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Found 6 results

  1. Pardon my poor English. Say if I have packs of same filename files,like this ~/projects/docker/traefik/docker-compose.yml ~/projects/docker/outline/docker-compose.yml ~/projects/docker/jupyter/docker-compose.yml how do i quick find&open docker-compose.yml under folder traefik instead of manually choose from a list like this: I tried put folder name in search query,but that didnt help Is there any way that I can quick locate file(with same filename) in diffrient folders. Thx:)
  2. Hi guys, Just now getting into coding and got a wild hair and bought Alfred! It's been incredible! I like to take the youtube transcript from videos and follow along for easier note taking. I know very little about coding and just made my first workflow to open a pdf search the query (it took all day). In other words, I could really use some help. Here are the steps I use to turn the transcript into a word document: On chrome, open and copy transcript from youtube Paste into excel and apply formula "=MOD(ROW(),2)" in the adjacent column and extend all the way down Create table with 2 columns and filter the number column to hide the blank spaces Next I open word and paste the column of the table containing text Finally In word Find > Replace > Paragraph mark to Space bar to delete extra space This is extremely complicated using the mouse, i could not imagine the code needed to do this. I'm not lazy I swear but this is WAY above my head
  3. I'd like to design a workflow where I use a keyword to trigger opening the Alfred 'Snippets' preferences. Ideally it would even open a specific Snippet 'Collection'. Thoughts? Use-case: I use a Snippet Collection called 'Emoji Pack', but I often search for emojis by different keywords than what is originally labeled in the emoji pack, so I find myself often going in and adding extra keywords to certain emojis that I refer to by non-standard names. By creating a custom workflow for this, I can do this much faster.
  4. Can someone help me with a workflow? I really want to copy the picture from Flickr on my open Safari tab to the clipboard. Or get the most HQ version of it. Is this possible? Thanks!
  5. Hi, I use an app called Franz every day, I use it for LinkedIn, GitHub, Slack, Discord, trello and Messenger and I switch between four different languages. To switch I right-click - Spell checking - "then I choose a language from a list".. I sometimes do this 25 times a day and it would be very nice just to have a short-cut to switch between the three languages I use the most. Is it possible to do with Alfred or with Automator? if so, could someone perhaps share this command or similar - it would be nice if I only had to change a few things as I don't have a lot of experience with Alfred. Thanks PS I posted this on reddit and got referred to this forum..
  6. I am in the process of creating an Alfred 3 workflow that uses a list filter option and the chosen option is passed into the script filter So typing the first keyword umb triggers the list filter, where the user can choose from all, forum, documentation or packages After choosing this option the user presses enter and then types in their search query which passes the query into the script filter which queries an API using a CURL script with BASH to return JSON What I would like to achieve is the following, that a user types in umb forum followed immediately by the search query so umb forum inserting images so this allows users to choose what Here is a quick gif of what I am trying to describe http://cl.ly/061V3L3p2v0w Current Workflow, if anyone is able to download it & provide any help or pointers would be fantastic http://cl.ly/0k0l1f441f2s Cheers, Warren
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