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Found 13 results

  1. My first workflow! I saw a similar one that ejected all disks but wanted more fine grained control over which disks to eject. When you type the keyword 'eject' it shows a list of the ejectable drives. Simply press enter or click on one to eject the drive. A notification should pop up in the notification center if the drive has been ejected. Some stats about the drives are shown such as protocol, partition type, and size. Icons are also changed per protocol. Workflow uses a python. Let me know if you have any suggestions or find any bugs. Download
  2. When I go to eject drives using Alfred (usually installer DMGs) I've been seeing this Volumes/firmwaresyncd.Ux5C91 as the first suggestion. This has persisted across many reboots. It's not going away. A screenshot is attached below. I don't see the supposed volume in Finder, GUI Disk Utility, nor via Terminal command "diskutil list". As far as I can tell the first hit with the curved return arrow is Alfred's best guess or perhaps a cached shortcut to a volume that no longer exists or something like that. When I did a search for the volume, I came across a similar question. It's not spel
  3. I like the eject (all) feature in Alfred (I am not sure if it is part of Alfred or a workflow; has been using it for ages now.) I was wondering if there is a workflow to remount the unmounted (ejected) derived. I already found some kind of apple script: , also similar here https://apple.stackexchange.com/questions/125854/remount-drive-without-physically-disconnecting Can you guys make a nice workflow to remount unmounted drives? It will take me long time to make it real since I have no experience in scripts.
  4. For quite some time now I have a USB drive showing up in the Eject list, but it is not currently plugged in. When i try to eject it, it says it's currently busy. How do I get this old hard drive removed from the list?
  5. Hey there, I'm running Alfred 3.3 on El Capitan 10.11.16 on a mi-2012 Macbook Pro. I replaced the SuperDrive with a hard-drive. Worked fine until recently : i would use a workflow to automate the mounting of the disk, and then use the "Eject" function via Alfred to quickly eject the disk and avoid the sound of this 7,200 rpm hard drive when not needed (how did we do before having SSDs ?). However, "Eject" will no longer recognize the hard drive. Every other removable media will appear, but not this internal drive. Does anyone have an idea to f
  6. I love the eject and eject all command, great for external hard drives, of which I have a more than a few. I wish I could "Re-Mount" a drive with alfred rather than go thought Disk Utility. I'm sure it's possible, can anyone help me out with this? Thanks —James
  7. For some reason, physical disks & thumb drives connected to my computer do not get notifications posted to the OS when I eject them through the system commands in Alfred. Oddly, DMG volumes that are ejected via Alfred commands _do_ cause notifications to pop up, letting me know the eject has been successful. Alfred version: 2.6 OS Version: 10.10.2
  8. Has anyone noticed when you use Alfred to eject an encrypted/journaled disk, an eject notification doesn't pop up? However, if the drive is NOT encrypted, it does. Anyone have any fixes or solutions for this behavior? It's rather annoying! Thanks!
  9. Alfred's preferences for System: eject is checked local mounted volumes is selected eject all is unchecked On invoking the eject keyword, I see the list of local mounted volumes. Selecting, say, #2 and hitting return/enter, Alfred ejects all volumes rather than just #2. Behavior does not change if Mounts in /Volume is selected from the dropdown.
  10. Has anyone run into the issue that when issuing the eject command (located in "system" under "features") that they just never show even though they are enabled? I have 3 drives mounted, but the eject command is just not showing at all.
  11. Hello, I'm a freshman, but i made a small workflow, especially an applescript which allows you to shut down or restart your computer. Thats not really a big thing, but the script quits all apps before shutting down so that no app is reopened after restart. Additional the script ejects one or all mounted HDs. I need this small section in the script, because my mac wouldn't shut down if one special external HD is mounted while shutting down. I made three workflows/scripts, the first one only shuts down, the second makes a restart and the third combines both, all with the additional fu
  12. Hi, is there a way to combine the system commands "sleep" and "eject" in a workflow without using any extra scripts? If not, how would a script look like for ejecting a special external drive? Thanks for helping Greetings
  13. Hi guys, In V1 I could eject an external firewire drive which is connected to another mac (mac mini server) on our local network. This no longer works, meaning we have to screen share each time to eject this drive as the server has no screen. Working code in V1: tell application "Finder" of machine "eppc://userame:password@machine.local" to eject "My Passport Studio" display dialog "Ejected" buttons "OK" default button "OK" Is there a better way to do this in V2? Thanks, Ben
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