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Found 2 results

  1. I use fullscreen mode with Chrome, and whenever it is already opened and I search via Alfred the search opens in a new tab within Chrome. The problem is whenever Chrome isn't open. If I search via Alfred, then it opens up in a separate window from the one already opened in Chrome. Is there a workflow to make Chrome open all searches fullscreen?
  2. This is a workflow that uses keyword: 'hc'. It will enable/disable your Hot Corners preference as a toggle. Important Note You will need to change the script in two ways Change values in the theSavedValues so that it will set up as your own choice of Hot Corners. Change to your language on click button "Aktiva hörn…" to for example click button "Hot Corners…" I use it for fullscreen gaming. I have only put the workflow together, the script was made by Pierre L. at https://discussions.apple.com/message/23824901#23824901. Download Near future improvements Only one script, that toggles on and off depending on current state. Done in the second version. 2013-07-22 First version uploaded. 2013-12-02 Second version uploaded. Compatible with OS X Mavericks Now works as a toggle instead off on and off.
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