that folder within the Mobile Documents folder and select it. Once configured, you can send documents in a few different ways. First, you can use Alfred's File Browser to either send a duplicate or send the original to the cloud service you chose above: Or you could use the keywords. send:d sends a duplicate of the frontmost document (if possible): send:o sends the original of the frontmost file to the cloud folder (if possible): Of course, you can also set up Hotkeys for both of these actions as well. The workflow is 90% Applescript, so it should work on all machines out-of-the-box. There is a little bit of Python, which uses deanishe's Alfred-Workflow library as its backbone. Hope this is helpful, stephen
  23. I just thought of this! My alfred prefs are saved in dropbox and are synced, so every workflow etc' are immediately updated! What if we could have the clipboard history saved there as well? That would mean immediate sync of clipboard and snippets!!! How cool would that be? UPDATE : just checked, and snippets are indeed synced! so just clipboard items then.
  24. Many thanks to @rosenkrieger for the inspiration. Original thread http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/1343-clouddrive-toggler/ *Also mentioned in the read me of the workflow. So what does this workflow do. Type a keyword and a "on", "sync" or "off" argument, which will toggle on/off the desired application. You can also toggle off all supported cloud drives by "clouds" and using an argument indicated above. I have chosen the "clouds" on action to NOT reopen Cyberduck and Fetch. This is purely a personal decision as I seldom have them open anyway. It would be easy to also add them to the "all clouds" on action should you wish to do so. Currently supports and works with the following providers. All were tested on my local machine. Version 1 - Amazon Cloud Drive http://www.amazon.com - BitTorrent Sync http://labs.bittorrent.com/experiments/sync.html - Box Sync http://box.com added 1/28/14 - Cloud http://getcloudapp.com - CloudMe https://www.cloudme.com - Copy https://www.copy.com - Cyberduck http://cyberduck.ch - Dropbox https://www.Dropbox.com - Dropbox Encore http://www.joyofmacs.com/software/dropboxencore/ - Dropzone http://aptonic.com/dropzone/ - Droplr https://droplr.com/‎ - Fetch http://fetchsoftworks.com - GoodSync http://www.goodsync.com - GoogleDrive https://drive.google.com/‎ - OwnCloud http://owncloud.org - Skitch http://evernote.com/skitch/ - SkyDrive https://skydrive.live.com/ - SpiderOak https://spideroak.com - SugarSync https://www.sugarsync.com - Syncplicity http://www.syncplicity.com - TeamDrive http://www.teamdrive.com - Tonido http://www.tonido.com - Wuala http://www.wuala.com - ZipCloud http://www.zipcloud.com -- Experimental Support - Ubuntu One https://one.ubuntu.com Special Note: For those using Dropbox Encore It is a very convoluted workflow to get things working properly. For example if Dropbox (Primary) is not running and Dropbox Encore is running. You wish to START Dropbox. --You first have to stop Dropbox Encore and then start Dropbox, then you restart Dropbox Encore. The scripts used attempt to automate this for you. However you should always keep an eye on which is running etc. It is recommended to have one of the two occurrences of Dropbox using the blue icons and the other using the dark colors * Disclaimer added 6/15/2013 @ 1600 EDT, please see the workflow read me section. ​* Clarification * I would like to note that the workflow tries to make things as simple as possible. Therefore it does not try to check if you actually have the desired app on your system. It will happily try to run the script even if it is not presently installed. Therefore you should get the standard Mac dialogue box asking where the app is if you do not have it installed. This should serve to indicate you have yet to install the app. Download link to my expanded version Version 1 : http://bit.ly/14NGdTn Version 2 : http://bit.ly/1bOpB2E Edit : New link as old was broken Edit : Add note about new argument "sync" 01/27/14 Edit : Added Box Sync and made preliminary changes for SkyDrive's upcoming rebranding, added version number for tracking changes. 01/28/14
  25. Hi all, I just discovered Alfred around, lets say, 20 minutes ago. I really don't know much about it at all. What I'd like to achieve is the following, but I'm not sure if it's possible. Lets say I have a folder of images which I then upload to Dropbox. What I'd like it to do is generate Dropbox IMG tags surrounding all the images for that album and copy it to the clipboard. So, I can then go onto the web and paste the links. Or, even just to select the images I want to post, and have it generate the IMG tags for me (instead of the entire album. Am I way off the mark, or is this possible? Thanks!
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