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Found 10 results

  1. Hey I made another minimalistic theme, as none fit my wishes really well! JUST ANOTHER MINIMALISTIC THEME BIG ALFRED 3 UPDATE Minimalistic 3 Minimalistic 3 Dark Mode Minimalistic Light 3 Minimalistic Dark 3 Download Minimalistic 3 http://cl.ly/2f102X0w1E1R Minimalistic 3 Dark Mode http://cl.ly/2q2v1O0k2m3E Minimalistic Light 3 https://cl.ly/0l3s3D3S0n2k Minimalistic Dark 3 http://cl.ly/1Z002A0V0c2e Thanks for the more than 10000 downloads! EDIT: Changed the color of the numbers for better readability for Minimalistic Light 3
  2. I noticed initially that I was unable to open certain Applications from Alfred. I refreshed the Application cache and rebuilt OS X Metadata from Alfred preferences to see if that would solve the problem but then was unable to locate any Applications at all. I was forced to include the Application folder within the search scope in order to find applications at all which I didn't have to do in the past. Unfortunately, this is far from ideal because this also throws in non-Application files from Application folders (ie: Adobe app folders) and convolutes my searches. Note: I am running Alfred 3 and I did upgrade to El Capitan a month back. No plans to upgrade to Sierra until I can make sure all my work & productivity apps work fine.
  3. Hi everyone, I really like to use Alfred on daily routine and it's my favorite tool on OS X. But I didn't see any theme for OS X El Capitan. So I created one myself. You can see the theme screenshot below. And you can download it from here. Enjoy it.
  4. While in Split View, I invoke Alfred with my keyboard command. Alfred's window appears and I click keys on my keyboard, but nothing appears on the Alfred display window.
  5. Opening a Folder via an Apple Script workflow fails on OS X 10.11 El Capitan Facts - fails for - working - workflows unchanged from Yosemite - fails for most but not all workflows - workflows are activated by shortcut - workflows are Apple Scripts shown below - for all below workflows the destination folders *do* exist and are standard, non-hidden, non-system folders that were successfully opened by Alfred on Yosemite. Example of FAILING workflow on alfred_script(q) tell application "Finder" to activate tell application "Finder" to open ("/Users/<redacted>/Documents/MyDocs/People" as POSIX file) end alfred_script Example of SUCCESSFUL workflow [same system, same user, etc] on alfred_script(q) tell application "Finder" to activate tell application "Finder" to open ("/Users/<redacted>/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData" as POSIX file) end alfred_script
  6. So I have a workflow set up with a script filter triggering a "run script" action. The (/bin/bash) script action is set to escape backquotes / dollar signs, run instances sequentially and contains this: echo entered alfred.workflow.action.script >&2 ./process_command.sh {query} When the script action gets executed, the Debug pane (set to log all information) shows this: [iNFO: alfred.workflow.input.scriptfilter] Processing output 'alfred.workflow.action.script' with arg 'restore sa ' At first, I thought I just screwed something up, so i set up a hotkey trigger to go directly into the same script action, but it still only yields this: [iNFO: alfred.workflow.trigger.hotkey] Processing output 'alfred.workflow.action.script' with arg 'restore sa' The weird thing is that it used to work just fine. The only thing on my system that's changed in that time is that I installed the newly released public beta update for El Capitan - 10.11.1 Beta (15B38b). I have randomly gotten it to work again after first experiencing this issue (not sure how) but it broke again soon after. In case it helps, here's a link to the GitHub repo containing my code: https://github.com/TimeDelta/session_archiver
  7. Hello all, I cannot reveal the "Space" reserved for Finder with Alfred anymore, since mac os updade. Here is exactly what I mean, I have been as precise as possible to eliminate possible misunderstandings. Preconditions: -iMac 27 " running mac os "El Capitan" 10.11 (15A284) -Alfred updated in version 2.8 414 -There is at least 4 spaces set up. -Spaces do not "rearange based on most recent used". -Finder is set to be used on space 3 only. -Safari is set to be displayed on space 1 only. - At least 1 Finder window is opened (on space 3) Steps to reproduce : -open Safari (which then open on space 1) -open Alfred -type in "finder" to trigger the action "open finder app" -press enter Expected Results: (as previously observed before El capitan update) -The view will change to space 3 to reveal the opened finder window Observed Results: -The Finder becomes active but the computer does not change from space 1 ( safari) to space 3 (finder) to reveal the previously opened window. Am I the only one to observe this ?
  8. Alfred's copy buffer does not seem to be filling up with my copies. I do not have any issues on my Yosemite system, are there known copy buffer issues with El Capitan? Versions: - Alfred 2.8 - OS X El Capitan (10.11 Beta (15A278b) )
  9. I am not able to search for and open applications. I am on El Capitan build 15A262e and Alfred 2.7.2. Here are two screenshots of my app folder and the results when searching. http://i.imgur.com/5vcCvt5.png and http://i.imgur.com/CJv4VHy.png Thanks
  10. First, to be clear, I know El Capitan is in beta and I do not expect you to support prerelease software. I'm sure that it's crazy annoying to get flooded with support requests for something that isn't stable and hasn't even been released yet. With that said, I am experiencing a problem with Alfred on El Capitan and wanted to offer any assistance in troubleshooting if it can be of any assistance to you. The issue I'm having is that any time I exit Alfred and restart it Alfred seems to lose most of it's settings. Every time I restart it looses settings like custom hotkeys, search scopes, custom searches, themes and advanced appearance settings all seem to be reset to the defaults. However, workflows, sync folder, Powerpack license and usage are all carried over just fine. It doesn't look like /Users/cwhite/Library/Application Support/Alfred 2/Alfred.alfredpreferences is getting updated while exiting or relaunching, the last change time was from this afternoon before I updated to El Capitan. Setup notes: I did an update install from Yosemite. I am on Alfred 2.7.1 (387). With the exception of iStat Menus everything I've tried this evening since updating has worked as expected though I did have to re-enable some apps to launch at startup. If I can do anything to help please let me know how, otherwise keep up the incredible work you do on Alfred! Thanks
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