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Found 9 results

  1. Workflow allows to convert IPv4 to INT and vice versa.. http://bit.ly/1ngYmY2
  2. Here is a simple workflow the combines several basic (and frequently used) commands to help speed up your processes. There are several other workflows that do one or a couple of these... but I just combined them into one. Keyword Trigger run followed by: purge, flush, ip, show or hide, finder, dock or ow purge - frees up RAM flush - flushes your DNS ip - shows your public IP show - shows hidden files hide - hides file that should be hidden finder - relaunches the Finder.app dock - relaunches the Dock ow - relaunches the Finder.app and clears out the Open with Menu to only show the current versions of those Apps (bug in Mt. Lion) UPDATE - a collection of a bunch of workflows and terminal commands. relaunch - kills finder desktop - hides items on your desktop hidden - show/hide hidden files purge - frees up RAM owrest - ow - relaunches the Finder.app and clears out the Open with Menu to only show the current versions of those Apps (bug in Mt. Lion) lprest - resets launch pad flush - OS Mavericks flushing of the DNS wifi - turn on wifi see current network and get current network IP ip - get your internal and external (public) IP zip (or set hotkey) - creates archive of selected items empty downloads - cleans out the downloads folder space - gives you the remaining and used space % of internal and attached drives subl - opens a file or project in Sublime Text Simple to edit and modify to add more... Download link : http://d.pr/f/1hMXB
  3. Hi! Today I want to give you some little workflow that shows your external and local IP addresses. Pressing Return will copy them. Download and enjoy! Cheers, Maciej Skrzypczak
  4. Quickly get the IP address for a host. Useful for debugging where a host is pointing to according to hosts file or DNS. Download from Dropbox
  5. DHCP Toggle Find it on: Packal: DHCP Toggle Github: DHCP Toggle Repository Short Description Set your DHCP Settings via Alfred. Long Description DHCP Toggle allows you to alter your DHCP settings between a manual and an automatic configuration. When you set an automatic configuration, which is normal, your computer will receive an IP address directly from the router that you’re connected to. If you choose manual, you have the option of setting your own IP address. If the router’s IP address is, then you’ll be able to get an IP with a prefix of 10.0.1 and a suffix between 2 and 255. If the IP address is already used, then you’ll have to try again. DHCP Toggle will also set your router address to the IP prefix that you use, followed by 1, which is always reserved for the router. You can use this when your Internet connection is weak, or if a router is clogged, or if, for some random reason, the router doesn’t like you connecting with an automatic IP address (the original need for this workflow). Commands dhcp <arg> Available arguments: None: defaults to your default IP prefix + random number 2–255 Switch to auto: auto IP Address: Number: 2–255, i.e. 32 Configure c Configuration Default Prefix You can set a default prefix, the first three numbers of an IP address, which will be given precedence over the other available prefixes. If you just type a three-digit number (between 2–255), then it will set your IP address to DEFAULTIP.NUMBER. IP Prefixes You can set a list of prefixes that you commonly use, and those will appear in the script filter to choose easily. If no prefixes file is found, then the following list will be populated: 10.0.0 10.0.1 192.168.0 192.168.1 192.168.2 192.1.10 You can add and remove from this list from the configuration option. Passwordless Execution (sudo) If you would prefer to use this workflow without a password, you can select the option to add a record to your sudoers file. The script will add the line $USER ALL=NOPASSWD:/usr/sbin/networksetup to your /etc/sudoers file, where $USER is your username; so, the $USER will now be able to execute the command networksetup without needing to enter a password. The script checks the syntax with visudo to make sure that it doesn’t bork your /etc/sudoers file. So, it’s safe. Demo Credit Thanks for version 2.0 goes to Pryley (Github | Alfred Forum) who opened a pull request for the added features and contributed some code. Issues Please report coding issues on the Github issue queue. Other support should be posted on the Alfred Forum thread.
  6. First workflow, and first upload. There are no external requirements. Simple script is included. This should print (in Large type window) your current IP addresses on "normal" interfaces, or it will say 'down' or 'invalid'. Improvements certainly welcome! Launch by typing "ipstat" into Alfred. I created this so I could quickly see my IP addresses from anywhere in OS X without using the mouse. Download here
  7. This workflow is handy when you want to quickly find out the geography location of your current external IP address. For example, when you use VPN, tor or proxy, you want to make sure (or just curious) where your IP is. Usage: loc <ip-address> By default (without argument), it uses your own external IP address. Otherwise use the provided argument. Download: here. IMPORTANT: it uses the http://ipinfodb.com/ip_location_api.php for query. You may want to register your own API key, import the workflow and replace the string with your API key in the script.
  8. Hey all, I often find myself typing in my local IP address on a phone or tablet to test web sites or apps as I'm developing them. I wrote this workflow to punch out my IP in huge digits so I can see it across a room or office. It also copies the address to your clipboard. Download on the releases page - https://github.com/asimpson/Large-IP-Address-Alfred-Workflow
  9. Hi! I've just finished my first workflow. It will show and copy to clipboard your current IP address when you use the ip keyword. You can download it at: http://cl.ly/2828052X0r2B Hope you enjoy it!
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